surrounded by givers

A little overwhelmed by the love and generosity all around me today.

For starters, thank YOU for donating educational materials (and $) to schools in Cambodia. And thank you for your wisdom and advice and heart for others. Such givers.

Then this afternoon I went on a field trip with Nina’s kindergarten class (42 kiddos and 2 fabulous teachers) to a farm–pumpkin patch, big tube slide, straw maze, corn box, hayride, big fat turkeys & chickens. It was so much fun. Her teachers blow me away. Seriously. They have so much love for each of these kids, and it just bubbles over and spills on everybody. Such givers.

Then our friend Linda brought us a delicious, healthy, barely-any-sodium meal. This is our 4th meal since Gabe has been home from the hospital, and people are signed up MWF through the 16th. And I didn’t even have a baby!! Such givers.

Then our community group met at our house tonight and we talked about serving. Wow. Lots of people had lots of ideas for serving people in our community. Like a family from another country that is barely scraping by. We’re all going to chip in and find/buy the things they need. I listened to my friends (old and new) share what gifts God has given them and the joy they find when they use those gifts to help others. Such givers.

I am moved and inspired by those who give of themselves to help others. In their neighborhoods. In their schools. At their jobs. Around the world. Such givers.

Feeling so blessed tonight. And so grateful to the Giver of all. When we give, we feel his pleasure, because we’re becoming more and more like him.

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