things are looking up

EDIT: Jamie’s comment reminded me… Livi came running back from the bus stop in tears this morning. Said that a 12-year-old boy was calling her names and making fun of her. Something about a “girlfriend.” Gabe pulled on sweatpants over his shorts, slipped on his tennis shoes and ran with her in the rain (her bus stop is 3 houses down on the other side of the street–I watch her out the window) to the bus stop just as the bus was pulling up. He told the kid, “Stop calling her names, or I’ll have a little meeting with your parents.” He said the kid looked like he was about to pee his pants. So, I sent one girl to school in tears and one with extra hugs. Sigh.

Just popping in for an afternoon update before I go READ MY BIBLE. I really, really need to, and in my mind, I HAVE been. In reality, I’ve been starting…and never finishing. Or starting to start…and not even starting.

I just had a meeting with 2 sweet gals. One worked with Gabe at his old company, and the other is her friend from church. They would both like to write books. I pray that my advice and encouragement was helpful and hopeful.

Ava looked so stinking cute today on her way out the door with Gabe to the bus stop. Five new items of clothing (thrift store new) all layered all over each other. Not exactly matching, but still somehow adorable to this mama. I hugged her super tight. Then again. Then she came back for another one. I always worry when I send my kids off with either a very tender good-bye or a not-so-hot one. All the stories you hear about “the last time I saw her” are either, “she gave me an extra hug, and now I know why because it’s the last one I ever got from her” or “we left on terrible terms, and I regret it.”

These twinges of unfounded fear are a work of the devil. Get away from me! (there. gone.)

I’m super-excited that Gail and Krista are coming for a visit in April. Anyone and everyone who wants to come see them (and me!) is more than welcome. Gabe, however, will not be available to babysit. He plans to skip town.

That’s all for now if I’m really serious about not letting Satan deter me from my Bible. Hugs and smooches!

18 thoughts on “things are looking up

  1. kellycohan

    Go Gabe!! I bet he made that kid want to skip town.

    Speaking of fear, I read the “Be still, my heart” chapter of Diapers this morning, and wow, thanks Marla. Your words spoke to me, but the best part were all the verses of comfort in one place. I just drank them in (and plan to go digging them up later).

  2. Marketer319

    I have the “what if this is the last time” moment a lot, too.  Good for you, for identifying it as a ploy from Satan to tempt my trust, not a founded fear.  I’ll remember that next time!

  3. M3mine

    Our Molly was spit on in 2nd grade by an older boy.  He was kicked off the bus. Good for Gabe!  Hope that takes care of that problem!  Your transparency about reading your Bible motivated me to get mine out and I’m on Day 2 to try to get to 21 days and a new habit of reading mine consistently.   Thank you!

  4. gsowell

    My girls were so looking forward to meeting Gabe after meeting his “Taviland” version the other day. They wanted to see the real deal! I’ll bring food…

  5. ClutzyButtercup

    I will have to let Gabe know that he is “chicken” because of not being available to babysit for all you girls!  🙂

    As for the fear of not seeing your loved on again…I have dealt with that one off and on for years.  I thought it would be awful when PR went away to school but I actually have more peace than I had before…weird!

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