warning: downer post

So, my happy news is only half as happy now. Plan A fell through. Plan B fell through. Plan C has yet to be formulated.

And bedtime for Smallest One has recently turned nightmarish. She won’t stay in her bed. She wants her back scratched until she falls asleep. She wants more to drink. She wants her nose wiped. She’s finally asleep, but not without tears (mine).

I told the older three they could have a slumber party down in the basement. I’m having second thoughts. The loud giggles are driving me nuts. I’m wishing I had tucked them all in bed upstairs when Nina went down. Oh, well. It’s not all about me, is it?

I’m sliding down the slippery slope toward the Pit of Pout. I recognize all the warning signs. My brakes are failing. I see the little emergency ramp thingys where I can save myself before I careen down the mountain out of control. But I haven’t decided yet if I want to leave the pity party while it’s still in full swing.

How’s that for a mixed metaphor? (Analogy? Onomatopoeia? kidding.)

Gabe’s trying to cheer me up, chiming in with words of encouragement and reminders of God’s sovereignty. I can’t decide whether to kiss him or kick him.

13 thoughts on “warning: downer post

  1. lites4Him

    I really think you ought to keep up with the kisses… Kicks never do any good and they often hurt your toes… Trusting that God is reaching into the middle of your night and blessing you. Praying for you to have joy and for just the right plan to work out down to the very last detail…

  2. FidelicharisHouse

    Praying you’ll take the road to joy…I almost missed the same exit ramp this morning…and praying through your disappointment…mine nearly derailed me this morning.

    Hugs!  And thanks for the kind words earlier…much appreciated.

  3. gsowell

    Prayed for you. Josie is a pain at bedtime most nights, as well. This too shall pass. Some wise mama told me that. I wanted to kick her, too.

    I was worried for a minute that Gabe’s cheerer-upper involved bird calls…

    Scratch plans A-Z. I’m praying for you. That you’ll know God’s plan. It never falls through.

  4. KmHunsberger

    I dont even know what to say. I know that disappointment that seeps into your soul and sours everything. I just want to reach through the computer and show up in your living room. Not that would make everything better, but for me…it would feel better than trying to write something on here.

    Suffice to know I will fall asleep praying for wisdom and peace for you…and direction. And to see you soon

  5. OkinawaAna

    “I can’t decide whether to kiss him or kick him.”  Ha!  So true!  Praying that you’ll choose to have joy right now, even though pouting would be much easier… and that Plan C will be formulated at the right time! 

  6. Airdee26

    Sorry you’re feeling down.  I’ll be praying that your plan C comes through!!

    I laughed about not knowing if you should kiss or kick your hubby…I know that feeling.  I’m sure every wife knows that feeling.

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