I am so thankful today to be waiting to hear from realtors and literary agents and not waiting for an overdue baby to enter the world.Praying for you, Jess! I had pregnancy on the brain last night as I worked on a little project (no, we are not making another baby–this is a writing project!) I was leafing back through old journals and finding it hard to believe that I actually wrote all those things. Especially the stuff I wrote when the girls were just born. I never would have remembered half of it if I hadn’t written it down. What a blessing. And blogging is just an added blessing–lots more recorded details of life.

I came across my all-time favorite quote of Livi’s. Stop me if you’ve heard it…. She was two-something when she said it, in the process of being potty-trained (a process that took about 18 months!). Anytime I’d smell something that I knew wasn’t Ava, I’d call Livi over to me and say, “Let me check your bottom.”

Me: (standing at sink, doing dishes)
Livi: (comes up behind me) Let me check your bottom.
Me: (smiling, turn my head toward her)
Livi: (stands on her tiptoes, pulls the waistband of my pants toward her, and tries to peek in) Yep! It’s still in there!

Apparently, she went on a “bottom” kick. Middle-of-the-night conversation a few weeks before that:
L: My bottom hurts (after getting out of bed for the 4th time and getting spanked)
M: I’m sorry.
L: It’s red.
M: No, it’s not. I can see it, and you can’t. It’s not red.
L: You have a bottom.
M: Yes, I do.
L: Ava doesn’t have a bottom.
M: Yes, she does. Everybody has a bottom.
L: Daddy has a bottom.
M: Yes, he does.
L: God doesn’t have a bottom.
M: You’re right. He doesn’t.
L: He just has clothes.
M: ???? (giving up)

Please forgive my laziness, but would the people who volunteered to hand out postcards for Is That All? please stand up (or post a comment)? I never wrote your names down and don’t want to search old blogs to find them. I have packets of 50 postcards–if you want more or less, let me know.

Went to a bookstore on Saturday with the girls. Gabe and I looked for my book. No luck. He said, “I’m saying something.” No, no, no, I said. He did it anyway. Used the line, “My wife wrote a book, and friends and family have asked where they could find it. Wanted to know if we could tell them it’s here.” Sneaky. Uh, the book was already in stock in the store. Oops. In honor of my xanga friends, I moved both copies front-out on the top shelf. “You can’t do that!” Gabe said. “Why not? All my friends do! I owe it to them.”

I’m excited about all the ways God is moving in my little family’s life. I’ll give a full report soon.

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  1. stephaniedawnbasham

    I have your postcards, and have already handed out a bunch.

    I love Livi’s bottom quotes. 🙂 Like that one time with Stewart having his own bottom. Haha. I miss her! And Ava and Nina too! I wish I was there so I could try out cute styles with her new short hair. 🙂

    Love and miss you!

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