well, that was a close one.

I remember being a counselor at church camp. You go, go, go. Everyone’s hyped and excited and completely exhausted. It’s up, up, up, up… Then it seems like every week, there’s some sort of emotional/mental crash around Wednesday or Thursday.

Yeah, well, Camp Taviano is no different. My cousin Jill (13) has been here since Saturday night, and it’s been one activity after another. The girls have been together every second. Very little downtime. And last night after supper, complete meltdown. COMPLETE MELTDOWN. The details are personal, but at one point, Gabe took Ava away for a bit. Jill was on my cell phone in the basement, bawling and begging her mom to come get her. (I had my ear to the vent.) And I was on Gabe’s cell phone, crying to MY mom that I just didn’t know if I could do this for two more days. (Livi was in the basement with Jill, also bawling.)

My mom gave the phone to her little brother (Jill’s dad), and we chatted. He was very calming and rational and made me feel much better. (and I’m sure my mom was praying her heart out in the meantime!) I sat down with Jill and Livi, we prayed and cried and talked. Gabe and Ava came home. Everybody apologized to everybody else, and everything is fine now.

Praise the Lord! It was all Him, and I’m sooooooooooo grateful!

I feel like I’m a little out of sync this week. Not doing such a hot job of keeping up with people, remembering what I said I’d write about, and blah, blah.

Totally forgot I said I had happy news. Well, I won two tickets to Living Proof Live in Louisville with Beth Moore (Aug. 1-2). I entered the contest thinking I could give the tickets to Gail and Krista. Well, Gail was already going, so I thought Krista and I could go. Except I sorta forgot to mention it to Gabe, and since we’d agreed awhile ago to communicate about things like conferences and speaking engagements, it caused a little strain. That’s better now though. Whew.

Sooooo…after much excitement, it turns out Krista can’t go. Sad, sad. So, I ask Terri. She’s all excited. Then realizes she can’t go. I’m so bummed. I think the final plan is that Krista’s friend Sam will be going with me. I would have asked one of you Ohioans to go with me, BUT my whole family is going down and staying at Gail’s. Didn’t know about inviting another whole family. And how could I pick just one of you? And so on and so on.

And I don’t think I commented about all of us getting together while Holly is stateside in September, but ABSOLUTELY!! Can’t wait to meet you, Holly! And Missy! And Terri! And whoever else said they want to get together, and I haven’t met you yet!

Found out about two more pregnant friends yesterday. Congratulations, beautifuls! WOOHOO! One of them blogs here. How sad that a gazillion people are pregnant before my preggo book comes out. Oh, well. I’m sure they’ll be another round of you preggo next year…

And Nixie is having a… baby of a specific gender! Congrats to Nix and SP! Love you!

Please pray for sweet Tonia today. She and her family have had a rough couple weeks with their son Justin being in the hospital. They sure could use your love and prayers!

Bible study (Beth Moore’s Stepping Up) yesterday was AMAZING. After writing what I did about us being unique and encouraging each other, the video session was about EXACTLY THAT. Except waaaaay better. I have sooo much I want to say about it. I’m just feeling really burdened for people who are feeling discouraged and attacked and bummed.

Satan will use ANYTHING to get us down, and we’ve got to get our focus back on Christ! Wanna hear what mine was last night? I had just survived Meltdown Central, and I’m catching up on some blogs. I read the comments on a certain preggo friend’s site, and they’re all about baby boys and how wonderful they are and how they’re the best, best, best and how moms of boys are queens.

And I think to myself (completely irrationally, of course), “I’m so left out! Nobody loves me! There’s this great big happy club over here, and no one wants me in it! I’m a loser! Everybody hates me! They think my girls are nothing! Only boys are important! I don’t like any of these people anymore!”

But then I talked to God. And then beautiful Nixie called me. And then I remembered the TRUTH. I love my girls with all my heart. I love being a mom to girls. I love my friends who have boys. I love their adorable little boys. It is not a club. God gave us all different ways to relate to different people. Gail and I have a special bond because we both have 3 girls. Jamie and Kristen have a special bond because they both have 2 boys. (not leaving anyone out, just typed the first names that came to mind!!!!) BUT WE ALL LOVE EACH OTHER. And focusing on Christ makes ALL the difference in the world! ALL THE DIFFERENCE!!

The devil gets all giddy with evil-lust when we’re down and discouraged. BOO on him and his lousy, stupid tactics!! Encourage somebody this weekend, girls! A lot of somebodies! Don’t just “write” encouragement notes in your head. Tell someone!!

That’s all. Love and hugs for a happy weekend!!

p.s. The girls just got up (well, Nina’s been up for hours), and they’re already getting on each other’s nerves. I’m fighting the urge to be awfully annoyed. Normally, I’d just scream at everybody, but I have company. Please pray for me!

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  1. Anonymous

    Sorry I’m late responding. We’ve been at dog camp and just got home last night. I’m excited I won. I’d like to have your book actually. (Is that all he ever thinks about) I’m about to start teaching a marriage class and thought it might make good additional reading. Hope you are well. Amy

  2. missionspirit

    Your coming to Louisville!  I won’t be attending the conference, I didn’t think to get a ticket last year, but it is at the church I belong too.  I hope you feel so welcome here.  Will you be staying for the weekend and going to one of the services at Southeast?  They are truly great.  If you decide to come on Saturday night, I would love to have you join my group of freinds in the balcony.  I would love to say thank you in person for the two books you so generously sent to me. 

    Suzy Q

  3. withhope2003

    Girls not getting along and creating drama?  I can’t imagine that!  Lol.  I’m now thinking of all the meltdowns that happened when I was younger.  A friend of mine caused a meltdown over Dr. Pepper.  Made us closer, but it was really stupid.  We may have more drama, but we smell better.

  4. Anonymous

    Good stuff to read.  I’m so glad to know I’m not the only one who thinks irrationally when reading blogs!  Loved it… keep our minds on Christ!  Amen!  Thanks for being transparent, once again!    🙂  Blessings on your last few days!!!

  5. Nixter77

    I love you and I loved chatting with you the other day my beautiful wonderful Mummy of 3 wonderful girls. Did I tell you I secretly was hoping for a girl – but I am happy with having a baby boy! Maybe next time!

    Sorry you had such a melt-down, it’s good to be real because it happens to us all. I wish I could give you a hug not just a chat on the phone, but that’s better than nothing right!

    You are totally in ‘Club Powell’ – signed up and about to receive your welcome letter and t-shirt!

    Will miss you when I am away – love you zertrillions!

  6. gsowell

    An overlooked point of this post is that YOU ARE COMING TO MY HOUSE NEXT WEEKEND! AND ONE OF MY BATHROOMS LOOKS LIKE A BOMB WENT OFF! Oh wait, I’m not excited about that part. I promise I will have it all functional before you get here. It may not be pretty, but it will not be a hazard.

    And we’ll go here Beth Moore. And since you are great friends with her daughter, we’ll get to go have prayer time backstage with her before she speaks. Oh wait, again, that’s me fantasizing.

    Seriously, I am P-U-M-P-E-D about getting to worship with you and then talk about what God is doing in our lives (which is what a conference like this usually does). I wish we could ALL go. What could be better than worshipping with ALL my xanga friends?

    I think when we get together this fall and meet Holly and have a slumber party (I’m still game), we should worship together, too! Who can lead that?

  7. jenhul

    When I was younger we spent tons of time with my cousins (shared babysitting, family get-togethers) I was the oldest and then there were three boy cousins closest to my age (well one of them was my brother). What I would have given for a girl to play with!
    Even though Jill is 13 and the oldest maybe she is starting to miss her mom and dad and familiar settings.
    Maybe they could each benefit from some ‘quiet reading time’ on their own. Or hey, they could each be the author of their own story and then later have meet the author sessions and share their ideas! (I’m giving these ideas to an author… :/)
    You’ll all get through the next few days – and remember the wonderful fun times at Camp T!

  8. KmHunsberger

    If it makes you feel better…right before I left that comment about boys on a certain someone’s site, I had a meltdown of my own about someone finding out that she is getting exactly what I have wanted so much . Poor me pity party. There …we were in it together and just didn’t know it

  9. KmHunsberger

    Don’t even know where to start with this one. I guess just start counting down the hours

    You know I wish I were in your girl club…maybe I will be one day

    Thanks for the message, friend.

    Love ya.

  10. luvmynoah

    Meltdowns…I’ve had those this week and I have all boys.  Boys do have them too by the way.  I’m glad it all worked out!  I hope the next few days turn out fine!!  Living Proof Live!!  I’m sure that will be awesome! 

  11. ladymiss3739

    Well, our Gabe is still little, so I can’t say from that experience, but all of us gals should know that when girls get together, they have a propensity to be catty.  Guys just hit each other and move on.  Girls read into everything, take things personally, cry, etc.  Shrug.  I think what happened yesterday was probably overdue considering how much time they’ve been spending together (not justified, but normal, I think).  Hang in there!  Get ’em outside and running around if you can (do you have a hose/sprinkler/anything?!)!  That always seems to wear kids out (even the older variety). 

    Anyway…and I see you went and did it again…linking people’s baby gender news with BLUE.  (Shakes head). 

  12. terriwright

    You really are dumb, aren’t you?

    1. 13-year-olds are from Satan; EVEN THE ADORABLE ONES!

    2. You lasted longer than I would have.

    3. I speak from what I KNOW….God only gave me boys. Gooberhead.

  13. der_lila_Stern

    “Normally, I’d just scream at everybody, but I have company”
    -exactly what Satan would want you to do.  But you are resisting him.  See you are doing better than he is already!!

  14. faithchick

    “Normally, I’d just scream at everybody, but I have company” LOLOLOLOL (and you know i only use that abbreviation for when i really do!) That is sooooo me!

    And…just so you know, my comment on nixie’s site had you in mind, too.  so go read it, wouldya?

  15. kellycohan

    Yay for God, fixing our meltdowns of every variety when we just ask! I’ll be praying for a calm, congenial, and collected last couple of days of Camp Taviano.

    Cool beans about the conference tickets!!

  16. shannahhogue

    Prayed for you just now! Don’t worry about the meltdowns…it’s what girls do and you’re not failing in any way because one happened. In fact, it’s probably an indication that you’re doing TOO well this week!

  17. M3mine

    Don’t be afraid of a day of down time for visiting relatives.  Sometimes it’s nice just to relax.  (Been there, done that…)  You are an awesome Mommy!  I still can’t believe you took the kids twice in one day to the zoo.  🙂   And you know what?  Your girls and your visitor probably learned quite a bit from the “problem” that you encountered yesterday. Problems do help us grow.  I went through one myself yesterday—and looking back, I now have a new way of looking at one of my closest relatives which will help me to deal with her problems (not my grieving sister, in case you are wondering…)

  18. FlyingCAB

    awwww that’s so hard!  Part of spending lots of highly energized time with family I think.  I’m not sure I ever spent more than 1 night with my cousins without there being crying and/or fighting.  I think it sounds like they are all doing a great job despite the drama.  I’ll be praying that today will be fun and calm – no room for Satan to stir up strife! 

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