please forgive me

This’ll be short and sweet. Promise.

One of the things (and there are many) that God has taught me over the past few days is that I am guilty of the same judgmental attitude that I’ve been hurt by. In my zeal for “living radically,” I often jump to conclusions about people’s hearts based on their standard of living, their possessions, and who they look to for financial wisdom.

Please forgive me. I was (am) wrong. That’s between them and God. And like I know firsthand, you can’t ever really know someone’s heart until you take the time to develop a deep relationship with them over time (and of course I can’t do that with everyone).

And while I will never (can never) stop talking about something I’m so passionate about, I’m going to think and pray for a good while about how Jesus would want me to approach the subject and treat his beloved children.

I’ll see you Monday with a completely and totally unrelated post. Thank you, friends.