two years ago today

October 29, 2011 started out as a normal Saturday. And it ended with me in tears at the foot of my husband’s hospital bed wondering what on earth had just happened.

Two long years later, I am 1.) grateful beyond grateful that he’s still with us, that we’re still a family, that we’re hanging in there and love each other very much. And 2.) tired.

Most of you know about Gabe’s subsequent struggles with panic/anxiety and the chest pains he feels on a regular basis. Earlier this week he had some blood tests done, and the results threw him for a loop. Most of the stuff was good, but there were a couple indicators that show some stuff that’s not so awesome. After a meeting with a doctor at lunch, he came home for the rest of the day. And spent most of it in tears.

His greatest fear is that he’ll have another heart attack. And that this one will kill him. These numbers didn’t help ease that fear.

Yesterday was rough. This morning has been rough. And instead of going to work, he’s going to spend the 2-year anniversary of his heart attack back at the hospital asking for some answers, some tests that show what’s really going on in his heart and hopefully help put his mind at rest. The girls and I just dropped him off at the ER.

So, that’s where we’re at today. We’d love your prayers.

And in honor of FREEDOM PARTY WEEK, I want to tell you a little bit about one of our favorite organizations in all the world that’s fighting for freedom and justice in the name of Jesus: The Hard Places Community.

I’ve blogged about them lots in the past, so I won’t repeat it all now, except to say that these amazing men and women (both Khmer and American) have dedicated their lives to bringing hope and love and light to some of the darkest places in Cambodia where poverty and sex trafficking and all forms of evil reign.

We’ve seen them in action, and they are a true inspiration to us every day.

We had the distinct honor and blessing of spending Christmas 2011 with these beautiful kiddos and staff. It was the best Christmas of my life, and I’m praying for a miracle that will get us back there for Christmas 2014.

And this holiday season, our family is working hard to make sure they have a wonderful Christmas (maybe their very first one ever) and get to hear and see and feel Jesus’ love in lots of big and little ways.

And you can help.

A little bit of our American money goes a long long way in Cambodia, and I would love it if we could all team up and pool our resources and bless the socks off some boys and girls and teenagers and adults in Cambodia.

I so want them to know Immanuel, God with us. And we can help the staff be the hands and feet of Jesus this Christmas season.

And because it’s FREEDOM PARTY GIVE STUFF AWAY WEEK, I have a little incentive for you.

saintsinnerfrontLast year, Gabe dreamed of starting a t-shirt company to raise money for people fighting for freedom and erasing hate. It had to take a back seat to a bunch of other stuff, so we have lots of t-shirts in our closet.

Anyone who donates $10 or more TODAY to The Hard Places Community will get a FREE t-shirt in the size of your choice (S, M, L, XL, 2X, 3X).

(Just put “Christmas” in the memo line when you give and e-mail me to let me know what size tee you want & your address.)

And if you’re unable to give but can share this post on Facebook or Twitter, you can leave a comment and be entered to win one of FIVE t-shirts.

AND I’m extending the deal from yesterday where you buy a copy of The Exodus Road, and I send you a FREE copy of Deepening the Soul for Justice.

So, here’s what you do:

1. Go donate $10 or more to The Hard Places Community.

2. E-mail me and tell me what size FREE t-shirt you want.


3. Share this post on Facebook or Twitter.

4. Leave a comment telling me you did, and you’ll be entered to win 1 of 5 FREE t-shirts.

Happy FREEDOM WEEK, friends!! See you back here tomorrow for more FREE!

p.s. The winners of yesterday’s Exodus Road Prize Packages are: Amanda Brannon & Lisa Basner. E-mail me your addresses, girls!

T-shirt winners: Suzanne, Tara H., Heidi D., Rachelle K., and Dela. E-mail me your sizes/addresses!

21 thoughts on “two years ago today

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  3. Rachelle K

    Whoops I forgot to leave my comment here yesterday. I shared on FB and Twitter. I can relate to having a husband who suffers. While they have different conditions I imagine the struggle, heartache and seeing God’s hand looks the same. You’re an encouragement and I pray for blessings and healing for Gabe and your family!

  4. Rita

    You keep amazing me everyday with your love for God and your abounding FAITH!! 🙂 Just love you and your girls…We will be praying for Gabe..:) God Bless

  5. Suzanne Deeren

    Praying for the Lord to strengthen you all through the hard days. Hope Gabe got some answers to put his mind at ease, and for the peace of God, which transcends all understanding…to guard your hearts and mind in Christ Jesus. Amen! Sharing your blog on facebook is a pleasure:) I love your passion for justice in this world!

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