the taviano girls

First of all, a huge ol’ thank you to everyone who commented on my mega-blog this week. Wow–you guys are the most encouraging bunch of people on the planet. I am touched. Inspired. Grateful.

I just spent the last 15 minutes in tears. No sordid details forthcoming though. Suffice it to say that God took me to 1 Corinthians 4 via a writer’s devotional I have and reminded me that my troubles are momentary, and there’s an eternal glory coming that far outweighs them all. Amen.

Livi is a tooth-losing machine. Out came #5 today. I don’t even recognize her. You know you’re old when you have a child who has lost 5 teeth. Although I do think she’s losing them a bit early. (wonder what percentile she’s in for kids her age losing teeth?) JUST KIDDING!

Ava got her shots for kindergarten yesterday. She just turned 4 and has another year until she starts school, but has been begging to get her shots. Literally. Took her with Nina (who was getting her 6-month round). The girl was brave as all get out. Didn’t cry. Didn’t flinch. She’s afraid of Bible school but not nurses with big vaccine-injecting air guns. Go figure.

And last but not least, my friend Cami took pics of me and the girls in June, and she has a slide show ready! Now, let me preface it by saying that I did NOT intend to be in the pictures. Cami twisted my arm halfway through the shoot. Hopefully that will sufficiently explain my horrible hair and lack of photo-worthy make-up. We wanted to take outside pics but it was pouring rain. We still may do that, but neither one of us has a whole lot of time at the moment.

Anyway, click here to see my babies! And have an awesome weekend!

19 thoughts on “the taviano girls

  1. Nixter77

    Oh my gosh, just saw them..  You are all so adorable, you like great Marla and your little girls are incredibly cute and beautiful…  Look forward to meeting them when yoiu come over 😉

  2. hcole86

    Do you know what I think is exciting about children? Seeing how they age. I’m looking forward to seeing how your girls grow into beautiful women.

  3. youngadamj

    Hi Marla, this is Gabe’s cousin Adam. I just wanted to let you know that I came across your blog on a month or so ago, and have enjoyed reading your blogs. Your style of writing makes the mundane matters of life fun to read!

  4. biblestorebrowser

    Couldn’t get it to work last night, but this morning I clicked on the link on the right that goes to her main site and it started right up. Only had to pause and play it once–less than I usually do ’cause her slideshows usually get errors on my computer for some reason.
    Livi DOES look teenagerish. DD1 insisted she wasn’t Livi!
    I don’t know what you’re talking about with not looking good. You look terrific! That’s how I think of you!
    I read 1 Corinthians 4. It’s a great reminder to anyone with a ministry. (This past week’s sermon was the one on everyone being a minister, BTW!) I may blog about that. . . or share it some other way as God directs. Thanks for sharing!

  5. YoYoYoder

    Oh I LOVE those pictures! They look so grown up! It gives me images of when they’re all teenagers and becoming young women! What a beautiful family you and Gabe have produced! I love you Marsy! Can’t wait to see you again!

  6. KmHunsberger

    None of the links on her blogger where working for me…so I finally wrote the address that came up on teh bottom of the screen down and copied it into the address…and it worked. Good grief!

    Ok…so GORGEOUS girls. And you looked SO cute too! So which one am I trying to get Landon to fall in love with…he is 2.5…so does that mean Ava 😀 or maybe Nina…bc boys tend to mature slower than girls…BUT I can assure you that Landon will be QUITE the gentleman one day 😀

    Lisa and her girls are coming over to our house for the weekend. It is supposed to be 95+ these next few days so it is a big family trip to the beach for us. Have a wonderful weekend with your BEAUTIFUL family.

  7. faithchick

    finally worked for me. 🙂 I had to use a differnet browser.  The pics are adorable!!  Livvy-your oldest, right? looks SO GROWN UP in that one picture (i’m sure you know the one I mean) like double-digits grown up! I love the one of their toesies!!  and you are a skinny-butt.  thought you’d like to know. (skinny butt=good)

    so…tell me…How do you feel about the name olivia being in the top 5 (i’m sure it wasn’t when you used it), but matt pretty dead-set on it…and i agree that it’s a beautiful, beautiful name…i’m just not so sure about it’s quickly growing popularity & thought i’d like your take on it. do you came across other olivia’s often?  Also, tell me again the pronouciation of Melea.  okay…that’s all. 🙂

  8. Marketer319

    Absolutely amazing – those girls are SO gorgeous.  Your friend has an amazing way of capturing them as well.  More than once I said “wow” outloud when a new picture would pop up, especially the closeups of Livi and Ava at the end of the show.

  9. KmHunsberger

    The link is not working! I was SO excited to see the pics…but it is not working!! Do something, quick! My day has been blah and this was my distraction! 🙂

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