stacy had bad things in her heart

Cast of Characters: Ava, the big sister (7), Nina, the little sister (3), Stacy, the Knock-off American Girl Doll (age unknown), Mommy (age irrelevant)

Nina (to Ava): Stacy had bad things in her heart.

Ava: Oh, yeah?

Nina: But then I gave her Jesus in her heart.

Ava: Mommy! I think Nina’s ready to get saved!!

Mommy: (pulls Nina on her lap, asks her some questions, tries not to grin at the answers, lets her go with a hug and a pat on the bottom, trusts Jesus that the day will come when she truly understands salvation, thanks Him for loving little children so much)

Have a great week!!

14 thoughts on “stacy had bad things in her heart

  1. Britt

    Makes a Mother’s heart sing…
    Recently, my youngest just asked Jesus into her heart. I know the Bible says angels rejoice, but I think my two oldest gave the angels a run for their money 😉
    What a wise Mama you are for handling the situation the way you did. And it is obvious you/your husband are living examples if your kids age 7 and 3 discuss spiritual matters / Jesus love. Way to go!

  2. Emily

    I had the joy of meeting cute little Nina yesterday. You’re lucky I didn’t steal her away. 😉

    Also, I was up as late as you last night too. haha.

  3. deanna

    Isn’t it awesome when God speaks through young children? The kids at my church put on a small program last night where they acted out the manger scene. The kids were aged 2 through 6 and it was AMAZING.

  4. janelle taviano

    praying, not taking for granted….her salvation, Tanners’ salvation ! Ava is looking….that is awesome ! Everyone of us “American girls…has bad things in her heart…again, thankful for His blood shed for us ! thanx again !

  5. Bethy

    Awww, that’s cool how excited Ava was for Nina to get saved! What precious babies you have! (I know they’re big girls, but oh so very precious)

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