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I’m struggling at the moment with a handful of situations/events/whatever that have been on the humbling side, to put it mildly. I’m not at a place where I can/want to really discuss any of it yet. Maybe I’ll write a book about it someday. In a nutshell, God has used a handful of people in my life lately as instruments in this refining process. He’s showing me things about myself I don’t really like. At the same time, He’s showing me that I am a holy vessel. I am having quite a time reconciling those two. I am wormy/crappy/stinky vs. I am holy/clean/consecrated.

Anyway, I didn’t intend to spend a whole paragraph talking about myself. The title “no me” was supposed to mean that I was only going to talk about other people in this blog…


Courtney–my dear friend from our old town who came to visit me today. We had fun catching up, and she has been such a good friend since I met her almost 3 years ago. Happy Belated b-day, girl!

J.–Congrats on finishing your first research paper! You go, girl!

Jamie–and I were both born on Halloween, one year apart. We have never met in real life, only on xanga, but we are going to get together for our birthdays this year. How fun is that?

Beth Moore–God is really using her “Daniel” study to teach me some uncomfortable things. I love it. A Bible study that doesn’t convict me seems kind of pointless. One of these weeks, though, I’m hoping she’ll say something that doesn’t apply to me. Surely I must be doing something right. 🙂

Kristen–my pregnant friend who is very ill. Please pray for some relief for her nausea.

DVQ 3905–license plate of two punks in a Buick (?) who went squealing/flying through our neighborhood while a bunch of kindergarteners, some moms, and some little siblings were waiting for the bus the other day. I’ll tell the story next time. If you want to file a complaint, feel free. 🙂

My grandma (not the one who sent my blog print-out to my aunt who has internet access :))–is having a 4-hour surgery tomorrow at 11:00. Please pray that all will go well.

I just spent the last 4 minutes staring at the screen with my eyes glazed over–better hit the hay! Happy Friday the 13th!

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  1. gsowell

    I read this post yesterday, but I was swamped with some sick kids, so I couldn’t eke out the time to comment. But what you said resonated with me, as I am sure it does with so many other Christians. In my studies lately, God has been showing me a lot about my entanglement in pride. There have been humbling situations, to boot. I keep reminding myself that He must become greater, and I must be less. Oh to be as easy as saying that! But I seem to choose to learn some lessons the hard way.

    I am praying right now for Kristen (I have so been there with the nausea!), the punks in the Buick (they clearly need more prayer in their lives), and your Grandma.

  2. YoYoYoder

    Is your fam planning on visiting that camp in 2 weeks with the rest of the Yoders? Mom said Gabe has a soccer game that morning. I hope you guys come! Stew and I will be there Saturday. Love you!

  3. KmHunsberger

    You have been in my dreams teh past three nights. I am not really sure how that is possible considering that we have never “officially” met, but nonetheless…you were there. I am pretty sure we would be fast friends…judging from my dreams. Someday we will have to plan a meeting…and get our kids together. There can be no arranged marriage if they never meet 🙂 And who knows…maybe I will have another boy…for Nina. Although…boys typically do mature slower than girls, so that may be a problem…but I do plan on raising my boy/boys to know how to treat women and how to be VERY good husbands. 🙂 I was thinking this baby was a girl…now I am thinking boy…hmmm

    I know what you mean about good versus bad. It is so hard to comprehend our acceptance in Christ and our utter sinfulness. We choose to sin…every day..and yet He unconditionally loves us. I have always struggled with it. The Ragamuffin Gospel by Brennan Manning really helped me with this struggle.

    Thanks for your shout out. Today, so far, has been pretty good. I appreciate ALL prayers as for awhile there I thought I would go into the depths of despair 😉

  4. aconrad8


    Ahhhh yes, the refining process. Going through the fire to be shaped and molded into the image of Christ. Although I don’t know the cirumstances, I am sure the other side of the fire will be worth the trial. There is a great song by Jennifer Knapp simply called “Refine Me” that can be a comfort in these times.

    When I was little my mom made a picture that hung in my room. It simply read “Please be patient….God’s not through with me yet”. I am not little anymore, but He’s still not through with me yet 😉 I will keep the people you requested in my prayers.

  5. jbnygaard

    Your Beth Moore Bible Study really sounds interesting and good. It sounds like one I need to do someday.

    If I came dressed up for our birthday would you think some insane woman was at your door with two adorable boys? 🙂

  6. rachmckinney

    you know, i have to agree with ^. thanks for always being open and honest and sharing your thoughts. you have brought my mind to a new journey on several occassions. it’s encourgaing and inspiring.
    aren’t those kind of Bible studies great ? well, hard at a lot of moments, but really great?
    happy f. 13th to you, too! make it a fun on e:)

  7. rocknnell

    prayed a 10′ hedge of protection around Livi for today…it kept me awake…thinking that ONE STUPID driver could take that little girls life. I / and you I know, will continue to pray that hedge. thank You Lord for protecting each one of those kids !

  8. faithchick

    i guess i should have finished my thought. it doesn’t make sense that it would work, but it’s amazing that God takes care of those details for us, and thanks to the blood of Jesus-in his sight our wormyness is covered. fabulous!
    thanks for sharing that thought!

  9. faithchick

    it’s friday the 13th? i didn’t even know.

    bad drivers make me angry. i know they shouldn’t, but when i see them, everything in me wants to chase them down and yell at them and tell them that they’re going to kill someone. ugh. did you file a complaint?

    hmmm. that is an interesting thought about being crappy/wormy, etc. vs. holy. how does that work??

    your something right=encouraging the rest of us & being open and honest so we know we aren’t alone in this journey. 😉

  10. rocknnell

    “Goal”…which only includes you and God…to be more Christlike …..”desire” things you hope will happen but you don’t have complete control because others are involved.  You just keep working on the goal….and HE will bless YOU….HE will LOVE YOU…HE WILL GUIDE YOU….HE WILL LAVISH HIS BLESSINGS ON YOU…. Christ… = lifetime journey !

    No me….. Christ died for the “me”……. that is how much you mean to HIM.  He wants the ME & HIM…… Oct. 31st….HE brought the “me” to the world to glorify HIM…..  Happy Early Birthday….Friday the 13th…blah ! snuek…

    that was  typo…but I kind of like it…” snuek ”  smile

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