the world next door

I’ll explain my title in a minute but want to share a few other items of business before I forget them.

Thanks so much for praying for Cami’s dad and her family! I haven’t heard any news, so please keep praying!

Are you in the mood to LAUGH? Okay, so I was reading some blogs last night and read my friend Kelly’s. It made me laugh. I laughed double, because she reminded me soooo much of my cousin Kelly. They’re both darling and hilarious and so good to people. And they’re both single, but while they would love to be married someday, they aren’t sitting around moping, and they sure as heck aren’t going to settle for just any old guy.

So Kelly #1 made a list of 9 Reasons Why I’d Be an EXCEPTIONAL Wife. I read it, laughed and immediately messaged Kelly #2. “Make a list of reasons why you’d be an exceptional wife. I want to compare it to another Kelly I know. I guarantee the lists will be eerily similar.” I was not disappointed.

Read Kelly #1’s List. Then read Kelly #2’s List. Then, if you’re single, make your own and tell me about it.

I’ve never been a huge dog lover. I like them okay (and I think puppies are adorable) but I’m fine not ever owning one. My friend, Sandi (mother-in-law to Jenn), however, is passionate about dogs, dachshunds in particular. Last weekend, two of their sweet dogs had to be put to sleep. It’s been awfully tough for Jim and Sandi, but just yesterday they got a brand new baby girl dachshund. She’s cute as a button and needs a name. See pics and leave your suggestions on Sandi’s site!

Man, I still have some other blogs I wanted to tell you about. And I still haven’t given you any sneak peeks at the books I’m giving away. Tomorrow! ELEVEN more comments! You can do it!!

And I need to get to my title now, or I never will.

Long story short, you know I’m passionate about other countries and helping people overseas and telling people about Jesus and getting rid of poverty. Well, I often think there’s not much I can do. I can’t exactly travel over there. Too many kids, not enough money.

Well, God gave me a HUGE wake-up call yesterday. I’ve been taking the girls out in the front yard to play the last few days. I don’t do it often enough, because it’s…gasp…an effort. Pushing Nina on her bike, keeping her away from the street, watching the girls do a million things. Plus, then I’d have to talk to people. Wouldn’t that stink? I’d rather get my housework done, sit at my computer, stay cool, not talk to neighbors if I’m not in the mood…

So, last night my neighbor across the street comes over and tells me that my next-door neighbor is in Kenya. His mom died unexpectedly, and as the oldest son, he’s responsible for taking care of everything. His wife and 2 small children have been home alone for a week already. Who knows when he’ll be back? (thankfully, they have a solid community of Kenyan friends who are looking out for them. the mom works long hours at a hospital.)

I had no idea. I also had no idea he was from Kenya. (I thought he was from Jamaica for some reason. Yeah, those are close to each other.) I also had no idea that they just had (or adopted?) another baby. (How did I miss that?!) I don’t even know their names. Just their little boy’s. He’s 3, and he and my girls throw balls to each other over the back fence.

There are probably 100 families in our neighborhood, and there are probably 50 countries represented. I want to go help the world. The world has come to me. “Be faithful in what I’ve given you right here, Marla,” God is telling me. Writing books and blah, blah, blah is all important, but I have needs for you to meet right outside your front door. (We’re taking them some homemade cookies and a sympathy card this evening. And I vow to find out their names.)

I have so much more to say, but this post is forever-and-a-day long already. Thanks for listening! Happy Thursday!

27 thoughts on “the world next door

  1. FidelicharisHouse

    Very, very true, Marla, about the world around us!  I’ve been super-challenged by Mark Cahill’s “One Thing You Can’t Do in Heaven” to see ALL the people God loves…from here to Canada to Cambodia (and yes, I know those two aren’t real close, either)

    Thanks for the smiles from the Kellys  I might just have to make me own listing…

  2. bekisue

    That’s crazy about the 2 Kelly’s. So similar. I’ve always thought that people with the same name have similar character traits. It makes sense with these two. Very funny though.

    That is so neat about the neighbors. I can’t wait to hear how it turns out. God is always providing for us. Even stuff like this. Such an awesome God.

  3. OkinawaAna

    Aww, that was such a great list!  For the past four years, I’ve been mentally running through all of the single men that I know to fix up “mystery person” with…. and NONE of them are good enough for her.  She’s just that wonderful.  🙂  (And yay for “my” people taking over your comment section! LOL)

  4. swbtsmom

    Okay, my 27-year old good good friend, like a sister to Wes, whose name will go unmentioned at her request, gave me permission to give you HER list on your blog. A good mutual friend added a #10 for her – And you’re an exceptionally gorgeous gal with fabulous curly hair.

    9 Reasons Why I’d Be an EXCEPTIONAL Wife
    Current mood: inspired

    So, good friend Sandi sent me this link to this blog.  She was laughing at the two lists that were created by the blogger’s “Kellys.”  They are funny, go read them.  But this caused me to thing about what kind of wife I would make.  It also made me think what I need to work on.  But that’s for another blog.

    Note:  I’ve marked this private.  No strangers allowed!!  Especially if you are a hot guy.  I promise, I’m not desperate!

    1.  See No. 1 of Kelly No. 2’s site.  Too awkward for me to blog, but true none the less.  Ow ow!!

    2.  I don’t mind cooking.  In fact, when I put my mind to it, I can be pretty darn good.  I hate heating frozen food, that’s not cooking.

    3.  I’m a great listener.  If you have things you need to say, I love letting you spill it out.  I will never talk over you or hog the conversation. (Sandi, with her permission, markets #3 this way:  I don’t know a man who doesn’t think your not talking over or hogging conversation is better than the other 8! Perhaps, “I won’t talk your ears off, no yakyakyakking until you want to push pencils through your ears. You want silence? You got it.”)

    4.  I love, love movies.  I will admit, I like girly movies, but I love action, horror, and “guy” films too.

    5.  I love video games!  I do not claim to be any good at them, but that doesn’t stop me from having fun.  If I had the choice, I would stay home and play all day, if I didn’t have to work.

    6.  I’m not afraid to get down and dirty.  Hello, I work at a Cement Plant.  Camping, making mud pies, building a rock wall; it’s all good.  The best camping experience I’ve ever had was when we had to dig our own toilet and didn’t shower for a week.  Crazy!!

    7.  I’m allll about you having fun with guys.  That just means I get to hang with my girls.

    8.  I don’t need to be taken care of, I just need someone to stand by me.

    9.  I love to laugh!!!

  5. beccajanern

    Love the Kelly lists!  How fun that they are so similar!

    God placed the “world” on your heart for a reason: they are all around you!  Have fun baking and blessing!

  6. mtaviano

    Of COURSE I’m still coming to Oz. We don’t have any of “those” kind of people here. (free tickets are on my prayer list!)Talk to you tonight!

  7. Nixter77

    I love the idea of the ‘world next door’ but hope you are still praying to maybe one day come to the world to eg Australia 😉

    Love you trillions, I knocked on my neighbours last night as she has lost her book store and in a real hard place – we need to remember those close to us – to be a witness and show Christ’s love.

    Thanks for the reminder. Will call laters 🙂

  8. ladymiss3739

    ^^Ditto, more on the zoos.    And I hear you on going outside, I think the exact same thing every time.  It’s much easier to be a hermit than to go meet people!  Go you, Marla…and if you make cookie baking a regular treat for your neighbors, I might just have to move…

  9. Anonymous

    Loved this post, Marla!  God’s been getting me out in the “hood” alot this year!  It’s been… hard, fun, and so very cool!  Blessings all over your neighborhood adventures!   🙂  The world is right outside our door!!  🙂

  10. swbtsmom

    WOW! I made it to your blog – I’m so honored! I loved seeing in print, “my friend”! And, I literally laughed-out-loud when I read your comment about Kenya/Jamaica: “Yah, those are close to each other.” Heeheehee. I was a great student, but hated geography, and since the maps have changed a LOT since dinosaurs roamed the earth, I get confused all the time. I’ve been known to go to Starbucks to buy a pound of coffee and say, “I like African coffees. I’ll have a pound of the Sumatra. Not African? Okay, Sulawesi”. What a doofus.

    I’m trying to work on it though, as the world is coming to San Antonio, for sure.Voice of the Martyrs organization helps a lot, they send a map annually of countries where Christians are persecuted.  Our church is helping to care for almost 200 refugees from Myanmar (formerly Burma), they are Karen people, badly persecuted and spent up to 14 years in refugee camps – tents. They came to our Baptist church looking for help in learning English, using a toilet or a tub/shower, cooking in an oven or on a stovetop, finding jobs; they knew to find a Baptist church because of the work of Judson Edwards all those ages ago. Their happy brighteyed children grace our halls on Sunday – they are so grateful for things like clean water and underwear!…I know, dreadfully off-subject, but at my “advanced” age, the mind is just a scatter gun of thoughts…hehehehe!

  11. jessyomama

    So cool about the countries represented in your neighborhood! God’s been showing me similar things (although Xenia’s not quite the melting pot that Columbus is – hahaha)…

  12. faithchick

    ^me, too.  those were fun to read.  not that they’re looking; but i always wonder why guys don’t scoop up such fun-loving girls.

    very good thoughts about the world coming to you.  have fun making cookies and lovin’ your neighbors. 🙂

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