we're moving (part 3)

Well, this isn’t funny. I just wrote about 10-12 paragraphs of a blog post, clicked “save,” and vamoose! Gone! All except the word “well.” I’m either going to call it quits or try to recreate what I just wrote from memory.



Let’s try this again.

Well, hello there. I had a whole bunch of excuses for not blogging in forever, but I can’t remember any of them. So, how’s it going? How was your Christmas?

Ours was sweet and simple. We didn’t buy gifts for each other or our kiddos, and we sold/gave away every last bit of our Christmas decor (except for my beautiful new Immanuel banner by Bethany), and I’m not sad about it a bit. We enjoyed some nice, quality time with both sides of our family, cheated a bit on our plant-based diet, gave/received some gifts, and thanked Jesus for coming to earth for us.

So, the moving saga. Where was I? Seriously, I have no idea. Let me glance back at Part 1 and Part 2 to see how much I’ve shared already.

Hold on.

Oh, wow. I wonder how all of this is going to turn out.

Seriously. I wonder.

So, we prayed about the apartment and decided to go for it. Location, location, location. We’d be a hop and a skip (no need to even jump) from the tutoring apartment and right smack next door to our new friends (believers who moved in over a year ago to be neighbors and share the love of Jesus).

And then we found out something super cool. We paid December’s rent, and–HAPPY NEW YEAR SPECIAL!–January’s rent was FREE! Hooray hooray!

And then the buyer for our house backed out. Everything was taking way too long with the bank.

What now??

Long story short (and short sale long), we’ve been approved, and now we wait again. For the holidays to be over and for someone to discover our house, fall in love with it (and the price), and buy it.

In the meantime, we’re three days into our life at our new home. And we love it.

We’re tired and a bit overwhelmed. And tired (Gabe’s parents helped us move couches, our bed, and a huge desk, and we moved the rest by ourselves one mini-van load at a time).

We’ve met neighbors and had kiddos from tutoring stop by. And then yesterday, our church (along with two others) did a little Love C-bus outreach where we handed out bags of grocery staples to the families of the kiddos who come to tutoring. We made two stops in three hours.

Because we got invited in and loved on and lavished with drinks and gifts. Seriously. We weren’t even close to being the benefactors in this deal. We made awesome new friends and learned cool stuff. Nina got all inked up (henna), and we got invited to a feast on Friday (which happens to be our 16th wedding anniversary). We saw family photos and learned Somali words and laughed a lot.

God is so cool.

And when we got back to our apartment three hours later, the introvert in me freaked out a little about what it’s going to mean to live here and be Jesus to people.

But a friend reminded me to take breaks (like Jesus did), to rest, and to rely on God for the strength I’ll need. Good word.

And I’m just kind of flabbergasted at how easy he’s made it to settle our little white American selves into a largely Somali community and be loved and accepted so fast.

I could cry.

I know I’ve left out some parts and all, but once I get everything put away in the apartment and our house all shiny-clean for showings and help The Dancing Elephant make some Valentines to sell for Cambodia, I can share details.

If you have questions, feel free to ask them in the comments or shoot me an e-mail.

And last thing. A prayer request. We’ve been watching our neighbor’s 6-year-old granddaughter (our neighbor at our house, not the apartment) a few days during Christmas break, and when she dropped her off this morning, she asked me to pray for her (she’s never done this before) and started crying.

She’s just been diagnosed with two more diseases (for a total of six) and is a lot of pain and facing much discouragement. She’s single and raising her granddaughter alone. Would you join me in praying for healing for her? And that God would meet her right where she is in a very special way?

Thanks so much, friends.

Looking forward to getting back online a little more and catching up with y’all. Happy New Year!

5 thoughts on “we're moving (part 3)

  1. Bethany

    It’s been quite a while since I last connected with you. I went off of Facebook because I was a bit too attached to it. Was needing to know what was happening in the lives of all my “friends” before spending time with Jesus. Not good, not good. It was a good change for me. But now I need to watch my time on Instagram….don’t want that same trouble as with FB.
    I am so glad to hear that God is leading your family into this new adventure! I will certainly pray for you, Gabe, and the girls as you all adjust to new life in your community. I think that you all are so brave and its encouraging to hear of your obedience to Christ in spite of all the challenges that you’ve faced this year. He is going to bless you in many many ways and I for one am so excited to hear of it on your blog!
    Praying for you and for your friend and her little granddaughter!
    Bethany S. (California friend from the 1st SSMT Celebration)

    Ps. Do you remember that photo that we took at the Omni in the fancy suite with Amanda Jones and the ladies who got to stay in that room? I know that someone took a picture of all of us sitting on the bed. I would love to find a copy if its possible.

  2. Sharon

    And, does Cherry live with you guys still? I just re-read a post that said she’d be there til June and maybe next year, too.

  3. Rachelle

    will pray for you guys are for your neighbor and granddaughter.
    Christmas for us was, eh. Happy to have all my kiddos home though, considering that there may not be many more years of such blessing as they get older and independant(which is a good thing!).
    Will be moving our son out of the dorms and to his 1st apartment this semester. So 2014 is looking like the year of change.
    Happy New Year! praying 2014 brings a tidal wave of blessing!

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