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EDIT: I posted the back cover copy of my new book on my website if you’re interested. If I get the time, I may post a couple sneak peeks of the book on occasion until March 1.

I got a letter from my grandma yesterday. Mom tells me she spends soooo much time each day writing letters. Here’s how she started it out:

Dear Marla & Co.,
    I have a top favorite book that is precious to me. You folks may already own it. It is Don Wyrtzen’s book, A Musician Looks at the Psalms.
Grandma loves, loves, loves music. And books. And words. She went on to explain that she and Grandpa donated some $ to Dallas Theological Seminary many years ago and they sent them that book in appreciation. (I assumed she lost the book and wanted a replacement.) She enclosed a $5 bill, said she hoped the book was still on the market, and if not, I could keep the $5.

I checked Amazon. The book she had was written in 1991. Reprinted in 2004. One used copy available–$30. New edition–$16. I decided to buy her the new edition for her birthday (Valentine’s Day) but called her just in case she was partial to the 1991 one. Turns out she wanted me to get the book for myself. Now, that wasn’t going to fit in with my “don’t buy anything until you’re out of debt” plan, but I decided to get it anyway–for Grandma.

Looked up a couple more used book places. Found some used copies less than $30 but more than $5. Then voila! I found a copy for $3.48. And free shipping. And it’s even the 1988 hardcover edition. Thanks, God! Whatever will I do with my extra $1.50?

I wrote her a thank you note and made her some return address labels. She had stuck labels all over my letter (she likes stickers too). She has a thing about return address labels–doesn’t want to use her own name. They have to say “Mrs. Harold J. Yoder.” So I made her some like that. (Mom, don’t tell her.)

And yes, my mom and sister share the same birthday. Bethany was born on Mom’s 31st b-day. My dad was born on his dad’s 31st b-day. Mom is 15 days older than dad. And all Mom’s kids married people younger than them. 🙂

Grandma asked me last night if I remembered when our electricity went out when I was in high school, and I went over to her house to take a shower. When I got out, I ran up to Grandpa, hugged him, and said, “You saved my life!”

“Such drama,” Grandma said last night, with a smile in her voice. Drama? Me? Hmmm…

One last praise, then I must skedaddle. Opened the mail yesterday and found a $25 Lowe’s gift card and a $55 rebate check from our new dryer. There should be another rebate check coming along soon for our washer. Woohoo!

I also got the cover of my new book. An actual cover, not a picture of it. I don’t love it, but I do like it, and I’m excited about the possibilities. I think you mamas are really going to like the book. I only step on toes every now and again, and you’ll forget about that when you see your name in print. 🙂

That’s all for now. Cubbies tonight. If you’re bored today, pray for me. 🙂 Happy Wednesday!

Okay, quick p.s. Gabe is over at his desk singing, “Wonder Pets, Wonder Pets, we’re on our way!” Then he turns to me and says, “This is something you couldn’t do if you worked in an office.” Now, there’s a perk of working from home.

Then I start laughing and say I’m going to blog about it. “Sure, go ahead. Take all my blog material. I was going to blog about it. Whatever.”

Never a dull moment.

17 thoughts on “praises and stuff

  1. rachmckinney

    wow, what a cool story about the book. it’s lilte stuff like that that go to show just how much God cares even about the small things and honors us when we honor HIm. good reminder for me!
    can’t wait for your book….

  2. OkinawaAna

    Wonder Pets!  Best. Show. Ever.  Ana spends every episode doing her chicken dance.  (Squatting up and down and flapping her arms to the music.)  Looking forward to your book coming out!

  3. ergirl053

    I am also very excited for the book to come out- it will be just in time for vacation- which will include plenty of time for reading. Praying for you today- and sending you a question re: the book.

  4. ladymiss3739

    I can’t wait for the book, either.  And to prove it, I already knew about the cover, b/c I was soooo eager for it, I looked it up on and and one of them (or both, I don’t remember) had it up.  I was really hoping for some sneak peak excerpts, but (sigh), no dice. 

    I was thinking maybe the author could spare us a few snippets of text….

  5. luvmynoah

    I love stickers too!!  How sweet your grandma sounds.  I’m sure you’ll enjoy the book she wants you to read!  That was cool.  So awesome that God helped you find it at a price you could afford! 

    I love WonderPets!  Ming-ming is my favorite.  The little voices are cute!  I think Gabe should make that one of his videos….seriously…and I didnt’ know he could sing!

  6. kkakwright

    my gpa has been gone for 6 years.  gma’s answering machine still says ,”you have reached mr and mrs williams, please leave a message”.  and this would be the answering machine she bought AFTER he died.

  7. terriwright

    ^Is ‘etiquettely’ a real word?^ Kim is right, though. A generation ago, nothing else would even be considered.

    My hubby is retired…sort of…and is home often, and it is a wonderful thing. There are all kinds of perks. (Those, too.)

  8. ch1pch0p

    It’s actually etiquettely correct for widows to continue using their husbands’ name in that manner. (She is a widow, right?) It’s the old school style.

    Sierra loves WonderPets!

  9. GooberandDicky

    Good work on shopping around for the book. There is something about finding a deal that makes my day.

    We love the Wonder Pet’s theme song so much I bought it from Itunes so that we can hear it in the car. We are also big fans of Dan Zane.

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