life after a heart attack

Not sure what I was thinking when I typed that title. Life after a heart attack? What do I know about life after a heart attack?? Maybe I should type a bunch of ????????? and call it a night. I’m already in bed. Oh, my bed.

We’re home! Gabe is home!

Speaking of Gabe, the general consensus is that he looks amazing, and me? Well, not so much. Awesome. Who had the heart attack anyway?

Tonight has been emotional. And good. I’m holding up well. And also losing my mind a little bit. Lots of tears from the girls. I didn’t mean for them to know about the Cambodia thing, but Livi was on my computer all day reading all the Facebook comments–“I’m praying!” and “Happy Birthday!” And she read my blog post.

We had an amazing conversation in the van on the way to pick up Gabe’s prescriptions. She told me that God tells her things. I’ll share more later with her permission. Powerful, powerful stuff.

I brought Gabe home at around 7pm (Monday). Got him settled, my parents brought the girls back from trick-or-treating, Livi and I ran to get Gabe’s meds (then ran back out later because we forgot the aspirin that he has to take every day for the rest of his life). Had some emotional conversations. Ava rubbed Daddy’s head a bunch, and Livi and Nina took his feet. Gabe’s going to love this.

Finally got them in bed and they conked out immediately. Gabe’s asleep beside me, snoring like usual, and it’s not hard to pretend that everything’s just exactly like it was three days ago.

But then I remember the 6 pills he has to take every day for at least a year. And that one of them cost more than the car payment we were so glad to almost be rid of.

And I remember the circulation socks he has to wear. And that he can’t drive for 2 days. Or have “relations” for 5 (and for those of you who asked–and it was MANY–that is NOT what caused Gabe’s heart attack, you little stinkers). That he has to start his new exercise regimen with 4 minutes of walking per day. FOUR. That he has to cut salt and fat out of his diet. Salt is my love language.

But I’m confident that he’s going to get healthy and in shape and lower his bad cholesterol and raise his good cholesterol and have a stronger heart than ever before.

And God is already doing some jaw-dropping stuff through this. He is just nuts like that.

The doctors still don’t know what caused his heart attack, but they have a great plan in place for making sure (as best they can) that it doesn’t happen again. Speaking of, there was a rainbow in the sky right before Gabe had his heart attack, and tonight when I was gathering our stuff at the hospital and going out to pull our car around for Gabe, there was another one. A double one. It was like God was saying, “Ease your mind, girl. This won’t happen again.”

Please keep praying about Cambodia. I was reading through the Psalms this morning while Gabe was getting his echo done. I just read every verse that I had already underlined. Out loud. One of those verses was Psalm 119:32–“I will run in the way of your commandments when you enlarge my heart!” I didn’t add the exclamation point. It was already there. And guess what I had written in purple ink right beside the verse (and don’t remember writing).


Believing big for God’s glory to be manifest in ways we can’t even conjure up in our puny little brains.

Speaking of puny little brains, mine is fried. Thanks so much, friends, for everything. We’ll have to reschedule the big birthday blog bash I had planned for today. Going to go sleep away the last 20 minutes of my 36th birthday.

36?!? What in the what?!?

14 thoughts on “life after a heart attack

  1. Kathleen-NM

    Marla! Oh My… Life is beyond full in our neck of the woods, so I was getting on FB to wish you a belated Happy Birthday only to read about Gabe! I haven’t been even able to read your blog in a while. Wow, friend… life interrupted and God all over the place in the midst. I will begin praying for all things immediately. Happy Birthday and Yay God for taking care of details.

    What came to mind is this. I am not sure if you got it or not, but I sent you a book from Amazon, the same one I sent to Joanne the week she had the stroke, it is one called “Be Still My Soul” The writings are from all my faves and there is one in particular that I think will minister to you. It is Chp. 3 called “God’s Plan A” It has great perspective with those places go beyond words in faith.

    Take care of yourself, pen pal… your sis in Christ is praying from NM. Love you!


  2. sarah m.

    The Montanye’s are still praying for your sweet family. Cam keeps asking me all the time about Mr. T’s heart :-). Love you friend!

  3. Jeanine

    This reminded me of Dois Rosser, who founded International Cooperating Ministries ( after two heart attacks in his forties. He’s still going strong at 90. BTW, this is a ministry you would love because they build churches and orphanages all over the world. Rosser’s book, The God Who Hung on the Cross, tells what God did after his heart attacks, and it’s amazing! I tell you this just as a reminder that God is in full control of our lives. Still praying for you all. Also, got a good laugh out of “Salt is my love language.” I know what you mean, but I agree with another comment, Mrs. Dash Table Blend is a great substitute.

  4. Marla Fabian

    Marla, I came across your blog. Hi from another Marla! So sorry to read about your ordeal the past few days but it seems you have put your faith in God upfront! It will help you through the rough days. My hubby has had heart issues for most of his life. He’s never experienced a heart attack, but has a couple of issues that require daily medication. So, just a word from me, that the meds are a blessing and life can resume as before. Take care!

  5. Claudia

    I have no doubt that God tells Livi things…God is so good!

    I have no doubt that Gabe looks great and that you look…well, just a bit less great! 😉 Been there, done that!

    Have a great substitute for alt…Salt Free Mrs. Dash…comes in regular and table blend. We gave up salt in cooking years ago (except on potatoes) and Mrs. Dash works great.

    Try to find some time to “decompress”…we are still praying.

  6. Marla C

    I think I read yesterday’s post three times through, and you guys were on my heart all day. I have been and will continue to pray…so thankful for the good report today!!

  7. Rachel

    I’m just catching up with my Google Reader so have only just seen this.
    I know you don’t know me but I’ll be praying for you and your family. Can’t imagine how tired and drained you must be feeling, but so glad that you can feel God upholding you.

  8. Ruth Chowdhury

    I’m so glad you guys are back home! Can’t wait to be able to hear about what God speaks to Livi. Children are such a blessing from God!

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