may your wonders never cease.

May Your Spirit never leave.
May we ever long to see your face.

That’s one of my favorite Third Day songs. (I don’t know the title.) If you know it, sing along…

Thanks so much for praying for the retreat this weekend. I don’t really have the words. God took over in a huge way, and I let Him (what a concept). Praise His Name!! I mean, wow. It was unreal. I feel like any words I think of are just going to be a sad understatement.

If anyone who was at the retreat is reading this, can I just say thank you and bless your little heart? I love you, and you were incredible! I was blown away by all the encouragement and love and–wow. It was such an honor to be with you and share God’s Word with you and pray for you and LAUGH with you. Man, you guys are cool. Trina and Dawn and Erika and Jenna and Rose and Anna Mary and Marla and Lynette and Arneta and Melody and Bailey and Emily and Paige and the other 100ish of you.

God just bowled me over, and I still haven’t recovered. Praise Him, praise Him, praise Him! Sigh.

I dropped Gabe and the girlies off at his mom’s Friday afternoon and headed to Ottawa (OH). We hadn’t seen Janelle in over a month (she’s been in Kenya). We missed her! She brought us giraffes!! Cool hand-carved ones. We each got one, and Gabe’s is a Daddy giraffe leaning down to love on his baby. So there are actually 6 giraffes total. A prophecy…?

They had a blast without me. I missed them, but staying in my first Bed & Breakfast ever was pretty cool. And I met a 77-year-old woman named Anna Mary who reminded me so much of Gabe’s Grandma Marilyn (who died in 2005) that I started to cry when she introduced herself to me and gave me a hug. Come to find out, her husband pastored a church for 6 months on the same country road where I lived for 3 years growing up.

I met another Marla. And a xanga friend! And ate some scrummy food. And sold a gabillion books.

When I got back to Rock and Janelle’s, the girls and I (and Skeet, the puppy) took a walk in the woods and played in the leaves. It was so beautiful. We ate Lima pizza. YUM. Then headed home. Today was church (such a great sermon), leftovers, thrift store and Target with Livi and Ava (and their saved-up $). They each got a book light so they can read in the car when it’s dark (and sometimes in bed). How fun! I want one!

Tomorrow I’m hooking up with the Bloggy Give-Aways people and giving away a copy of the DVD I watched tonight. Expelled. Gabe saw it in the theater, but this was my first time. Oh my word, girls. I beg you to watch it. You know I’m not a movie girl (and I know this is a documentary), but wow. One of the most powerful things I’ve ever seen.

I’m also going to be blogging some more about my thoughts on the election. I pretty much feel compelled to, popular or no.

Tomorrow is the Main Event at Ohio State! I know all the guys and gals involved would REALLY appreciate your prayers!

Have a great day! Love and a big ol’ squeeze hug!

8 thoughts on “may your wonders never cease.

  1. freshlyground8oclock

    I just wanted to say that it was a delight and WOW what a surprise….. to meet you. Each from my group took home with us our “sentance”. God was surely there this weekend… and it was great. Thank you. I will say that we were disappointed when it ended… we wanted to hear you more…. But… I got your books!! lol…. so I will!

    Thank you, Thank you, for being obedient to the Lord and for being real.

    Oh yeah….Thanks for the chocolate!!! lol   YUM!!

  2. luvmynoah

    Yeah!  This is just what I wanted to hear today!!!  I’m so glad God revealed His love for you in a HUGE way this weekend. What a wonderful report of His faithfulness. 

    We are dying to get that movie!  I know Jon was going out to get it this weekend.  I can’t wait!

  3. tonialynn59

    Mike and I were going to get Expelled this weekend as I remember Gabe watched it here when you were in town.  So this next weekend for sure.

    So glad to hear about your weekend!!  What an encouragement you are!

  4. jbnygaard

    I can’t wait to hear from Trina this morning at MOPS what she thought of the weekend!!! I admit….I was a bit sad I didn’t attend because it sounds like it was AWESOME & I miss you tons! But….I guess I’ll get to see you this FRIDAY!!! Who-hoo!!! 🙂

    And for all of you who want to mail Marla her Birthday gift and make sure she gets it for her birthday…mail it today or tomorrow… because her birthday is on FRIDAY!!!!!! 🙂

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