ready, set…zoo!

EDIT (3:11 pm): Home from the zoo. Wow. It was good, but I’m beat. Just found out the results from Gabe’s Uncle John’s biopsy. The tumor in his brain is malignant. He’s also having some physical complications right now. Please pray for him and his family. Thanks.

I’m trying to be a good mom. Trying to be excited about spending many, many hours at the zoo tomorrow with 120 seven-year-olds. I’m not feeling it yet, but I’m sure it’ll come, right? (eek.)

Today was a little bit crazy, and I’m still scrambling to get caught up on laundry and stuff from the weekend. And I’m wondering how Gabe will conduct business as usual while he takes care of Nina and Ava all day tomorrow. (eek) He has my permission to play many, many movies and distribute many, many snacks.

If I wasn’t convinced before, I am now. This weekend was a miracle. Ever since I’ve been home, my stomach has been giving me fits. (and NO, I’m not pregnant) Ava has been complaining off and on too.

I read a blog that made me smile today. (and made me miss my babies’ baby days) This woman just had her 12th (yes, twelfth!) child, and she blogged about how she used to be a moron. How she used to watch her newborns lying there and doing nothing and longed for the day they would be more exciting. After having a few kids, she figured out how beautiful and magical and fleeting those “curled up on your chest in a tiny ball” days are. If you new (or 2nd time new, or soon-to-be) mamas have a moment, it will bless you. Read it here.

I got the most amazing letter from a woman who came to the Le Chocolat luncheon last year, read Is That All?, and told me it completely changed her 20-year marriage. She came again this year, and I got to talk to her personally. She gave me the letter, and I read it on the way home. Praise you, Jesus! is all I can say. Wow, wow, wow. He is in the business of healing and restoration and making all things beautiful. Amen?

Another God-thing. One of my 6th-grade students from Okinawa (that I found on facebook) just bought all 3 of my books through my website. She’s married and has a little boy. Who could have imagined 11 years ago that I could meet a beautiful 12-year-old girl, be sad that I only got to know her for 3 months, then reconnect with her all those years later on the internet? I used to talk about God using me to plant seeds in Okinawa, seeds I would never, ever see turn into plants, flowers, trees. Or so I thought. How good is our God?! He’s letting me see flowers! I can only shake my head in amazement and then lift my hands in praise.

I’m going to go watch Carrier with Gabe–a PBS special about life on a Navy aircraft carrier. It makes me think of Steve and Beth Elaine.

Have a terrific Tuesday! I know I will!

20 thoughts on “ready, set…zoo!

  1. Danielle0718

    Ok that is strange! Now that you’ve brought it up, I remember it all, vaguely though. I don’t think I realized our student teaching journals were being sent to anyone! I’m embarrassed to think of what I might have written about- seems so long ago- I don’t think I had a clue what I was talking about! So you were putting together random journal entries from different people together to make a book? A whole bunch of my CU friends also student taught overseas. I bet you’ve read their too!

  2. Danielle0718

    Hi Marla! What a small world! As soon as I mentioned your name to Adam, he instantly knew the connection to you. WOW! So I am really curious as to how my student teaching blogs got to you! When did you graduate from CU? Your books look so interesting…I checked out your website! ::)

  3. terriwright

    Ugh. Stinky zoo with 120 stinky kids. You’re a better man than I, Gunga Din. Sorry you’re stillpuny. Will begin prayers for the uncle. God has so many hoops….so many tests…..

  4. Marketer319

    I LOVED the blog you linked.  Mostly because I can see my son in everything she said.  And I’m loving those moments she described, I know they’ll be gone soon!  Thanks for posting it.

  5. KmHunsberger

    I am amazed by that mother of 12. I want to read her entire blog just to learn from her experience…but alas I have no time.

    I am bawling at hte video and words from Audrey’s mama. Do you know what Audrey had that caused this tragedy?

    I am so so so happy to hear that Sat was so great! God is good!!! And yeah for seeing flowers!!!!!!!!!

  6. kkakwright

    it took me a good 8 days to kick our stomach bug.  it lingers and lingers and lingers.  sorry 🙁

    i’m taking addy to the zoo on monday with her little buddies.  only 7 of them.  i’m excited but mostly because i’m not taking her brothers, it will be just me and her (and her buddies, oh, and their mommies too).

  7. beautifulheritage

    Oh, I should ‘splain. This is Jenni from One Thing…the link for Xanga takes you to not-my-real-blog. It takes you to my recently-defunct blog, which will then take you to my real blog. I guess I should fix that…

  8. beautifulheritage

    Thank you for the linky-love, Marla! Your family, your site, yourSELF…beautiful! I’m slapping you on my blogroll without even asking your permission first. I’m audacious that way.



  9. M3mine

    One nice thing about being the grandma to ‘the 2 bryants’ children is getting to relive my ex- moron days through my daughter’s children!  Today, I get to see the boys and have tons of fun!  Neat to hear about the letter as well as the former student on Facebook. God is so good!

  10. faithchick

    have fun today!  just remember, when you’re there, that you only have to bring one of the kids home.  not the other 119.  can you imagine 119 kids?  no thanks.

    i’m axious to read 12-babies blog.  as soon as i have 3 minutes in a row today, i think i’ll head over there. thanks for linking to all of these great people!

  11. the2bryants

    I hope you have fun at the zoo…..field trips are always….uh, interesting!  🙂 

    Thanks for posting the link to that blog.  I am guilty of being a moron too… baby is 6 weeks old and I’m trying my best to treasure these moments, but it is hard to stop and just be amazed at what God has brought into my life.  Maybe today will be a new start….Thanks, Marla!

  12. tonialynn59

    So cool about the letter and the marriage changed!  And wow on the student from Okinawa!  That is so cool!  Sorry about your stomach!  Not fun.  gonna read the blog you mentioned.  12 kids!  Makes my daughter-in-laws desire for 8 seem so small!!   Have fun at the zoon with 120 7 year olds!  Better you than me! 

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