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Even though I’ve been quiet here on the blog, I’ve poured out all kinds of angst (and not-angst) in my journal over these past few weeks. Hopefully I’ll be able to piece together what I wrote so I can tell more of our story.

For now, here’s a little something I wrote almost 9 months ago:

10.29.11  (Saturday, 10:19am)

God, will you give us wisdom? We are so willing to go, be, do whatever, wherever, all for your glory. Lord, my heart breaks for these women and children being trafficked. Lord, help them get out. Help us help them.

Show us what you want us to do, Lord. We’re yours. Help us to be completely surrendered to you. Completely and totally surrendered.

Ten hours later, I was staring wide-eyed at my white-faced husband lying on a gurney and being frantically wheeled away to life-saving surgery. The next thing I wrote was this. (Read the whole account here.)

Moral of the story?

Be careful what you pray for.

Just kidding.

Moral of the story? When you feel God calling you to do something and then lots and lots of really tough obstacles pop up all over the place, don’t lose faith. Look back at all he’s done, all he’s brought you through. Find the beautiful thread that runs through it all and marvel at his crazy, amazing, all-fits-together plan.

And then hold on tight.

Cause it’s not over yet.

5 thoughts on “journal peek

  1. Ben

    I love both of these morals… the first from a humorous perspective (hm… I guess I shouldn’t laugh too much), and the second because it’s something God’s been teaching me slowly (and sometimes not so slowly) over the last year or so.

    That ‘holding on tight’ thing… I think that’s the most difficult thing. It’s one thing to stand still, but holding on tight… I’m beginning to realise that maybe, just maybe, that’s something entirely different.

    Thanks for posting, Marla!

  2. Rachelle

    Once begun it’s never over with God.

    I’ve had different views of feeling called and then facing obstacles. And wow! How God has blown me away this last year and made me rethink his bigger picture.

    Love ya’ll, keep on keepin’ on!

  3. Stephanie

    Oh my goodness… this is EXACTLY what I needed to hear today. We just found out that DH is allergic to 6 of the top 12 allergens, so we’re changing a lot about our diet right now, and and I’m fighting feelings of hopelessness and frustration.

    I’m not exactly sure what God is calling us to right now, but I know that He will bring us through to the other side.

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