see you monday!

I leave in an hour to go speak in Xenia, O. I think I’m ready. God has really been calming my heart (after a few meltdowns).

Please pray for some very basic things–that I don’t cough while I’m speaking, that I won’t have the uncontrollable urge to spit (sorry), that I won’t get light-headed and/or all sweaty (seems to be the norm lately) while I’m talking. Also, that I will have strength for the long drive (I get wiped out so easily.)

On a more spiritual note, please pray that I can focus on what I need to say, that these women’s hearts will be open to ways they can honor and bless their husbands, that I’ll be fun and funny and that God will fill me with His Holy Spirit and speak right through me to these sweet women.

Bless her heart, Janelle is coming to stay with Gabe and the girls while I’m gone. They’ve been crying about me leaving (I’ve been crying too actually), and fun with Grandma might make things easier. The school nurse called and had us come pick Livi up from school yesterday, so I took her in after lunch today. Ava has been fine, just a little extra tired when she gets home.

I went grocery shopping this afternoon. It feels so good to have real food in the cupboards, supper in the crockpot, and some real meals planned for when I get home. Still feels like we have so far to go before we’re normal (no comments please), but we’re getting there.

Thank you, Lord, for sustaining me. Help me bring honor and glory to You tonight and tomorrow morning.

Hugs, friends! Happy Early Weekend!

17 thoughts on “see you monday!

  1. Nixter77

    love you too, so sorry there has been so much nasty sickness in your household – you poor things…

    Hope everyone is back to normal now.. I have rang to find out where on earth your present is, I am waiting for a call back…

    I missed you and love you and would love to chat soon…

  2. twoloverslane

    It was great.   You were funny, but you were able to get your point acroos too!  Hope you enjoyed it as much as the ladies did.  There has been a request to have you back next year…..maybe on parenting????

  3. luvmynoah

    God will hold you up, stop you from coughing and reach those ladies hearts!!!  I’m glad grandma is coming up to help out.  I’m sure it will help with the family missing you.  I’m so thankful you all are starting to feel better. 

  4. ladyjabez

    I’m just glad you’re coming to see us tonight and tomorrow!  I know this is a big sacrifice of your time… but we’re excited to have you come!  See you tonight

  5. KmHunsberger

    Will most certainly pray for you…when do you get home again? I so know that hot sweaty, light-headed feeling. I have had it many times in my life. yuck…praying you don’t have to deal with that on top of speaking and all taht comes along with that . I have a feeling you may just experience the loving care of God in a new way these next few days…or at least that is how I am praying!!!

    Just curious…what day of being sick are we on? How much better would you say you are feeling? You have me scared to death ;-0

  6. gsowell

    You’re going to Xenia? I bet Beki would like to hone in on that meeting to finally meet you in person! Prayed right now for all your requests. May His strength be made perfect in your weakness. Hugs!

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