satan’s on the move

I knew Shonda meant business tonight when she left “baby” JW Ashtyn at home and brought a 32-year veteran JW in her place—her mom, Sally. I finished changing a nasty diaper while Gabe led the ladies into the living room. I grabbed my Bible, Gabe had his, and all seven of us sat down for a chat. Livi and Ava disappeared for a moment and returned with their own Bibles. 🙂

I certainly can’t recount the entire 90 minutes we spent in “discussion,” but I can share a few “highlights.” First off, thank you for the prayers. I felt them. Really. I could feel the Holy Spirit nudging me, pointing me to Scripture, and giving me the words most likely to penetrate their brainwashed minds.

And brainwashed they are. That’s actually a nice term for “in the clutches of demonic influence.’ Wow. Where to begin? Like I said, God gave us words to say, but they made no noticeable impact. We went round and round and round. We “caught” them in many errors, but they always had an “explanation” for what they were saying. Or they changed the subject. And Sally’s favorite suggestion was that we “go to the library and do research.” She recommended looking up “hell” and other terminology in “a dictionary or encyclopedia.” She must’ve said it 10 times. I had to chuckle at the look of sheer disbelief on Gabe’s face (the world wide web guru) as he was no doubt thinking of his tireless research on the internet about the lies JWs believe—and she kept talking about “encyclopedias at the library.” 🙂

Speaking of research, when Gabe began to share about the video clips he watched of former JW’s who are now believers in Christ, their red lights started flashing. They adamantly refused to even listen to a second of what he had to say. He kept going anyway. The mom started talking really loudly to Nina J and I think Shonda might have stuck her fingers in her ears and started humming. He finally stopped.

I tried to appeal to their emotions as best as I could, because it was obvious they had a pat answer for every biblical truth we threw their way. I felt so bad for Gabe. Being male and quite logical as well as a believer in Christ, it was tough for him to stomach the blatant lies. He was noticeably sickened by their blasphemy and their complete bullheadedness. They wouldn’t touch the papers he had printed out for them. I even offered them my “benign” little marriage book. Nope. I tried not to take it personally.

We joked around some (not Gabe—he was too upset) at the end. “People wouldn’t listen to Jesus either,” they said. I smiled and told them they could wipe the dust off their feet at the door. When Shonda got up, she forgot her shoes. Couldn’t resist. “I didn’t say to leave your whole shoes here, just the dust.” 🙂

I told them I’d be praying for them. Shonda asked me not to. “Sorry,” I said as they walked out the door. “I’ll be praying for you both. By name.”

Time is short. There’s a race going on for people’s souls. The devil is getting to a lot of people first. Gabe and I are feeling a little down, a lot frustrated, but we’re praying the Spirit will work a miracle in Shonda and Sally’s hearts. And we’re thankful for the lesson we learned. We need to share our faith more actively. It’s a spiritual Red Rover out there, and satan is calling a lot of searching people “right over.” We can’t let them go without a fight.

Oh, an interesting God thing. Our neighbor across the street came over with a plate of cookies to introduce herself (while Shonda and Sally were here). When they left, Livi and Ava and I went over to properly thank her. “Sorry I didn’t have time to talk. We had two Jehovah’s Witnesses in our living room, and we were sharing with them what we believe.” Turns out the lady who lives beside her is a JW. God, are you giving us another chance?  I hope so!

If you’re interested in learning more about what JWs believe and how to refute their beliefs, here’s an awesome website. Wish I would have had this info tonight! Next time! (and I’m praying for a next time) Thanks for praying, guys!

17 thoughts on “satan’s on the move

  1. jbnygaard

    You amaze me! They might have left you guys feeling VERY frustrated after they left, but I’m sure even the slightest thing you said will be “ringing in their ears” and make them think. I’m proud of you guys, I know I  would have blown them off and I really need to work on my attitude. Thanks for being a great example!

    Thought about coming to Columbus sometime in October so we could get together and celebrate our birthdays!!! 🙂 What do you think?

  2. hcole86

    Good on you for being brave enough to invite them back. For researching and hitting them hard with gospel truths. It’s hard. I’m praying for you.

  3. kkakwright

    Hey.  Go to my blog and read the comments.  I gave your book to a gal at our church who is getting married in like a week.  She couldn’t find a book that she liked, that spoke to her as a woman….until yours!  Just thought you could use a little encouragement.  You gave your gift of writing back to God, He is using it to change lives. 

  4. mrsnorthern8605

    I took a class on denominations and cults…and we talked about the JW’s. I remember my professor saying that they will spend hours defending themselves and that they have an answer for everything. I think I even remember him saying that there were some JW’s he came in contact with that had taken classes on how to defend themselves and on the “correct” responses.

    Good for both you and Gabe for trying so hard. I will keep both of you as well as the two ladies in my prayers.

    See you Sunday!

  5. gsowell

    I bet you two were just drained after that conversation. It is spirtitual warfare. Thanks for sharing the details. I’ll be praying for your next encounter…may God equip you for every task to which He calls you.

  6. kkakwright

    Wow.  We have had similar conversations in our home with JW’s.  Seriously frustrating.  Their ears have been turned off to the truth. 

    Loved the “dust” comment.  That made me chuckle!

    Proud of you and Gabe for taking the time for the sake of their souls.

  7. mybluheaven

    I am so impressed with the way you guys handled such a situation! I’m positive that the Lord used the situation to at least spark some sort of interest in their hearts. Humans are very very prideful. No one likes to be told that they’re wrong. I can’t believe she asked you not to pray for them! Talk about insulting! Sounds like they also need some improved social skills….

  8. bethelaine

    wow, marla, that’s amazing.  i’m ashamed to say that i usually brush off JW’s and tell them that i’m not interested in talking.  i guess mostly i’m just afraid that they will fire something at me, and i won’t know how to respond – despite my years and years of christian education.  you’ve encouraged me to really dig in and “always be prepared to give a reason for the hope that i have.”

  9. Marketer319

    Great job, friend!  I know it must be disheartening to make such seemingly little headway, but I am proud of you for taking the time to do it.  You never know how your words will affect – those converted former-JW’s had to have heard it first somewhere.  God is pleased with your efforts. 🙂

  10. rachmckinney

    wow, what an incredible , even if frustrating at moments, opportunit y! i am sure that God used you in that. and worked on you at the same time. funny, and neat how He does that! you’re so right, there are opportunities everywhere if only we’d (ahem, me) would allow the eyes to be opened to them.

  11. biblestorebrowser

    BTW, I added a little discussion entry on my Xanga after I realized what I wanted to say was a bit long. Even had an enlightening study.
    Yes, don’t take personally their refusal of the book. It really is a big no-no for them.
    Sent you an article from Discipleship Journal. Let me know if you didn’t get it.

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