I usually love Mondays. When you work from home and unschool your kiddos, there’s nothing to dread about the start of a new week. Peaceful, quiet mornings after loud, boisterous weekends. Sigh.

This particular Monday morning has me kind of down in the dumps though. Want a laundry list?

I have a cluster of three spider bites on my left thigh. Hot, swollen, itchy and a good three inches in diameter.

We’re low on food and low on money. And some of our produce rotted in the fridge. I hate that. 

Ava’s worried that one of her front teeth looks discolored. Please, God, no.

Gabe and I both spent the morning helping people. Boo for missed opportunities to earn income.

Our baby neighbor Judah starts round 6 (of 7) of chemo today. I hate chemo.

Girls’ slumber party at a friend’s ended in a disaster this a.m.

My sciatic nerve is pinched. Ouch.

We never have time to work out anymore. We only have time to eat food that isn’t on our diet.

We owe our girls $80. And our Cambodia Fund a couple hundred.

The girls made $6 at their lemonade stand this weekend before they ran out of lemons. The lemons cost $7.

I have cramps.

I feel like we’re never, ever going to earn enough money for plane tickets to Cambodia.

But there’s a fork in this Whiny Road. I can choose to keep track of every little thing that doesn’t go my way OR I can take a sharp right and head down the Path of Counting Blessings and Silver Linings.


A simple concoction of lotion and baking soda has relieved the infernal itching of my spider bites. 

I scrounged up enough food for lunch, and I have a plan for dinner. And Wednesday we get our first of 21 FREE boxes of local-grown produce thanks to an amazingly generous friend.

I’m praying against nerve damage to Ava’s tooth. And God will provide if she needs a root canal.

What a blessing to be able to help people. Sure does make life more meaningful.

Josh and Laura and Judah have been such sweet inspiration to us during this hard time in their lives. Our God can heal that little doll baby.

The girls have a hundred built-in friendships in this fun little community of ours.

I have a magic exercise that alleviates my sciatic nerve pain a majority of the time these days.

Tomorrow is a new day in our campaign to get in shape and eat healthy.

We only owe our girls $80. At one point last year, it was $700.

We made $505 at our Cambodia Yard Sale. And every single thing was a donation from someone awesome.

The worst day of my period is already behind me. I’ve got this.

God is so faithful. We’ll keep trucking along, saving for Cambodia, and he’s going to do something amazing. A lot of somethings.

And while I’m at it:

My husband is on the road to wellness and wholeness. He goes to meetings and works on websites and laughs and helps people and takes boys to the zoo.

We love our apartment community. Never a dull moment.

It is sooooooo freeing that everything we own (except for Gabe’s bike) fits happily in 797 sq. ft. of living space. Minimalism rocks my world.

I love my computer.

I love my family. And I’m so proud of all four of them.

I love my extended family too. I don’t see them much, but I pray for them often. And we have a reunion scheduled for next month!

I love unschooling. 

I have some things to sell on Facebook later today. More $ for Cambodia!

I sat and listened to some really awesome truth from my friend Tammy Smith yesterday.

God loves me a whole whole lot.

Have any blessings to share today?

5 thoughts on “perspective

  1. Sharon

    I am thrilled to be done with Chemo. And yet so sad for little Judah and his parents. But, trusting God to walk them all through this journey they are on. I’m glad that something my husband and I didn’t initially agree on earlier this week all worked out in the end – yay God! So glad my husband came home after work vs going to the gym as planned and that he was patient with our daughter when I was at my wits end. I am blessed beyond belief with such great family and friends. I was recently reminded of that and don’t want to take it for granted.

  2. Danielle

    My sweet boy is starting to sleep a little more predictably, and is too big for his newborn clothes now. And all of his clothes have been given to us, we haven’t purchased anything, including 6 bags of clothes we got last week. God has provided so miraculously for our boy’s needs: in a time when work has been scarce for JJ we have not lacked anything we need, and even have luxury things we want but couldn’t afford by the generosity of friends and family.

  3. Rachelle

    Thank you for sharing some perspective. I’ve been a little down myself today but putting it into perspective; my son, who is full of the hope of JC, is at University in a country impoverished of hope. It’s a long way from home but what else in the world would I want my kids doing? Nothing.Else.

    Love you and hope you sell every last item for premium $$!

  4. brooke

    I started my day at the girly doctor BUT the blessing is that after 20 years of these visits I’ve finally found a doctor that isn’t creepy. (I mean, really, what kind of person *wants* to do that all day?)
    praying for y’all!

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