wednesdays make me smile

EDIT #2: Just got back from a monstrous shopping trip. Ava and Nina were sooooo obedient and helpful. Wow. (I’m a little bit in shock, since we were gone so long and went so many places.)

Anyway, just had to share something. For whatever reason, I’ve been bummed off and on this week so far. Just not feeling a lot of love. Self-pity, sure, but not love. So this morning God and I had a talk, and He told me that HE would like to be in charge of filling me up please, NOT other human people. HE is love, not them. HE is all I need. And I surrendered. And I told Him He was dead right. And that I love Him back.

And now, today, for more reasons that I can count, I am feeling a LOT of love. From GOD through PEOPLE. I love my God!

EDIT: I forgot to mention that we just found out that Gabe’s uncle John (Rock’s brother) has a brain tumor (and diabetes, blood clots in his legs). We’re pretty sure he’s not saved. Please pray for his salvation–and for the whole family! Thank you!

We decided to skip Awana and Fully Engaged tonight to go to Ava’s soccer game. Our general rule is church before sports, but this is the last week of Awana before the awards, and the girls are nowhere near being done with their books. And we’re mostly just observing Fully Engaged. And I already missed one of her games because of a speaking engagement and I’m missing Saturday’s game because of another one.

Okay, that was a long justification for skipping church. Totally unnecessary. How about this? Ava has a soccer game tonight, and I’m excited to watch her play.

Last Saturday, she did awesome. One of the moms asked me what I fed her–an energy bar? No, a donut. She said she’d bring Krispy Kremes for the whole team next time. When we got in the van I told Ava what the woman had said about her, and Ava said (with her most serious face), “Well, I don’t think it was what you feeded me. I think it was just that I’m getting so used to soccer and know how to play good.”

So, the girls come home from school yesterday, and I’m going through Ava’s backpack. Flip through the school newsletter and see, “Congratulations! These students have artwork in the district art show.” I glance through the eight names to see if I know any of them. Why, yes, I do! Olivia Taviano! Turns out she’s had a painting on display at the library since April 5th and never told us. She told me she brought home a paper, and “you must have thrown it away.” Hmm…

So, after supper, we took a trip to the library to see Livi’s artwork and get some books. Wow! I know I’m her mom, but I was so impressed. I can’t draw or paint worth poo, so she’s obviously Gabe’s daughter. She was one of 8 chosen out of over 700 kids in her school. I’m proud of her. Hope that’s okay. (I’ll post a pic later today, so you can be proud of her too, if you want.)

Livi's painting in the local library

The 2 younger girls and I have mucho errands to run this morning. Bank, Staples (for printer ink), Michael’s and the Dollar Store (for stuff for this weekend), Target, grocery store. Whew. Then I have a couple yummy things to make for our moms who are coming on Friday to watch the girls while we’re in Michigan.

Thank you, MOMS! We love you! If you want to go thank our moms for us, that’d be cool. Gabe’s mom lives here, and my mom lives here. (well, they don’t exactly live there) That gives me an idea. On the Friday before Mother’s Day, we’ll have to go to everyone’s moms’ blogs and wish them Happy Mother’s Day. How many of your moms have blogs?

I’d better hit the shower. Have a whippoorwill of a Wednesday!!

29 thoughts on “wednesdays make me smile

  1. jbnygaard

    Marla…the painting blew me away! I have so many questions to ask Livi about it! Like…what was she told to paint? Did SHE decide to paint the sky first and let it dry before painting the trees? or did her teacher suggest that? As being an artsy (sp?) person…I am VERY impressed and you give that girl a BIG, take her breath away hug for me! That’s awesome!

    I remember I won my first coloring contest in Kindergarten. Sure sign that I was going to be an artsy fartsy person! 🙂

    Ava comment = soooooooo Ava. Remember….your saving her for Eden right?????? 🙂

  2. rocknnell

    Teaching Art……for 7 yrs…..I hadn’t seen TOOOOOOOOOO many High School kids paint like that, and I am being serious !  That is incredible…………….. pretty neat stuff !  Did you feed her a donught ? smile

  3. stephaniedawnbasham

    My niece is amazing!!! I was never good at art. I’m so proud of her talents!

    Ava….what a cutie. It’s good that she sees her talent for what it is and that it’s not what you “feeded” her.

    Love you!

  4. Anonymous

    I just had the best surprise in the mail… your book! Thank you!

    Livi’s art work is beautiful! I’m always amazed at the artwork my kids come home with from class. Their art instructor really knows how to get them to create beauty and quality. We also had the same thing happen with Cameron’s art… he was chosen to have it on display at a hospital and we never saw the information until it was too late!

  5. terriwright

    Praying for Uncle John. YEA, LIVI!!!!!!!!!! There is NO WAY I could produce a piece of art that beautiful!!!!!!!!!

    You know….no one(except us) is keeping score on how many Wednesdays we attend church. God knows your heart. Enjoy the game and your time with family.

  6. the_present_is_eternity

    wow! that painting is amazing! i cant get over it! i HAVE written you a postcard too, btw, i jsut havent had time ot post it yet, or get to the post office for stamps for that matter. . . 🙂 have fun at the soccer game!

  7. tonialynn59

    Oh my goodness, Livi did an awesome job on that painting!  What a talent!  Mike draws very well, I have none, not one iota, zip talent when it comes to artwork!  Go Livi!!

    I tend to do just what you did with the first paragraph there.  For what it’s worth, I think the soccer game should come first.

    Praying for your uncle!

  8. faithchick

    there are websites where you can get kids’ artwork made into stationery (i’m sure you know this already).  you should do that.  because that painting is awesome!  I love it. It needs to be framed.

  9. kkakwright

    fabulous, Livi!  have a bodacious blast away with your husband in michigan.  how fabulous is that?  and, how fabulous is it that your moms team up with the kids.  i doubt that would EVER work out with our families.

  10. ch1pch0p

    I remember skipping a few Sundays for tennis matches and look how perfect I turned out! I’m guessing your girls know that GOD comes before sports, and God is more important than church. Sometimes, it’s hard to distinguish those two, but they are two separate entities.

    Congrats to Livi!!!

    My mom has a blog! and my sisters and sister-in-law are moms!

  11. M3mine

    Hard decisions on sports vs. church.  We’ve been there.  Our hardest was Sunday afternoon spring soccer one year.  Our daughter did both, that season.  Went to Sunday School, and church, left immediately after for church, then back for Sunday evening, when possible. Thank goodness high school and college were easier on Sundays.  Lots of hard, hard decisions.  And she chose Cedarville to play women’s basketball, so NO Sundays!  🙂

  12. gsowell

    My mom has a blog. And grandma…I still think that’s funny.

    I saw your title and was about to protest, “No, you don’t!” Then I realized you are Cubbie free right now. Ah, I get it.

    Enjoy the soccer game. Can’t wait to be proud of your Livi, so post that pic!

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