just a smidge bent

Thanks to Holly for posting some encouraging verses today for those of us feeling a little bent beneath our loads. God is doing some really cool things in my heart and life at the moment, and the devil is doing a bit of counter-attacking. Sooo…without sharing details, I’m feeling a little bruised this morning. But joyful and grateful too. Thank you, Jesus! I know that many, many of you can relate, so I’m going to make time to pray for you today. Let me know if I can pray for something specific (or vague).

Gabe’s mom came for a little visit last night. She had to be at the C-bus airport this morning at 5:45, so she came last night at 6:45, so Gabe and I could go on a date. Two minutes after she got here, her keys (and all her stuff) were locked in her car. I have no wire coat hangers, but my neighbor Olga saved the day! 3 hangers, 45 minutes and lots of prayers later, the door was unlocked! “Thank you, Jesus! Thank you, Jesus!” Janelle is yelling in our front yard. I smile as I glance around the neighborhood and see just 2 people within hearing distance–Jewish Olga and the Jehovah’s Witness across the street. Thank you, Jesus, indeed!!

Gabe and I need to improve our dating skills. Any ideas for an old married couple that doesn’t get out much and doesn’t want to spend much?

I woke up at 3:30 a.m. to Nina crying very loudly. I went into the girls’ room, and she was climbing the ladder to get in bed with Livi, crying because she was stuck. And thirsty. And wanted me to scratch her back and sing “the dinosaur song.”

When you go to a bookstore, what kinds of books are you drawn to? I like writing books, travel books, books about simplifying, and memoirs.

We’re putting off the dishwasher purchase for a bit–well, at least until we get back from KY. Washing dishes isn’t so bad.

Oh! Holly is coming to Ohio in September! I know lots of you want to meet her! When do you want to get together and where? September 26, 27, 29, and 30 work best for her. She talked about just meeting a couple people at a park for a bit, but I think we should have a PARTY. It doesn’t need to be in C-bus. I know a lot of you live in the Dayton-ish area, and that’s where Holly will be.

I know! Beki has a big place in Cedarville. Her baby will be a couple months old by that time. She should definitely be ready to host a party. Any other ideas?? Let me know if you’re interested in getting together and what day/location would work best for you.

We leave for Kentucky tomorrow! We’re all awfully excited! I’m trying to be brave and call the Louisville Zoo and act all important and say that I’m writing a book about zoos, and theirs is the first on my list, and what can they give me for free?? If I don’t get gutsier–and fast!–this book will not be very exciting.

I thought about making a list of reasons why I’m a rotten mama (see Jess’s blog), but today is not a good day to remind myself of my failures.

Don’t forget to enter the book give-away from a couple days ago. Make sure you leave your comment on that post, not this one.

Have a great day, friends!

17 thoughts on “just a smidge bent

  1. lites4Him

    Satan had a hey-day at our house on Wednesday too. Thanks, Marla, for your prayers for my grandma and family- you can see the updates on my page… I’m praying that your trip is filled with wonder and excitement!!

    Books- Kids books about the Lord are some of my very favorites- they make it so simple and we make it so complicated! I really love the “Tell Me” series- authored by Max Lucado, Joni Eareckson, Michael Card and maybe others but all illustrated by Ron DiCianni. Also cookbooks, books about frugal living, faith-building books, (I love books and am finally “learning” to take time to read again!!)…

    Dates- agreed about anything without the kids. We seem to find ourselves at places like Lowe’s because of constant remodeling on our house. The biggest thing is being able to TALK without interruptions. We love to bike together and are hoping to do some biking alone this year. We also love quiet evenings in our home when we can get someone else to take our kids away. 🙂

    I’d love to hear more as plans come together for September- it would be fun to meet you gals face to face! Your blogs have been such an encouragement to me!

  2. AdamMacsgirl

    I would love to get together in September too!

    Dates for us would include a picnic at a park. Maybe you could borrow bikes from someone and bike around…

    As far as books go, I am interested in magazines like Rachael Ray, etc.

  3. jbnygaard

    I still cannot believe Holly is coming to Ohio! I am so super excited. Just tell me where to be, and I’ll be there!

    Books=I go to the kids section and look for the boys.

    Dates=my sister saves up coupons and gift cards for dates. Go to the Dollar movie theater. Scavenger hunt. Go fishing. I don’t know. I haven’t done any of what I mentioned…

  4. mikesandy102

    Books….Country Cookbooks, Children Ministry, and of course anything about Christmas.

    Dates….Candlelight dinners in front of a fireplace,  picnics at a park, quiet dinner at home with no kids and a walk afterwards. 

  5. ergirl053

    Hope you have a great time in Kentucky- let us know how the zoo is and if you get anything for making it first on the list 🙂
    I am drawn to real-life stuff, usually about missions- Hostage is one of my all time favorites. Also, I usually hit up the parenting section, the travel section, and the cooking/baking section. Sometimes, I also check out what’s new in the medical books. If you get together, I would love to join you guys in September 🙂

  6. der_lila_Stern

    Thank God for wire coat hangers!!  Some times they are as miraculous as duct tape!! 

    A sunset picnic with simple sandwiches is always fun.  Not too late, cheap.  And you can find as many fun new places as you want (Parks, the side of the road, friends houses)!!  And you can include as few or as many people as you want.    Im glad to hear that you still get a date night every once in a while!! 

    Enjoy your trip!

  7. shannahhogue

    If Beki’s not available, my parents have 3 acres (also in C-ville) that I bet we could talk them into letting us use…there’s even a swingset for small children…

  8. ahigby0214

    Satan’s been busy!  He’s hard at work here too.  Hang in there.  I’ll pray for you when I feel like complaining.

    What about a day-time date to a famer’s market?  Or a walk around a local college campus?

  9. ladymiss3739

    I live in Centerville, which is technically South Dayton…although I don’t have a barn or dogs.  Just a shed and two kids. 

    Books:  cooking, home improvement/how to do things types of books, anything by Marla Taviano, fiction, spiritual growth,  kids books

    Dates:  Pack a picnic or go to the store together and just get a few fun/different things and eat outside somewhere.  I know for us it’s sometimes tricky not to go on a date and spend time together and apart (ex: going to a bookstore and each going our separate ways…we get “me” time, but not “us” time).  Ed and I rarely date, but we commented the last time we were out how weird it was to make that much eye contact while talking.  So, in my book?  Anything that involved spending time/talking with the other without kids = date.    Sounds like you have a new book idea on your hands here Marla!  (For steamier date ideas that range in cost, check out Intimate Issues by Dillow and Pintus. 

  10. kellycohan

    Brit and I love to gaze at the stars. It’s very weather- and location-dependent, but can be romantic. And we do some of our best talking about God then.

    I’m nearly always drawn to the travel section. History, art, and how-to books, too.

  11. OkinawaAna

    We enjoy walking dates — walking around the mall, walking around an interesting downtown area, walking around a park, etc.  Gives us plenty of time to talk and is the way we dated back before our girls came along.  Of course, nothing is more exciting on date night than eating at a restaurant and TAKING OUR TIME.  Little sticky grabbing hands and screaming impatient tots sure do make you appreciate the simple things.  🙂

  12. gsowell

    I still want to do a slumber party for xangals (no kids, sorry). But after a conversation with the man of the house last night, I think it can’t be as soon as September. I think Beki’s place would be GREAT for it (you’ve seen the barn, the parking, the dogs…). I’ll talk her into it. It would be fairly central, too, I think.

    Pray for me. And for DeWayne. Satan’s attacks are well-known here.

    DATES: We like to go to “joints.” You know, weird restaurants that have much character. We talk a lot. We play frisbee in parks. We save up for concerts/musicals/plays. We shop together. Really anytime when we have no conversations that are interrupted by “Mommy! Daddy! Look what I can do!” is a date in our book. Maybe we’re not good at dating either.

    You might have asked too many questions in this blog…my comment is massive.

    I’m drawn to craft books, home decorating, spiritual growth, cook books, travel books, and new novels that I never buy because I don’t have that kind of time and money to invest in stuff I might not like.

    What is the dinosaur song? Barney?

  13. faithchick

    oh, one more thing….the zoo…it never hurts to ask!  you could say something like what you said…zoo book…first on the list, “is there anything specific i should pay close attention to while I’m there…what sets your zoo apart…what’s its claim to fame…blah, blah, and hope that they’ll OFFER something. )

    it’s all about manipulation, right?  or you could just ask for free stuff. 

  14. faithchick

    definitely write that blog a different day!

    i’m drawn to photography books (especially photograping kids), home improvement books, motherhood books, quirky/funny books, sometimes the classics and the stationery section.

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