something cool, something God

I felt the Spirit prompting me to take a few Blushing books to Cubbies tonight to give to a handful of moms. Yeah, none of them know I write books. I’m working on this.

We were several Cubbies short (is it wrong to say hallelujah?), so I ended up only giving three away (as they dropped off their kids). So, 90 minutes later, Cubbies is over, and one of the moms I gave a book to says, “Can I just tell you something?” Of course.

She goes on to say that she just found out that her brother is getting married. He’s been dating a girl for six months. They live together. They’re looking for a church to get married in, but it’s not easy when you don’t go to church. Just this very morning, this woman prays, “Lord, will you show me some way I can reach out to my brother and his fiancee?”

And a few hours later, I hand her a copy of a book called what? From Blushing Bride to Wedded Wife. She and her husband were stunned.

We did a little praising at the Cubbies counter. Our God is an awesome God!

16 thoughts on “something cool, something God

  1. OkinawaAna

    That’s awesome!  I pray your words will reach this couple and bring them into a right relationship with Christ and one another.  (And I hear you on the Cubbies thing.  You can only have so many that age in one room before things get a little too wild!)

  2. gsowell

    He is an awesome God. What a great story!

    And it’s OK to rejoice a little that you had extra hands to guide your dear Cubbies through their learning journey last night. (That’s a nice way to say LESS CHAOS!!!!)

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