2008? so far, so stinky

We spent the morning in urgent care. I was so achy, shaky, and coughy, I wanted to die. The worst part was that my babies needed Mommy to comfort them, and Mommy felt like trash.

Long story short, everybody’s illness is viral. I’m the only one who got any antibiotics–and it was for my sinus infection. The fevers and nasty coughs just have to run their course.

I slept from 11-1 today, my fever broke, and now I’m just achy and have a splitting headache, raw throat and cough. Ava is on the upswing–no fever, but so, so weak. Livi has a fever of 102+ and a yucky cough and moaning. Nina had a fever, it went down, now she’s got a gagging cough and diarrhea. Gabe sounds like he’s coughing up his intestines.

Our 10th anniversary is in 2 days, Nina turns 2 in 4 days, I have back-to-back speaking engagements in 9 days. I think we may just start 2008 over on say, January 15th.

Thank you so much for your prayers. I know that’s what got me through this morning and will get us through the next couple days.

13 thoughts on “2008? so far, so stinky

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  2. jbnygaard

    Oh dear Marla! Thank you for the update though…I’ve been praying and concerned for you guys. If I lived closer I would bring over my homemade chicken Noodle soup!

  3. ClutzyButtercup

    I hate to say it but the good thing is 2008 will have to get better!  Praying for you all and trusting God to meet your needs!

    On a lighter note…we are looking at temps in the mid-20s for several hours tonight…just praying that we don’t end up with any broken pipes!

  4. GooberandDicky

    Sorry to read that you are feeling so sick. That does stink and I can’t imagine how tough it is to have everyone in the house sick. Our prayers of healing are with you. Get well soon!

  5. KmHunsberger

    There are few things worse than havign kids that sick and being sick yourself. Definitely praying for you all…have been all day. I was waiting for an update and hoping somehow everyone was magically better..but will continue praying…hopefully for a much better night than you can imagine right now. Hang in there friend.

  6. tonialynn59

    So sorry to hear you are all so sick!  And it isn’t fun when Mommy is sick and the kids need her and then Daddy too because you’re both down.  I remember those days all too well.  It does get better.  I know that doesn’t matter now.  Praying for you dear friend!!

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