I’ve got Connecticut on my heart today. Trying to stop every time God brings them to mind and pray for his comfort and unexplainable peace to wash over them. I look at my sweet little 6-almost-7-year-old and try to imagine life without her, and it just hurts so much.

Prince of Peace, hold them tight today. And tomorrow. And every day for the rest of their lives.

Not too far from Connecticut is a refugee woman who now lives in Maine. She, too, has known tragedy. She has lost two children, a husband, and has had a harder life than any of us can imagine.

I shared part of Marzia’s story a couple weeks ago, and I was so blessed by those of you who sent her gift cards to help her bless her kiddos this Christmas. At church this morning, a friend handed me an envelope with four more. Her small group at church had gotten together and wanted to bless Marzia too. So touched and thankful.

I told Shannon (the one who introduced me virtually to Marzia), and she shared this link with me. A local newspaper did a write-up about Marzia and her story on Black Friday. I thought you’d like to know more about this amazing woman.

Her joy and resilience are an inspiration to me. And she’s a shining example of how a family can thrive because others took the time to love and support them.

Praying God shows you a way to tangibly share his love with someone in need this week. Our community group is filling warm stockings with toiletries and goodies for some of our homeless friends here in Columbus, OH. If you’re local and would like to help, let me know!

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