my early morning prayer

Father, thank you for another day. A new day full of promise. I need you this morning, Lord. I’m so tired. My back hurts. I don’t feel like getting ready, getting everyone else ready, driving two hours, and speaking on motherhood. I want to just go back to bed. Lord, will you work in my heart? Help me to look beyond myself to the women you want to bless today through the words you’ve given me. Help me to surrender every moment of this day to you starting right now. Fill me with your Spirit. Give me your words, your strength, your joy. Shift my focus from me to you. Mess with my attitude until it reflects Christ’s.

Prepare the hearts of the gals who will be there today. Open them up to what you want to share with them through your Word this morning. And bless my time with my beautiful sister and her precious little womb-baby. Help her not to feel crummy. I pray that Nina and I will be a blessing to her heart today.

And Father, thank you for my xanga friends. Will you bless them today too? Be with the ones who are growing little lives inside their bodies. Protect those tiny boys and girls, and help them grow exactly like they should. Help their mommies to handle the sickness and wacky hormones with as much grace as possible, and give their husbands an extra dose of understanding.

Please be with the ones who have new bundles of joy in their arms even now. Wrap your arms around them, and remind them that this time is so fleeting. Whisper to them that they won’t always be this tired, that these hormones are normal, that they don’t have to be afraid–they’re doing a wonderful job. Take the guilt away–especially for the mommies who have other little ones to take care of.

Lord, love on those women who are still waiting for their wombs to be blessed. Will you work some more miracles? You can do that, you know. Help these beautiful girls to see the value and the beauty in their lives right this very moment. Yes, a baby is their heart’s deepest desire right now, but open their eyes to all the blessings you’ve given them in the meantime. Love on them, Lord.

God, help those under financial strain to put complete trust in you. You promise to provide, and you always do. Help us not to worry and fret but to look expectantly for your blessing and provision. You are so good.

Be with those in full-time ministry. Affirm in their hearts today that they’re fulfilling your call on their lives. When the pay is low and the appreciation even lower, remind them why they’re doing this–for your glory. Bless them, God.

Bless those who are wondering what in the world their purpose in life is. Help them to rest in you. Show them, in your time, the amazing plans you have for their lives.

Extend extra grace to those who have sick kids, those whose husbands who are away, those who are trying to lose weight, those in the midst of some difficult relationships.

May each one of them start today by surrendering it to you, laying their day at your feet. Bless them in a special way today, Lord, and nudge them toward a person who could use a special word of encouragement.

I love you so much, and I feel so much better already. Praise your holy, holy name!

In Jesus’ name, I pray. Amen.

19 thoughts on “my early morning prayer

  1. YoGrandmaYo

    Wow!  Thank you for sharing your prayer!  I will NEVER get over the wonder and the priceless privilege of prayer, and I never WANT to!  What a comfort and a blessing to be able to talk to the God of the universe about ANYTHING, and know that He will listen and care and “fit” our prayers into His sovereign will!  Wow!  Love you!:)

  2. kellycohan

    Thank you for the refreshing prayer! I could feel my attitude improving as I read through it. Will be praying for you this morning, as well. What would we do without our Jesus?!

  3. FlyingCAB

    Praying for you right back 😉 Trusting that God will answer our prayers and that your attitude and day will be wonderful and “spirit filled”. 

  4. gsowell

    Lord, bless Marla beyond measure today. May her talk be full of You and beyond what she could plan. Equip her to do Your good work, every bit of it. Thank You for her, for her friendship to so many, me included. Pour back onto her ten-fold of what she selflessly gives out! Amen.

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