Thanks so much for your kind words. And your prayers. I could feel them. I knew I couldn’t drag myself out of bed at 5:00 to run this morning, and while I don’t miss the running part, I sure do miss the praying part when I don’t run. I tried praying at the kitchen table at 6:00 but just couldn’t focus. Writing is my thing, so I thought, “Why not write a prayer?” I planned on just praying for myself (lovely, huh), but then God moved me to pray for lots of other people, and lo and behold, when you focus on Jesus and others, you forget about your own ailments. I need to file that away for future reference.

Two stories to share. One prayer, one praise. First, the prayer. My sister Bethany was talking with a friend this week who has been going through some rough times. She had a miscarriage in January 2007 at 14 weeks and is still waiting to get pregnant again (with her first). Bethany shared how she and Stew tried for so long, and then all of us started praying for her and voila! I want to be careful not to take this lightly. God isn’t a genie who grants requests only when 40 xanga girls pray. But he DOES answer prayer. Amen? Please join me in praying for Julie. And the others on our list!

And the praise? Sweet, sweet Sarah and her hubby Ben have been trying for almost four years for a baby. Her story is incredible. Her God is incredible. Her words (she’s an incredibly gifted writer) will touch you. Congratulations, Sarah Jean!!

I hope to blog soon about this whole speaking thing. I love it. I’m in awe of how God has been working it out. I pinch myself every now and again when I think about what my life is like right now–published books, sweet little daughters, talented hubby working right beside me, people asking me to speak at things (and asking me back! and sometimes paying me!). It’s very cool.

And very exhausting. I got home today 15 minutes before the girls. I wanted to curl up in bed for two hours, maybe four. I tried to joyfully prepare after-school snacks, listen to Gabe’s account of the day, think ahead to supper (which fast food joint is most deserving of 98% of the day’s profits from book sales?). So tired.

The day was wonderful. The trip uneventful. (Until I was 10 minutes away from Bethy’s church and the main drag was closed with tons of fire trucks and police cruisers all over the place. After following a guy in a pick-up truck for 10 minutes to one dead-end after another, I called Gabe who helped me navigate my own little detour from his computer. Thanks, hon!)

The talk went really well. The girls were all so sweet. I sat at a table with Bethany and three of her sisters-in-law. They’re great, and I always enjoy my time with them. And since my talk was on not comparing/being jealous and all that, I was 98% NOT jealous that they get to spend so much more time with my little sis than I do.

We got Subway and hung out at Bethy’s for 90 minutes or so before Nina and I had to head home. I love you, Bethy!

The girls and I took a walk around the block when they got home from school. Then we all went to KFC. Tuesday night $2.99 deals. Played at The Wooden Park. Went to Marc’s for groceries. Ran into my cousin Camy and her hubby and kiddos. Chatted. Headed home. Baths. Ice cream. Bed for the girls. I sat at my computer and surfed and stared for awhile.

Decided to blog. And here I am. I’m still tired.

I’m excited to speak at Beki’s church Sunday. Then, unless the Lord brings something else my way, I have a month off until I speak again. Eight speaking engagements in 37 days may be nothing for the bigwigs, but this newbie is completely zapped. A month of rest will be good.

Thanks, guys, for encouraging my heart. Love and hugs! Until tomorrow…

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  1. Anonymous

    Praying for your weekend coming up!  BTW… shameless plug for you in my last post.  I gave one of your books away to an expectant mom at Bible study yesterday and got to share about you.  It was all good!!  So, if your ears itched, it was us!  Have a great weekend!

  2. terriwright

    I used to do 3-5 day teacher-training. Having to be ‘on’ and pertinent and not say anything crazy, and lead people, and keep their attention……draining.  I understand.

  3. gsowell

    Praying for Julie. Praising for Sarah.

    I packed up a wedding shower gift yesterday. Of course, I dropped in a copy of Blushing from my stash. As I wrote the inscription (something about how this author is a friend of mine, she’s funny, smart, and godly…read her book and strive to be the wife God intended you to be), I was so humbled. I just wanted to tell you how glad I am to call you friend. I love praying for your ministry. I love knowing you’re praying for me. I think you rock in a million ways. Happy Cubbie-free Wednesday. (This is my last night of Awana games until next fall! Yippeeeeeeee!)

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