me, God, Third Day and Brian Regan…

…spent almost six hours together in the car today/tonight, and it was wonderful. More than wonderful (isn’t that a Sandi Patti song?). I talked to God, sang along (really loudly and mostly off-key) with Third Day’s Offerings (II?) CD (3 times all the way through). And laughed really hard at Brian Regan (2x).

My right arm is tired from praising Jesus. The ceiling is too low in Gabe’s car for me to do much with my left hand. At one point tonight, I rolled down the window, but my arm started to freeze, and I wasn’t strong enough to keep it up in the air. Plus there was a lot of construction, and things were tight, and I was afraid of swatting a semi at 55mph.

Anyway, today was amazing. God was amazing. I stayed awake easily the whole trip. Both talks went so well. Lots of gals said “it was exactly what I needed today/tonight.” Praise You, Lord!! Woohoo!! Sold lots of books. Met lots of great women. Had a yummy lunch at my new friend Elishia’s house. Rested in her scrummy guest bed. Played with her darling daughters (6, 3, 2, and 10 months). Made a scarf. (yes! for real!) Got 4 free make-a-bag kits for me and the girls. The perfect “craft” for B.E. wannabes with no skillz. They’re made with fabric, staples and duck (duct?) tape!!! And they’re CUTE!

Gabe and the girls did great. Free Chick-Fil-A for supper. I had chili and cornbread at MOPS. Yummers.

It was just an amazing day. God was all over it. And I can’t stop praising Him. THANK YOU guys so much for your prayers. I can’t remember the last time I felt them so REAL-ly.

Two days until Zoo #12! Happy Wednesday!!

23 thoughts on “me, God, Third Day and Brian Regan…

  1. ergirl053

    We love you too! Have a super-fun time in the Carolinas. Tell some gorillas I say “hello”. In an unrelated note, I’m feeling the urge to drive to Cbus in the near future (okay, maybe not that near).

  2. schmett73

    SO glad God lavished you a little extra today, Marla.  Keep swimming in His grace and know that you’re loved beyond comprehension!  I, for one, am exceedingly glad you allow Him to use you time and again to encourage us.  You have a mighty, mighty heart for Jesus, and the rest of us are all the better for it!  Blessings ~ Lisa

  3. mtaviano

    @tonialynn59 – He’s a really, really funny comedian who only does clean comedy. He’s says, “what in the hell?” every once in awhile, but no cuss words, nothing dirty.

    @ladymiss3739 – No worries, my concerned friend. When my left arm was out the window, my right hand was on the wheel. 🙂

  4. ladymiss3739

    God is sovereign – but I would have had major concerns with your driving and praising Jesus with both arms at one time anyway.  Glad only your right arm is tired, you are in one piece, and feeling encouraged!

  5. tonialynn59

    Aww, I loved your uplifting post!  I love to be in the car alone, music on that I like and turned up loud enough that I can sing and if I miss a word or am out of tune, oh well!  Love it!!  Glad you were refreshed!!  Glad you had a great time.  Sounds like it was such a fun time.

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