joyful, joyful, i adore me

How’s that for conceited?  Just wanted to share that my new “I choose joy” theme for my life = so far, so good.  I also have the “I choose rest” and “I choose people”  themes going on. There is no magical day in the future when I will be caught up on all my work and have time to fully enjoy the people I love. It will always elude me, it will always be in the future, and my loved ones will be either all grown up or dead and gone by then anyway. How’s that for uplifting?

I will repeat something I’ve said before. When you make time for God and your kids and your husband and other important people in your life, everything else really does fall into place. JUST LIKE THE BIBLE SAYS. Isn’t that just mind-blowing? That the Bible’s “advice” would actually WORK? Why do I say I believe God and then half the time I completely ignore what He says in His Word about things like this? Seek me first, rest, don’t worry, cast your cares on me…

Gabe had an interview for God’s Mac tonight at 7:45, so we four girls went to Target and Michael’s. He has to have absolute quiet during the interviews, and there’s really no place in our house where we can still talk and not be heard. Usually, I take the girls outside, but it was dark and buggy, so we went shopping. I took Nina’s jogging stroller into Target because I was afraid she’d get too tired in the cart and not be able to go to sleep. But I needed a bunch of stuff, so I pushed Ava and all our stuff in the cart while Livi pushed Nina. Long story short, Livi was exhausted from a long day, so at one time, I was trying to push a stroller, pull a cart, and corral two girls in socks through the skinny shoe aisle. I got lots of “oh boy, you’ve got your hands full” and pitying looks. As much as I love attention and sympathy, I love going shopping by myself even more.

I bought two identical Sudoku books at Michael’s for $1 apiece. Gabe and I are going to engage in some friendly competition. Neither of us has ever tried it before. He’s really good at stuff like this. I don’t stand a chance.

EDIT: btw, I bought a Pilates abs workout DVD and tried it out this morning. HA! First of all, even if my back wasn’t in the shape it’s in, there’s no way I could do half the stuff those women were doing. Does anyone know of an abs workout that won’t kill someone with a bad back and doesn’t require you to bend like an Auntie Anne’s pretzel on crack? Am I asking the impossible?

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  1. katesgroove

    I’m so excited about learning about strengthening my core as of late, I need to share:
    Lie on your back, if you can, or you can even do this seated. On an exhale, pull your belly button as close to your spine as you can. Try and hold that position as long as you can while you breath (you may need to readjust with each exhale). Tuck your pelvis under just a bit when you do this to make sure you’re not straining your lower back.
    You can do this while driving, while making dinner, while sitting at the computer. Eventually, you should get to the point where you can keep your core muscles contracted and still breath normally, because your core is below your belly button, really.
    The greatest part is how relatively easy this is, I’ve always despised with amazing intensity doing sit ups/crunches/anything like that, and I find this easy. It’ll help you sit up straighter and hold yourself in proper position when you bend, walk, sit, anything you do. It won’t give you a six pack, but it will help you protect your back in everything you do, which I’m guessing you’d prefer.
    I learned this in my yoga class…if you find a good place to do yoga, they should be able to accomodate your bad back, (I don’t know how bad yours is, though), by doing the exercises on the wall as opposed to on the floor. It also helps that my yoga place isn’t too frou-frou or hippie-ish, so I can concentrate on centering myself in my faith.
    Anyway, best of luck!


    Kate’s Groove

  2. SuperGirlAmelia

    If you figure out the tight abs without hurting a bad back (I have one too although nowhere severe as yours) let me know. I’ll be ready to join your quest in about…12 weeks!! I too love shopping alone, and I love my YMCA because it’s an hour for me and my child loves to play with the toys and people in the nursery (every time we drive by the Y she points and says “play! toys!” ahh….).

  3. biblestorebrowser

    I love Sudoku! DH wanted a book of it for Christmas, but it was I who received one from MIL, so we shared it. I haven’t done it for months because I just don’t have time.
    Ha! Love jbnygaard’s comment on exercise through osmosis. I was just thinking today I REALLY need to do SOMETHING. My heart beats fast just carrying people up the steps. Or maybe it was running down the deck and around the house to catch a girl in her underwear because I forgot to lock the screen door!
    I like the exercise ball, but some of it would still require your back muscles. DD1 likes to watch the Leslie Sansone abs video. One exercise that’s really simple is just sitting on the ball and bouncing gently.
    I think I make too much time for some of those good things. I’d do “God stuff” most of the day if I could! I really need to make time for cleaning! Balance, balance, balance.

  4. jbnygaard

    I have a hard time getting motivated to even get the DVD in the player! Good for you! You got that far! I exercise by osmosis. It doesn’t have great results, but it doesn’t hurt my back! 🙂

  5. mrsnorthern8605

    Sadly, I can not help you with the pilates…I do it and I love it. But I don’t have a bad back!

    Hope you continue to work on  joy and  all that. What time are you guys planning on  going  to church Sunday? Drew and  I  are going thought maybe we could meet up there.We have to go to the 9am service because of work at 1…so we thought we would see if you  planned to be there at that time! We hope to you see guys again soon.

  6. ch1pch0p

    I just had the same thought this morning about following the Bible’s advice. It had more to do with money, though. Just a few minutes ago, I was thinking, “God wouldn’t ask me to do this if it weren’t possible.” It is possible, isn’t it?

  7. yackyyuki

    Turbo Jam all the way baby! With my fourth and final pregnancy I had a herniated uterus. Sounds freaky, but it just meant that the muscle was pretty much torn and they had to surgically fix it when they performed the c-section. I thought I’d never have a flat tummy ever again because I can’t do the lay on the floor exercises. So, my eldest is getting married in a few months and decides to get fit – my husband suggests we look at Turbo Jam – it’s pretty cool, doesn’t seem to hurt my back any AND the abs work out in separated into 2 sections – 10 minutes standing and 10 minutes on the floor. I absolutely love the 10 minute standing work out – their cardio work outs are great as well and not too bad on the back. I am getting in shape, losing inches and pounds and feeling pretty good! 🙂   (sorry about the info-mercial.)

  8. faithchick

    I shopping alone, too!
    I also sudoku! (careful, it’s addicting!)
    I this, too.

    There are 2 work-outs on that DVD (1 20 min and the other 30 min). It’s NOT an ab workout, but one of them is called Core Contouring” and it strengthens your entire core–abs, back, improves posture, etc. I really like it. It’s very low impact, but you wouldn’t believe the difference it’s made. (There’s another DVD in the set with 3 workouts, so I usually choose one of the five to do each morning, but this Core Contouring is the one I do the most.)

  9. rachmckinney

    i just use the big exercise ball. i can’t say if it’s bad or good for the back, but it does work the abs pretty well. supposedly it’s supposed to help support you better than other techniques. however, i don’t have back issues, so i don’t know if i would realize it’s a problem.
    as for following the Bible’s advice…always a good t hing. also always easier said than done! seems like God is always teaching and reteaching me th same thing over and over and over.
    as for your shopping trip, wow, that does sound a bit tiring. and i will agree with you…shopping by yourself, so much more relaxing! as for soduko, michael loves those, he’s very good at them. i am horrible…and i give up way too fast. good luck on that! it’s a great idea though to do that, it gives you a sort of way to “bond”.

  10. Nixter77

    yeah what Han said – go see someone at the gym.  All those lift your leg over your shoulder and around your head DVDs require go go gadget legs, or you need to be elastic women….. 

  11. amber_nicole86

    When you come up with the solution to this problem, you let me know! 🙂

    I walked to WalMart and the bank today instead of driving my car! I felt proud..although my abs could definitely use some work.

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