my God is good

God is good has always sounded like such an understatement to me. But here lately, I’m liking its simplicity. And when no other word seems big enough, a small word like good ends up being just what I’m looking for.

I still can’t wrap my mind around all that God’s doing–and how I saw Him at work this weekend especially–but if I don’t sit down and write about it now, I never will. And my list of Things I’ve Been Meaning to Get To is plenty long enough already.

Just a little recap of some stuff I’ve already told you. Two weeks ago, my chronic “sinus headache” turned into something vicious–head, ear, jaw, tooth pain like I’ve never had. The very next day, I got an e-mail from my friend Tammy (our pastor Mike’s wife) asking me if I’d like to accompany her and our friend Kim on a speaking engagement of hers at a beautiful lodge 30 min. from Columbus (this past weekend).

God worked everything out for me to go. And as for my face (long story short), when no one could tell me why I was in pain, my massage therapist friend Tony fixed me. Or rather, my God healed me through your prayers and Tony’s fingers. After being convinced I was about to die, I’m feeling 96% better.

And I told you about my friend Amy’s baby Abigail, diagnosed with triploidy at her 20-week ultrasound in November. Abigail stopped developing at 16 weeks and wasn’t expected to live past 30 weeks. She made it 36. Her heart stopped beating 2 weeks ago, and Amy went in for an induction Thurs. evening. They wanted Mike and Tammy there. Only them. By the time Tammy had to leave for her speaking thing on Friday afternoon, Amy hadn’t progressed at all. It broke Tammy’s heart to leave her.

The three of us (Tammy, Kim and I) spent lots of time in prayer on the way there, when we got there, before Tammy spoke, while she was speaking. God filled her with strength she didn’t have, and so many lives were touched. I wish all of you could have been there. (Here’s a link to Tammy’s site and her books if you’re interested.) I got to pray with a sweet young girl who has been through more in her short life than most of us can even imagine.

Skipping some details, we prayed about what to do if we heard from Mike that Abigail was ready to be born. (It was already 11pm and Tammy had to speak at 8:45 am.) We got a call, and the three of us piled in Tammy’s vehicle and headed to the hospital 45 minutes away. Praise the Lord–Tammy got to be there for Amy and Billy when they met Abigail. (Kim and I waited in the waiting room.)

Then Amy sent Tammy to come get us. We hugged her and Billy, then Billy wanted us to meet Abigail. I don’t know that I’ve ever had a greater honor in all my life. In fact, I know I haven’t.

She was beautiful. Kim held her. I cried tears of joy as I pictured her up in heaven, skipping with Jesus.

Her mommy and daddy have been through so much these past four months. Many people have expressed their disapproval that Amy and Billy chose to carry her, knowing her “fate.” They honored God so deeply with their choice, and I just know He’s using them and little Abigail for His glory. Mike and Tammy prayed and read Scripture over Abigail after she was born, and the doctor, nurse and midwife joined their circle. Talk about a powerful witness.

God is good.

Please pray for Amy and Billy. Oh, how hard it’s got to be for them right now. My heart breaks for them, leaving the hospital with empty arms.

Abigail’s sweet little face is permanently etched on the wall of my mind, reminding me that life is short and people are precious–especially my children. May I never, ever forget.

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  3. Sandi

    It is absolutely no accident that you had this incredible life lesson the very weekend before you and Gabe experience this loss. God IS good, and His love endures forever.

    I am so sorry, Marla, and praying. Love to you and Gabe.

  4. Kim Webb

    Amen sister. God is good. These were definitely special times that ONLY God could orchestrate. And He does get all the glory. Love you!

  5. Carrie

    Wow, what a precious experience, Marla. I can’t imagine someone disapproving of their decision to leave their daughter’s LIFE in God’s hands! I have a friend who recently went through something similar. Thank you for sharing.

  6. gitz

    What an incredible honor to get to meet Abigail. I have found some of the most important moments in my life to be the ones when I share in others’ joy and grief. They are trusting you with their most precious and intimate moments, and I know from my experiences that I have never been the same. Praying for your friends…

  7. Denise

    Wow, I want to cry just hearing you share this story. I can’t imagine the pain they must be going through. I thought I had it hard…but what I went through with Parker doesn’t even compare. I just wish I could go and hug them and love them, but I am praying for them. I am glad you got to be there for them!

    I am glad your head is better too, btw! I was praying that you would feel better!

    love you!

  8. Jennifer

    Praying for your friends. I can’t even imagine. Praise God for those moments they had to hold their sweet little girl. Makes me cry to even think about the joy and sadness of that brief time with her.

  9. deanna

    I’m like Ali, I really have no words. A year ago last month my cousin gave birth to their second son who had passed away just a few weeks shy of his due date. We will never understand the ‘whys’ but God does. And all we can do is trust that he’ll do what’s best for us, even though its usually hard for us to understand. I’ll keep your friends in my prayers.

  10. Kelly

    Thanks for sharing marla. It’s a story I have thought about and prayed over as you have mentioend it because these friends of yours little one was due around when mine is… (yes, I am just waiting, a matter of days!)… but yeah, I can’t imagine. God IS good all the time.

    BTW I gave Expecting as a bday gift to my friend who is expecting her first after years of hardship with pregnancies. She is being so blessed by it. Thanks for all you wrote. 🙂

  11. Ali

    Your post today has moved me greatly. I don’t have a lot of words to express how I’m feeling and what I’m thinking right now, but I am so grateful for your post this morning. It means a lot to me.
    Thanks, Marla.

  12. Betsy

    God doesn’t promise us easy—He just promises to be there through the trials of our lives. What a blessing!

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