what my better half is up to

Gabe is doing this really cool thing today (Saturday). A bunch of photographers in Columbus (all around the country actually) are getting together and taking portraits of individuals and families that wouldn’t otherwise have the resources to get them done.

I love the idea, and I’m praying God uses the day in a big way.

This 2-minute video is pretty sweet:

But this one brought tears to my eyes:

Proud of you, Gabe. God, bless these precious families.

12 thoughts on “what my better half is up to

  1. Jamie Nygaard

    Wow. I would LOVE to do that sometime. I guess I’ve never realized how much I take my gift for granted. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Ashley

    What a beautiful, inspiring movement. I’ve shared the second video with several friends. Thank you for sharing and I hope your husband had a wonderful experience documenting memories for families in Columbus.

  3. Kaye

    Wow, I’m sure Gabe and others blessed a lot of familes today. May they be blessed in return for doing something SO SPECIAL for others.
    Blessings always,
    Matthew 21:22

  4. Emily

    I’m excited! I’m getting ready now to go meet up with Gabe!!

    (Notice how I made sure to check your blog before leaving though? Haha.)

  5. Jen Griffin

    I am crying as I watched that second video! WOW! I know Gabe will be super blessed today. I cannot wait to see some of the pictures and to hear what all God did! May God be glorified through Gabe and his camera today!

  6. brandiandboys

    we have ministry partnership in wheelwright kentucky, a very impoverished part of the country. we sent volunteers there two weeks ago and one of their ways to ministry was through professional photographs of families. those people were moved beyond words. they never expected their talent of photography to be able to show God’s love through a simple family photograph. It was SO cool. Gage will have an amazing day!!!

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