puny white-flag-waver

I’m of the opinion that Satan can’t defeat a believer in Christ unless that person gives him permission. So, the devil’s been beating the snot out of me the past couple days, and I’m just sitting here and taking it. “Oh, just go ahead and get me. I don’t really even care…”

Sometimes when Satan attacks me, I fight back with a vengeance. Arms flailing, Scripture verses flying, spiritual weapons brandished. This time, I am completely giving in. Bad mood? So what? Not practicing what I preach? Yeah, so? Being completely self-centered? What’s so bad about that? Grrrrrrr…. Watch out, husband, kids, anyone else who dares cross me! You never know when I’m going to yell/snap/cry/blah, blah, blah.

I am overwhelmed, tired, grumpy, overwhelmed…and I have no idea why my husband is still speaking to me…

Let me apologize in advance to any boys reading my blog…but I’m hoping that my monthly cycle is about to resume after a year-and-a-half hiatus. Then I’ll at least have some sort of excuse.

I’m being a lousy mom/wife/friend at the moment, and PLEASE don’t any of you comment on my blog telling me how great I am, because I WILL DELETE IT. I am NOT in the mood to be catered to/flattered/patronized. If you must comment, just tell me you’ll pray for my crappy attitude or give me a cool Bible verse to look up or something.

So, anyway, Livi gets off the bus after her 2nd day of school looking like she’s about to cry. “What’s wrong?” I ask. “Four people were making fun of me,” she says, her little voice cracking. “And a boy kept trying to kiss me!”

You’ve got to be kidding me. That’s it. I’m homeschooling her.

Actually, the crisis has been averted. All is well now. For the time being anyway. I’ll share some fun things tomorrow. Surely my bad mood will have passed over by then…

5 thoughts on “puny white-flag-waver

  1. biblestorebrowser

    Nope. No how great thou arts here. I know what you mean and there’s no excuse ’cause we know better–no matter how tired or hormonal we are. As you-know-who’s mom would say, “Show me in the Bible where it says. . . ” it’s okay to sin when you’re tired, hormonal, . . .
    Here’s something that helps me. *IF* I realize what’s happening, I have to make a conscious decision: Either I obey the one I call my LORD, or I willfully disobey Him. Either I want to stay as close to His will as I can, or I want to take these steps back and risk losing ultimate blessing. Either I’m going to live for me or for the One to Whom I *claim* allegiance.
    Nope, I don’t always choose the right way, but giving myself these ultimatums puts my behavior in a realistic perspective and is often the grain of sand that tips my will back in line with what God wants me to do.

  2. ch1pch0p

    ^ That’s right — just think about tomorrow to get in a good mood! ^

    I have been in a similar funk this weekend — mainly only with Kevin, though. Poor guy… I do know I’m starting soon, though, so I’m blaming that and holding no responsibility of my own.

  3. faithchick

    poor livi. 🙁 what’s that nonsense all about? How in the world are kindergarteners doing that to her on the 2nd day of school?

    AND, tomorrow is the big day!!! Look forward to some serious relaxation (and meeting people of course!!)

    read Psalm 139 very slowly and very carefully taking in every, single little word.

  4. rocknnell

    You can delete this……just drove to Vandelia last nite for a Crabb Family concert by myself…..crying listening to the songs that were played at Grandma Marilyn’s funeral…. and thinking….if she could send us all a postcard from Heaven.  NO MORE ……anything …that we deal with on earth.  THE TRUE PRESENCE OF JESUS CHRIST.  ”  this too is for a season “….so, I worshipped my heart out……and I too, got to be in the true presence of JESUS CHRIST…………..a somber healing true worship is !  Praying !

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