paid in full!

After last year’s self-employment taxes fiasco, I was reeeeeeally dreading filing our taxes this go-round. Last year we had just paid off our credit card (woohoo!) then had to put oodles of $ back on it to pay our taxes. (still paying on that, but we’re almost done!)

So, great news yesterday. The mailman woke me up from my little nap. We owe waaaaay less than last year. Just enough to deplete our savings (and send me to my knees for the rest of April’s bills) but no credit card! Praise the Lord! Then last night I found what I thought might possibly be a $978 error in our favor (Gabe’s company withheld that much in city taxes and our accountant forgot to copy it over to our form.).

Sure enough! Dashed off 3 checks to Ohio, Columbus, and our accountant. April’s bills will be paid. And we’re IRS-free until June 15th!! This is very, very, very cool. Bless the Lord, oh my soul!

I’ll have more Xanga Fest pics tonight or tomorrow. I still have warm fuzzies inside from our time together. I told Holly today that my xangafest high just might carry me through Cubbies tonight. Oh, I hope so! It was one of those times that just gets sweeter and sweeter the more I reflect back on it.

I’ll blog more about it soon.

Nina is NOT going to sleep. Last night was great. Yesterday at nap time–great. The night before–great. Today–ha!

Lots on my mind but I need to catch up on my Bible study homework and prepare for my speaking engagement Saturday.

Beth Elaine has a beautiful video of baby McKenna on her site if you’d like to see it. (just make sure you don’t have mascara on) And I read the most touching story yesterday about a family who just lost a little girl as well. They knew she wouldn’t survive much past birth, but Mama carried her to term, and they buried her this week. Read their story here. And baby Gwyneth Rose is three months old and up to three pounds now. (she’s the one who was born at 24 weeks to a Mom with cystic fibrosis–who just got new lungs!)

So much heartache, so much glory for our God, so much to think about, so many to love and pray for, so many blessings of our own to count.

Speaking of blessings, if you haven’t heard the FABULOUS news, my sister Bethany is pregnant!! She was on our list of gals (and their hubbies) to pray for. Go congratulate her and Stew! (especially if you were one of the faithful pray-ers) Praise the Lord! She’s just shy of 7 weeks along. Please pray for her little guy (or girl) as he (she) grows and thrives! I love you, Bethy!

And Maren made me smile today with her original song for her company’s Mock American Idol. Go watch it. Trust me. It will inspire you.

That’s it for now! Have a Whirly Wednesday!

11 thoughts on “paid in full!

  1. Anonymous

    Praise Repot: I was one of the girls who was on your prayer request list a few weeks ago. My husband and I had been trying to get pregnant for 16 months. Well, I just found out last week that I’m pregnant! Thank you, thank you, thank you all for your prayers!!! Congrats to your sis as well.

  2. tonialynn59

    That is GREAT news about your taxes.  Taxes tend to stress me out every year!  I just checked out some of the sites you mentioned.  Tough stuff!  And yes, lots to think and pray about!  We really do need to pray for one another!  God is good!  Even when things are tough.  I’m so excited for your sister!  What an answer to prayer! 

  3. hollydue

    Glad that you are on a xanga high and ready for cubbies!  THANK YOU for all your help in planning, facilitating and introducing all of these lovely ladies!  What great fun.  See you later….

    Oh, yes xanga girls…..I’m the HOLLY (mom to Coral and Jonah) that was at Xangafestpalooza.  My xanga name is hollydue!!  I finally remembered.  Thanks for being patient with me.

  4. Airdee26

    Wow, that website about Audrey was so sad.  I’ve read alot of blogs about babies with Trisomy 18 lately.  It’s so sad.  I can’t imagine preparing for the birth and death of your baby.  But I also have noticed that these families are so strong.  God truly does give us strength when we need it.  I can’t imagine how families that do not know Christ get through things like this.  Where is their hope?  It’s sad.

  5. kissabby

    Great news abou the taxes!

    So I saw that you guys use flickr and I’m sure you use a Mac.. I have been trying to use Flickr and i downloaded the uploading appl and it just doesn’t work.. I’m fustrated. Just wondering if you guys had any trouble…

  6. kkakwright

    fantastic tax news!  yay for that!  praise God!  i think He is trying to reward you for being so hospitable this weekend! 😉

    sorry about the big dirl bed. 🙁

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