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Thank you so much for sharing your prayer requests with me. I can’t explain it, but it just feels like such an honor to know your desires and have the chance to talk to God about them. I promise it’s not because I’m super-spiritual; it’s just an absurd truth about our awesome God. Praying for others is a HUGE blessing to the one doing the praying. Craziness.

Please continue to share. I have plenty o’ room in my prayer journal, and it really takes no time at all to pray over your needs. Seriously. And if you have something really personal, feel free to e-mail me (a couple sweet gals already have).

Thanks for asking how you can pray for me. I’m actually not really sure, so I’ll just give you a peek into my heart right now, and if you want to pray for me, you can do it however you’d like.

I’ve always been a moody gal–high highs, low lows, and quite often in the same day (or half hour). The last few months I’ve started to wonder if I might suffer from depression. But then that oppressive, heavy feeling lifts and I feel okay again. Actually, honestly, the past couple days have been wonderful. After feeling discouraged and hopeless, I feel full of hope. Hmmm…

Hope is a word that has come up many, many, many times in the past little while in my life. I’m thinking of informally choosing it as my Theme for 2010. The theme for my life, my blog, my other writing. Anyway.

I think I’m hem-hawing around stating any actual prayer requests, because I don’t want to say, “Pray that God gives us more money, some book success, and a healthy family in 2010.” I love, love, love what Beth Moore prays for herself and her family–“Deliver us from everything but your glory, Lord.” And I’d love for you to pray that for us as well.

I’ve been really bad lately about letting our money situation get us down. Using our Christmas money to pay “insufficient funds fees,” calls from creditors, Gabe deciding every other day that the only responsible course of action is to leave ministry work and get a “real” job, borrowing money from my 3-year-old to put gas in the van.

But you know what? The times our financial situation is at its most dire? Those are the times that God swoops down, scoops us up, and SHOWS US HIS GLORY. And oftentimes, shows others as well.

So, you know what you can pray for me, for us? That God will deliver us from everything but His glory. If money troubles bring Him glory, bring ’em on!

And that we will put our hope not in temporal things like financial security and book deals and positive feedback from others, but that we’ll put it in CHRIST. In his death, resurrection and the promise of spending eternity with Him on the most unfathomably incredible New Earth. That all of creation–us included–will be whole, perfect, redeemed, Shalom personified.

May I never lose sight of that hope.

Love you guys! Happy New Year!

9 thoughts on “since you asked

  1. Sarah Montanye

    I love that Beth Moore prayer! Will pray that for your family (and mine too!). I think you are so awesome Marla – and such an inspiration. Hugs friend!

  2. Elizabeth

    I am praying just that for yours family and ours this year. And let me just tell you that it is such a blessing to get to pray for you. Your encouragement here on your blog and elsewhere means so much to me. Have a great New Year’s Eve! I hope it’s a big party over there!

  3. Lisa H

    Thankful for your godly perspective. And thankful you shared your request. I will be praying.

    Sounds like we were cut from the same cloth. I have very high highs and very low lows. God knew what He was doing when He gave me a very even-tempered husband. Kevin keeps me sane, and I’m thankful I haven’t driven him to insanity! I’m sure God has poured His grace and mercy on Kevin to enable him to deal with me daily!

    I have made some huge progress this year. I faced a couple situations that could have sent me into a deep depression, and I fought hard against the Enemy (and the enemy of my sinful self) and reigned victorious because of God’s strength, mercy, and grace. So incredibly grateful to Jesus.

  4. katie n

    Marla, I’m praying for you…especially concerning finances. This is something that Dave and I continue to struggle with. We’re getting ready to lead our 4th FPU class and I think that it will be so good for us to do it again. We need to get back on track!

    You guys could find one near you – just go here:

    and put in your zip code to find one near you. Often childcare is offered simultaneously. As you know, this class has been a HUGE blessing in our lives and I know it could be in yours too!!

    Sorry for the LONG comment…

  5. Ali

    Dude, Marla, seriously, you are amazing. Highs or lows or whatever, you never cease to make me stop and think about how I can be a better follower of Christ.

    And sorry, I should have said Dudette.

  6. Gretchen

    I will pray just as you asked. And Marla…unfortunately depression and I are old adversaries, and I know her well. Email me if you have any specific prayer requests, and I’ll be happy to share my story. Blessings to you and yours in 2010.

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