me and nehemiah

I woke up this morning with my mind, WITH MY MI-I-IND, stayed on Jesus! I woke up this morning with my mind, WITH MY MI-I-IND, stayed on Jesus! (anybody else sing that at camp?)

Seriously, people. I just woke up all light and unburdened. (actually I woke up to a text buzzing on my phone, a text that said, “I hope I’m not waking you up, but could I hire you to watch little girl while I take little boy to a big doctor’s appointment this morning? And then bring you lunch?”)

Here’s the back story if you missed yesterday’s post. I felt a peace about writing it, but it wasn’t really a whole lot of fun.

Well. Your loving response has been so comforting and affirming. And if anyone thought anything not-so-nice, they’ve respectfully kept it to themselves (this is where my pride kicks in, not wanting to be vulnerable because who knows what the haters will say?).

Gabe already has a new website job, several people have asked for hosting, and there are a few people that want to talk to him today. HALLELUJAH!!

And the girls and I have a babysitting job today, and tomorrow we’re helping a dear teacher friend with some writing/research with her kiddos and then purging/cleaning her classroom. LOVE!! And Sunday, another babysitting job.

And here’s a cool God story about that one. A dear friend with two little ones hadn’t read my blog in awhile, and yesterday afternoon, she just “happened” to think, “Hmm… I wonder what Marla’s up to.” Turns out she had needed a sitter for Sunday but was overwhelmed by how long she’d be gone and was afraid to ask, and besides, who would love on her baby who hasn’t been left for long before? ME, that’s who! I love her babies like they’re mine. And so do my girlies. Babysitting party after church!!

OH, and some friends who own their own little web business asked if I’d be interested in doing some writing for them. Um, YES!

And last night, a new friend of ours who works with the homeless, called Gabe with an emergency. A friend was in trouble. Could Gabe come help? He said yes, and my immediate thought was, “No way do we have enough gas for him to drive across town and back and then take Cherry to school in the morning.” Gabe saw the look on my face and said, “Bobby said he’d give me money for gas.” Holy cow.

I was getting ready to conclude this little update and happened to look up at the title of the post. Oh, yeah. Nehemiah! Nothing like taking 432 words to mention his name.

So, I’m doing Kelly Minter’s Nehemiah Bible study on my own and LOVING it. If you don’t know anything about Nehemiah, I don’t have time to explain here, but basically he saw that the wall around Jerusalem was broken and felt compelled to rebuild it, come hell or high water or nasty enemies who didn’t like him helping the Jews.

In this morning’s lesson, the enemies are hitting hard and even threatening to kill the workers. Nehemiah prays to God, then says, “Okay, from this day on, we’re gonna have to work with our tools in one hand and our swords in the other.” It changed everything and made it so much harder, but Nehemiah wasn’t about to give up on the vision God gave him.

Kelly asks, “I wonder if you’ve had a ‘From this day on…’ experience and how it has changed your life. Perhaps life hasn’t resumed to the place you had hoped it would, and maybe you’ve had to resolve to doing some things differently. But despite what you’ve had to change, one thing will always remain constant: ‘Our God will fight for us! (v.20) (p. 60)”

Um, YES.

She goes on to talk about how the rubble can get “flat overwhelming” as you’re trying to rebuild (yes) and how fear can “pluck from the roots up the stuff God’s put in your heart to do” (yes).


“I’m inspired by Nehemiah’s unrelenting belief and trust in God, knowing that He would fulfill the vision He had given him” (60).


Thank you thank you thank you, friends, for your prayers and encouragement. And keep those work orders coming! (email Gabe here and me here) We little elves love to be busy!

9 thoughts on “me and nehemiah

  1. Rachelle

    This post SO spoke to me.
    First, so thankful God is faithful to provide! I’ve had you guys heavy on my heart in prayer.

    Second, Nehemiah! Clyde and I recently read his story from The Book and now I want to do this study. I had to choke back tears when I read, “as you’re trying to rebuild and how fear can, pluck from the roots up the stuff God’s put in your heart to do”. Oh man…love you girl.

    1. Rachelle

      After I commented I opened a new Lifeway Women’s Devotions DVD and what-a-ya-know Devotion #2, Kelly Minter-Nehemiah!

  2. Shanna Lehr

    God is so good to provide. I love that for you, Marla! I really believe God’s people need to take care of God’s people. Glad to see so many being “Biblical”. 😉

  3. Claudia Porpiglia

    I love Nehemiah cause I can soooo relate to his experiences…Praying for you my friend and rejoicing what God is doing in your life.

  4. Alicia

    I haven’t heard that song since Cedarville (which is the only place I’ve ever heard it) and I’ve been singing it since I read your post this morning. All. Day. Long. Seriously, my kids have told me to stop. 🙂 Praying for you!

  5. Sharon

    So glad to hear such quick answers to prayer! Thanks for sharing with us. I really need to start keeping a journal of prayers and marking them off when they are answered.

  6. Kathi

    Nehemiah has been a favorite book of mine for years (the one in the bible). I actually named one of my sons Porter, because the impression of the gatekeeper has stayed with me so strongly.

    I always go back to the part where the people begin to be overwhelmed by the ruble and chaos around them and God is like ‘stop staring at the ruble-who do you thing is fighting for you, anyway?’. Just keep building, Marla.

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