1 down, 19…

Shoot. And I wasn’t going to do that. Last night’s soccer game was…fun. Livi scored her team’s first goal of the season, so that was very cool! This is her third season of soccer. Season one–scored her first goal in the last game. Season two–no goals. Season three–one game, one goal. I know soccer’s not all about scoring goals, but it sure is fun.

So, I was writing yesterday while Nina napped and Ava was at her assessment. Glance at my computer clock. 2:40! Nina’s sound asleep, and I’m supposed to pick Ava up at 2:45. We live super close to the school, thank goodness. Dash upstairs, sweep sleeping Nina out of her crib, grab her shoes and my keys, out to the van. Buckle her in, try to put her shoes on, give up, race to the school, carry her to Ava’s classroom. Get there at 2:47. Whew.

Interrupted nap made for very cranky Nina at the game. After chasing her on the playground for awhile, we tried sitting down for a snack and watching the game. Ha. Gabe and I took turns with her–stroller rides, walks around the field, back to the playground. We were both exhausted. Considering taking turns staying HOME with Nina every now and again, but neither of us wants to miss any games. Hm.

Ava starts school tomorrow. We are ready for this. I’m excited for her.

Gail has asked for prayer requests on her site. Thanks for praying, Gail. And what a great place to go and pray through everyone’s requests. I encourage you to take a few moments today and do just that. You don’t even have to know everyone. And it might even be a cool place to connect with someone in the same boat as you–you never know.

Have a great day, all!

12 thoughts on “1 down, 19…

  1. YoGrandmaYo

         Good job, Livi!  Can’t wait to come and see you play!:)  And, Ava, hope you had a fun first day of school!:)…….Hang in there, Mom!  You’re doing great!:)

  2. kkakwright

    I loved your honesty in your prayer request for Gail.  Something about “help me to like Ava”.  I cannot tell you how many times I’ve prayed that same thing for K3rry.  What is with these middle children?  Glad to know someone else feels the same way.  Hey- I have an idea.  You should write a book encouraging other mothers out there. 

  3. terriwright

    ^That’s it!!!^

    1. What a Mom…you made it in time.

    2. If goals weren’t important, why do they keep score????? That goal validates 2 years of scoreless soccer for your baby girl. She has more stick-to-it-iveness than I would!

  4. tonialynn59

    How exciting for Livi!  Way to go, girl!

    I’m so thankful for people like Gail who are willing to pray for all of us.  Most of us she doesn’t even know. (I want to meet her someday!) I think all of these girls should plan to be in MI to hear you speak at our le chocolate luncheon in April.  What do you think??  I know you are praying too!  I can’t tell you how much I love xanga and you girls I’ve met.  I just feel so encouraged when I read your posts and then when we can lift each other up, how cool!

  5. gsowell

    I have a sneaking suspicion you’ll be counting down more often than you mean to. Give Livi a congratulatory high-five from the Sowells!

    And thanks for linking my site. I’ve been so blessed praying about these needs…I hope others will be, too!

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