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If you’re in the mood to be emotionally touched and a bit teary-eyed, read what our friend Reid wrote on his blog 8.08.06. Thank you for your prayers–please keep them coming.

I am so excited. My two older daughters are going to be penpals with two little girls (ages 4 and 8) in England. Their big sister lives in Australia and thinks the four cheeky little gals will get on famously.

All of our money has been put back in our account (it was stolen by someone overseas who took a vacation and had him/herself a shopping spree). Praise the Lord. Now, for some reason, we have $1000 more than I thought we did. Either a.) the bank gave us too much money back or b.) in this whole moving transition, I made a $1000 error. I simply cannot figure it out.

Earlier this morning, one daughter pushed another daughter who landed squarely on the third, and smallest, daughter who was playing peacefully on the floor. Her cries wrenched my stomach in two as I tried to console her. I couldn’t find anything wrong and finally got her quieted down. She’s napping now, and I pray she’s fine.

I love how God leads us sometimes–even in small ways. Long story short–I took the girls to the Metro Gardens yet again yesterday. So beautiful–sigh. Told them we could go to the Rock Waterfall and Frog Talk Walk. Which one first? Waterfall. Which way do you want to go? Over and then down the hill. Now up to Frog Talk Walk. Wait, let’s see where this path goes for a minute. Oh my. A whole new land we hadn’t discovered yet. All just for kids. Girl says, “Are you here for Little Sprouts?” No. Explains it is a nature program for kids 5 and under. Starts in 30 minutes. Hang out, explore, go to program, girls have a blast. Don’t know if we’ll meet someone special next time, or what God has in mind. Know it doesn’t sound all that big, but it was to me. He was literally moving our feet in the direction He wanted us to go that afternoon. Fun stuff.

Did I say “quick” thoughts? I was on my way upstairs to shower and got sidetracked.

Did I mention that my friend Rebecca’s grandma Marie died last week? She founded Marie’s Candies in West Liberty, OH, which is my all-time favorite candy store. When we were growing up, I attended three different candy conventions with Rebecca and her parents (Salt Lake City, Chicago, Toronto). Unbelievable. Marie left a legacy in our small town. She will be greatly missed. I share this, because her story is quite inspiring, and Rebecca and a friend self-published a book about her in 2003. It is called Faith, the Only Star. Some of you have expressed interest to me in writing a book. “But what would I write about and who would read it?” you ask. Before I began my illustrious career with Harvest House 🙂 I self-published a book about my student teaching experience in Okinawa, Japan. It’s a lot more expensive to do these days, but I think it’s worth it. If you have a story to tell, tell it! Even if only your friends and family read it, you have no idea how God might use it to touch people’s lives. Opened Up on Okinawa is a puny little book, but I have heard feedback from individuals who have actually been inspired by it. So there. My soapbox for the day. I’m interested to hear what kinds of things you all would write about.

And finally, I am all out of thoughts.

6 thoughts on “quick thoughts

  1. rachmckinney

    fun stuff! i have been to that candy store, i believe. sara wilson took me once. it was neat. anyway, your kids outing sounds fun! nice to get a bit sidetracked onto something else once in a while, huh, no matter what it brings!

  2. Nixter77

    They are going to totally love it, I know it.  I am super excited about it too 😉

    ‘Little Sprouts’ sounds fun, I am sure I would love it – but it’s for under 5s right?  And I am in Australia!  Hm well you guys will have to enjoy it and tell us all about it..  Let’s pray yoiu might meet many to share God’s word with.

    Nixie = is super excited and wishes she could check out Metro Gardens and Little Sprouts.

  3. ch1pch0p

    Ahhh…Marie’s. Good candy.

    Did both older daughters stop instantly with scared looks on their faces? That happened with my friend’s kids the other, and the oldest knew he’d done something pretty wrong. Crazy kids.

    I could use a $1000 error in my favor.

  4. faithchick

    We took a bunch of Marie’s candies to Africa with us on our mission trip. I can’t remember if we gave them to the missionaries or if we gave them to the people, but I remember packing them in the suitcases. I went with adamslady, and isn’t she from there? maybe that’s how we ended up with Marie’s.

  5. Marketer319

    Wow – I can’t believe that “the” Marie died!  I didn’t know her personally but we drive through West Liberty all the time on the way to and from my husband’s family and Travis always remarks how good her candy is when we go through.

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