you have until noon-ish…

…to enter the drawing for the book Hope Lives. (and feel free to leave your comment on this post instead of the other one. i’ll still count you.)

I’m off to Bible study in a bit, then it’s lunch, Ava to the bus stop, Nina down for a nap, and then I’ll breathe for a moment, put everyone’s name on a slip of paper, and draw the winner.

I think I forgot to mention that the past two Wednesday nights have been very relaxing for me. Did I blog about Fully Engaged? It’s the 6-week course that engaged couples have to take before they can get married in our church. An older couple has been teaching it for years, and they’ve had some health problems and wanted a younger couple that could step in and teach when they can’t. Gabe and I were asked to do it, so the past 2 weeks, we sat in on the classes. I feel more than a little guilty about skipping out on the last 4 weeks of Cubbies, but Gabe is tired of me saying this, he feels this is definitely a ministry God has called us to, and that’s that. And while I sometimes struggle with submitting to my husband, there are times when it is SUCH a relief. Whew. I love Wednesdays now. And working with couples on the cusp of marriage is right up my alley.

Ran again this morning. For longer this time. I love talking to God while I run. It is the ONLY thing that motivates me to get my rump out of my warm bed and out into the cold morning air. Thank you, Lord, for running with me! I prayed for many of you, and I asked God for some pretty big things for my family and friends. He’s big, you know.

Okay, I do this every Thursday. Get up early, but then mess around, put off taking a shower, and rush around like a madwoman, trying not to be late for Bible study. Toodles!

11 thoughts on “you have until noon-ish…

  1. Anonymous

    How exciting to be teaching the engaged! My husband and I would also like to get involved with the pre-marriage program at our church. I’m curious about your program. Is there a set church curriculum that you follow or are you required to develop the topics covered?

  2. jessyomama

    yes – engaged people are SO MUCH FUN! josh and i have started doing some premarital counseling and it’s really really fun. you guys will have a blast! (and don’t feel bad, i’m not a little kid’s ministry person, either)

  3. ladymiss3739

    I guess I’m a little late to the game…but I was wondering the same.  Does your church have a staffing shortage for Cubbies that you feel obligated?  Not that our feelings should always dictate what we do, but it does sound like God might be able to use you in another area. 

  4. faithchick

    yep.  i’m with them.  that engaged couples class is PERFECT for you two.  Way more fun than cubbies.  especially because you sound much more relaxed about it.  i’m glad for you.

    and i thnk you could decorate a cake.

  5. tonialynn59


    I think you and Gabe and engaged couples is perfect!!

    I wanted to let you know that 3 of us praying together last night prayed for the luncheon and for you!

  6. ch1pch0p

    Has anyone ever told you that you’re not required to teach Cubbies? You’re not, you know. You don’t have to do it. It’s not in the parenting manual, or the How to be a Good Church Member manual. So don’t feel bad about not being there. Let someone else fill in and just ENJOY being where you are now!

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