so, you've had a bad day.

Why, yes. Yes, I have. And that’s all I need to say about that.

Up early in the morning (Tuesday) to go speak at the Nurture group at Bethy’s church. Please pray for good weather! I really don’t want to drive 2 hours in ice and snow with Nina. I’m speaking on “Why Your Kids Don’t Need You to be Super Mom.” Oh, the irony. I’ve been getting pounded this week from all sides. Some is Satan. Some I’ve brought on myself. Some is God just stretching and growing me. Now, don’t ask me which is which. I just know there’s some of all of that going on. It’s exhausting.

If you didn’t get my other memos, I’m looking for two kinds of people who would like a complimentary copy of Expecting:
1. Bloggers with a decent following who would like to read and review the book on their blog.
2. Women in ministry positions who interact in some way with pregnant women. Pregnancy Resource Centers, MOPS leaders, adoption agencies, anything.

Please message me (or leave in the comments) names and addresses if you would.

I stayed up really, really late one night last week reading a journal of mine from 2004-2005. It was really neat to look back at God’s faithfulness and love and provision and perfect timing. I read it like a novel, couldn’t wait to see what happened next–even though I lived it. The year of waiting to get pregnant with #3, the thrill of a positive pregnancy test, the devastation of losing the baby, the peace of giving my days over to God, the ecstasy of finding out I was pregnant again 6 weeks later, the sweet confidence that this baby would be healthy and perfect and Nina. 🙂

Hoping, praying, hoping, praying that the book I’d worked so long and hard on would be accepted by Harvest House and published. Published! Wondering if my dream fit into God’s plans for my life. Hoping, praying…woohoo!! I wrote an honest-to-goodness REAL book.

Reading through some amazing verses from Paul’s epistles (MSG version) that I’d copied in my journal because they jumped out at me. They jumped out just as hard 5 years later. Yowzers.

Only God could have done all that. That’s when He gets the most glory. When things happen that can only be explained as God. Like tomorrow. If I speak clearly and some women are touched, it will be ALL and ONLY GOD. I’m in no frame of mind to be of any help to anyone. Asking God to fill me with His Spirit, giving Him all the glory in advance.

I feel like I failed Him in a hundred ways today, but I’ve asked for forgiveness, He’s granted it, and it’s a fresh slate. He’s so good. Praise Him!

Good night, friends!

12 thoughts on “so, you've had a bad day.

  1. Hoffmom

    So, you’ve had a bad day…da da da da…..just when I thought I’d gotten that fantasy football jingle out of my head!  You brought it right back, girl.  🙂  Hope you safely got to where you were going.  Everything’s cancelled up here…’s supposed to be some absurd number below zero tonight.  Brrrrrr!

  2. ladymiss3739

    Praying for safe travels, and that God would bless your words today!

    Thanks for the sharing of your bad day, and your heart’s outcome.  I need to hear that coming from other people.  I’m one of those hold on to the bad you’ve done people – remembering that there is no condemnation is exactly what I need to hear!

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