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Are you following the Compassion bloggers in El Salvador this week? If not, you’re missing out. My first real “experience” with Compassion was when BooMama and gang went to Uganda two years ago. Her blog posts just stirred my heart all up in a hundred different directions. All those beautiful children. So much need. For food, clothes, shelter, medicine, JESUS.

Then I followed the group of bloggers that went to the Dominican Republic. Then India. Now El Salvador. I love these trips. They combine all of my passions into one–loving on children, helping the impoverished, sharing the gospel, seeing the world, photography, writing (and in the case of Uganda, giraffes).

If I could choose one great big dream to become reality, I’d pick “Go on a Compassion Bloggers Trip someday.” I even asked Shaun Groves a couple months ago on his blog–“Would you ever consider taking a blogger who isn’t famous and doesn’t have a ton of readers but loves to write and would love, love, love to go on a trip like this?” He said no. And his reasons made perfect sense–Compassion International pays for the bloggers’ expenses. To make it worth the investment, they’re counting on tons and tons of kids being sponsored. And that can only happen if tons and tons of people read your blog.

A bummer, but I totally get it. So, I’m going to keep dreaming big. Maybe someday I’ll have the resources to pay my own way to one of these countries and write about my experiences and pray that other’s hearts are touched by my words. In the meantime, I’m backing these bloggers 100%. Devouring their posts, praying (and crying) for them and the kids they’ve met, sharing their experiences with others who might not have heard.

I hate to play favorites, but each trip I’ve kind of had a special interest in one of the bloggers. I’ve read several people’s blogs, but usually prayed for one gal in particular. In Uganda, it was Sophie. In the Dominican, Melanie. In India, Melissa. And this time? Molly. I loved her post today about how the kiddos made her feel like a prom queen.

And this post by Heather? Made me all teary. Thanks to the wonder that is Skype (video-chatting), her hubby and three kids got to meet the little girl they sponsor. They got to watch their mama give the girl the backpack of presents they’d hand-picked for her. Sigh. So incredible.

And I love Keely’s photos. These children are so, so, so beautiful.

And Kelly‘s newest post? Broke my heart. A woman with 15 children and no way to support them. A 12-year-old mom. I can’t even imagine.

We sponsor a sweet little girl from Mexico named Maria. She’s just a couple weeks older than Livi. And oh my goodness–I just realized that today (November 12) is her 9th birthday! Happy Birthday, Maria! (your card is obviously going to be a little late–but oh! just remembered we can e-mail her!) And sponsors can take trips to visit their child too–we’d love to meet Maria someday!

I’d love, love, love it if God nudged your heart to sponsor a precious child in El Salvador (or any other country). I’m just so thankful this opportunity exists. I dare you to go look at their little faces and ask God what He would have you do.

Gabe and I just got done watching (and interacting with) a video chat with the El Salvador team. So cool that we have the technology to do this!

On a fairly unrelated note, I’m going on a little road trip tomorrow with my hubby, our girls and my mama. All I can tell you is that a z-o-o is involved (feeding giraffes!!) and some people I love. If you’d like real-time updates and want to see iPhone photos from our trip (i.e., if you’re really bored and are looking for mindless distraction), feel free to follow me on Twitter or add me as a friend on facebook.

And if you missed yesterday’s Represent Your State game and you live in Hawaii, Maine, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Mexico, North Dakota, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Utah, West Virginia, or Wyoming, I’d love to hear from you!

Anything you’d like to see a photo of from the road? Let me know!

5 thoughts on “have a little compassion

  1. Emily

    I love seeing different fire hydrants from different places (weird, I know). If you see an interesting fire hydrant, I compel you to take a picture of it for me. 🙂

  2. Elizabeth

    I love reading the bloggers stories when they’re on these trips. Their perspective touches me every time, and I realize again and again how much I have and how often I need that reminder. The program that teaches moms how to take care of their children is what I love the most. Molly’s posts have been amazing this week.

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