I am totally not choosing ONE WORD to sum up my hopes and dreams for the coming year. Holy cow, how do people DO that? For a word-lover, that’s like INSANITY. Out of all the delicious and beautiful words out there, I can only pick ONE?? For the whole YEAR??!

And then my sweet mama sent me the words to a hymn she came across today. She said it made her think of me and Gabe and Cambodia, and so she prayed it for us.

(My grandma would love love love the fact that I’m blogging about hymn lyrics. I didn’t get her musical genes, but I totally inherited her love for words.)

Ready (Charles D. Tillman, 1903)

Ready to suffer grief or pain,
Ready to stand the test,
Ready to stay at home and send,
Others if He sees best.


Ready to go, ready to stay,
Ready my place to fill,
Ready for service, lowly or great,
Ready to do His will.

Ready to go, ready to bear,
Ready to watch and pray,
Ready to stand aside and give,
Till he shall clear the way.


Ready to speak, ready to think,
Ready with heart and brain,
Ready to stand where He sees fit,
Ready to bear the strain.


Ready to speak, ready to warn,
Ready o’er souls to yearn,
Ready in life, ready in death,
Ready for His return.


Ready. Now that’s a word I can get behind.

Lots of lines in this hymn hit h-o-m-e with me. Some of the stuff we’ve already been through (and/or are still going through). Some is yet to come. And I am R-E-A-D-Y. Gabe and I have had some amazing walk-talks in the snow already this new year, and I’m a little bit giddy about what the future holds.

I’m also a weensy bit nervous.


So, what do you think? Are you ready? Which line of the hymn hits home for you?

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