marla bloggy?

This is what Gabe says every time he gets a new xanga post from me in his inbox. Every time. The man is no-nonsense, high-intelligence, low-emotion, yet he’s got this oddball streak running through him. Marla bloggy? Are you kidding me?

Can’t wait to see what he says when he reads the title of this one. (And no, he doesn’t realize that I’m blogging right now, even if he’s sitting 10 feet away.)

Bible study was wonderful this morning. I really felt compelled to spend extra time in prayer and asked God to help me heed the Holy Spirit’s prompting. I shared some things that were on my heart and asked if we could pray together for awhile. One gal suggested we get on our knees, so we did. We talked to God, we listened to Him. And I feel so refreshed.

I have too much to say today, so I’m just going to stop right here. I also need to attend to Nina, who is supposed to be napping but is crashing her crib against the wall over and over. Think that means she’s ready for a big girl bed? As soon as she’s 4, I plan to get on that. Then when she’s 5, we’ll do potty training.

Have a wonderful afternoon! Watch out for the snow!

12 thoughts on “marla bloggy?

  1. bekisue

    I love Bible Study. Do you lead yours? This is our second book and I am leading this time. I really rather enjoy to just go to study, but it has made me study it more to have to facilitate the discussion. I just wondered how you felt about that.

  2. gsowell

    Does he say it in a baby voice? That’s how I picture it. Can you picture a voice? Whatever.

    What a great Bible study!

    And BE, check your forecast…it might be creeping up on you!

  3. luvmynoah

    Titus does the crib crash as well.  He even got his screws loose on the side rail and they fell out once. 

    I’m still thinking on Marla’s bloggy…..never heard of that phraise…bloggy…maybe groggy.

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