I hit my forehead on the corner of the cupboard yesterday while unloading the dishwasher. This is my third time. I’m paranoid about doing it, because it always hurts so bad. It had been so long since the last time that I just got careless. I have a smallish red mark just below my hairline that looks like a nasty zit. It’s cute. And very tender. It hurts when I raise my eyebrows.

My book (the one my grandma sent me $5 for) came in the mail. I’m not going to try to catch up (it’s a 365-day devotional), so I did yesterday’s and then today. Today was Psalm 23:2 and entitled, “Rest.” Hmmm… The last paragraph reads:

I want the Lord to balance my life today, to define my lifestyle and my priorities, to deliver me from neurotic activity and workaholism, and to keep me from trying to meet my own needs through work and achievement instead of through Him.

Oh, I need help with this today. Neurotic activity indeed. Writing deadlines. Helping in Livi’s class this afternoon. Cubbies tonight. Bible study tomorrow a.m. Friends coming Friday. Discipleship seminar Friday night. Mom and Dad’s all day Saturday. Date with Gabe on Monday night!! (Kimberly is watching our girlies. I LOVE YOU, Kimberly! We never went out for our 10-year anniversary, and I really don’t remember our last date. And I call myself a marriage…whatever.)

Anyway, I’m like a headless chicken, and this isn’t working out. I need You, Lord!

Three days’ worth of Bible reading tomorrow a.m. and I’m all caught up. I love reading through the Bible, and I haven’t done it in awhile. Then that dumb flu set me back a million days. I love Genesis and Exodus. So rich and full, and God is so amazing. This year I’m determined to love all the other OT books too.

Someone asked me a good question today. “Is the Diapers book a good one to give to a non-believer?” Is it preachy? Too devotional-ish? Here’s the scoop. First of all, the amazon description is wrong. It’s not a devotional at all. No end-of-chapter questions or anything. It’s just like the first two in format.

I’ve had lots of people tell me cool stories about the first 2 books–where they gave it to a non-believer and got great feedback. This book is an even better witnessing tool, in my opinion. Where you might hesitate to give someone a marriage book, because you don’t want to seem preachy, this one is different. “Here’s a funny book about your first year of motherhood. You’re going to love it!” No thoughts of, “Did she give me this book because she thinks I’m a terrible mother.”

Did all that make sense? I meant to blog about it on my website, but the words kept coming out.

Have a great Wednesday!

9 thoughts on “ouch

  1. KmHunsberger

    Hey…Jamie said you have canvas prints on your living room wall of the girls….I want to see it! Will you post a picture? Or send me one to my real email? Were they pricey? Mine are ;-(

    I can’t wait for that book to come out either!!!!

  2. faithchick

    ^yeah.  what krista said.  i thought about your book the other night when i was finally sitting down after a long hard day.  i plopped on the couch and i so wish, in that still quiet moment in my house, that i had that book in my hands. 🙂

    hey, i’m going to see if it’s in the xanga “Now Reading” section.  won’t that be fun?

  3. kkakwright

    as i was getting out of the shower last night i was wondering how many  more days till your book comes out.  why was i thinking about you while i was getting out of the shower?  oh right, because God uses you greatly to encourage me (and many others) as we trudge through the daily activities of mothering and right now i need some encouragement.

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