what a great day!

Thanks so much for praying! My attitude improved soon after I blogged. I read some Psalms, did some praying, apologized to someone (someone who lives with me and didn’t come from my womb), and things began to look up.

The girls and I got to Beki’s church on time–a few minutes early. We met the pastor, and everyone made us feel welcome. Lily and Jason were sitting right behind us, so I said hi to Lily and introduced myself to Jason.

Beki was the star of the choir. She had a solo part in Shine, Jesus, Shine. (and her mama did a fine job as stand-in choir director) The church reminded me of my grandma’s church I visited growing up. I miss using a hymnbook, so that was cool. The girls opted out of children’s church and were mostly good and quiet.

At the banquet, we sat at a table with Beki, her mom, and Lily. I got to meet her dad too. Her parents are soooo cute! And look so much like Gail. (Beki, too, but really Gail) Beki says she (Beki) acts like her dad and Gail acts like her mom. I agree. It took me about three seconds to see it. What a darling family.

Gail, your dad and I had a little chat afterwards. He thinks you’re an amazingly talented writer, and if you were a twinge braver, you could just go crazy with your talents. (my paraphrase) I told him he’s right and that I’m here in your corner cheering you on. He’s very proud of you.

The food was so, so delicious. Grilled chicken (Gail and Beki’s dad!), scalloped potatoes, green beans, rolls, applesauce, orange jello carrot salad, angel food cake w/strawberries, and lemonade. Wow.

The ladies were so wonderful and cooperative. I did “Seize This Day” again. Livi asked me why I keep talking about the same things everywhere I speak. I explained that these were all different people (Michigan, Bluffton, Cedarville), so they don’t really notice, just us.

Livi said I did a MUCH better job of letting them help. Ava wasn’t quite ready to concede that. There were a couple parts I could have improved. Hmm.

Yesterday we took the girls to see Prince Caspian. We loved it. Didn’t know there was a Race for the Cure (breast cancer) going on at the same time we’d want to park downtown by the Arena Grand Theatre. Ha! We walked a far piece. But, wow, the goosebumps I got seeing thousands and thousands of people walking/running in honor of friends/families who are fighting/have fought breast cancer. Wow. It was incredible.

I got home just in time this afternoon for Gabe to go to Lima for a big event Tug is hosting tonight. Some OSU football players/a wrestler sharing testimonies. He picked up the husband of one of my friends on his way. They’ve never met, but Jason is starting his own wrestling school here in C-bus, so Gabe invited him. I’m praying for a fun, refreshing time for my hubby.

He took Nina on a date to the zoo while we were in Cedarville. She told us all about it as soon as we walked in the door. What a great daddy.

I like to collapse for a few hours after I drive/speak/drive, but Livi and Ava are itching to “do something fun” while Daddy’s gone. Naps are fun, right? Hmm…any ideas?

Thanks for praying, friends. You’re the best, best, best! Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

16 thoughts on “what a great day!

  1. charlenecampbell

    Marla, you are very talented. Thank you for sharing your day with us. The girls were precious passing out the chocolates. Kent asked about your talk when we got home. He said it sounded like eveyone had a great time. I told him I thought it was the best one we had had in years. You had one very easy to remember point that we had a chance to practice. I now the ladies of the church and me will be remembering this point and practicing “seizing THIS day” for a very long time. Thanks again. I agree with Beki, whatever hurts you felt before you arrived were not noticable in your presentation. May God continue to bless you and use you for His Purpose.

  2. bekisue

    I’m so glad you came, Marla. It was wonderful and everyone loved you. We had church last night too, and all the ladies were still talking about you. I read your previous post, and all of that must’ve been healed, because none of it showed through at all. You were so real. I’m still floating from your talk. Tell Livi and Ava that I couldn’t even tell it was a re-run. Love you.

  3. terriwright

    We ALL have/had potentially-embarrassing dads…I think that makes them special!! I am very pleased that you accepted the critiques well…I agree with you about Gail: I’ve watched her a long time(sounds like I’m a stalker…), and her gifts WILL be used. Already have been and are nowm but – – –  they will be.

  4. mtaviano

    @gsowell – Your dad was perfectly behaved. And so, so, so adorable. He really thinks the world of his two girls. I wish I could’ve talked to him longer, but I had to hurry home to Nina so Gabe could leave. I have a potentially-embarrassing dad, too. But I’ve discovered over the years that those are the BEST dads in the world. Love you, Dad!

  5. gsowell

    I so wish I could have been there in Cedarville. Sounds like a great day. I do hope dad was on his good behavior. We try to keep him from embarrassing us in front of people we like.

    Your encouragement and kind words from Dad made me cry. Just pray. I’m not sure of God’s timing or specific calling yet, but there’s something here. We’ll see.

  6. filledeparis

    So glad to hear that you improved on letting your assistants assist you. LOL! Praise God for blessing your day(I have no doubt that He used you to bless many)!

  7. luvmynoah

    Glad it went well and that you have so much fun!  It sounds like you got a little spoiled which is so nice.    I hope I get to hear you speak someday!!

  8. rocknnell

    the whole “walk for cancer” thing, I don’t think any of us know what all it has taken to develop the technology for todays knowledge of  treatments for cancer.  Mom had breast cancer in 1969 – 2005 –  I could of lost my mom when I was 11 –  so yeah… to cancer instead of when I was 47 !

  9. kkakwright

    i ran in a breast cancer race in october.  there were over 10,000 people there.  most of them had names on their backs (like I did) of those they were running in memory (they have passed) or in honor (they lived through it) of.  it was cool.  i felt like i was a part of something much bigger than me.  it made me think of heaven.  and how completely and unbelievably cool it will be to stand there with so many stinkin people and worship God! now THAT gives me goosebumps. 

  10. jessyomama

    glad you had a good time! sorry we couldn’t have stayed longer at chick-fil-a but between feeling horrible after my stomach flu and gavin being sick at the babysitters… well you know. we should meet at chick-fil-a in the middle sometime and let our kids play and eat for a long time. my kids were totally bummed.

  11. KmHunsberger

    I prayed for you this morning…

    You are always there for us in such personal ways…I love it when I can do something (albeit intangible) for YOU. And…thanks for letting us know you are human too. It always helps to know that I am not the only one who has to apologize to my husband or that I am alone in my bad attitudeness (I know, not a real word) from time to time.

    Jamie asked if I were free Memorial Day weekend. Do you know what days you were planning?

    So encouraged to hear how great your day was!!!

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