it's my honor and privilege…

…to invite you to our church’s Christmas program–Hope: The Invitation.

December 18, 19, and 20. Dublin (Columbus), OH.

(Click here for details, plus a super-cool promo video and highlights of last year’s program.)

Folks, I ain’t never seen a Christmas program like this one. I know, I technically haven’t “seen” it at all (since I’m in it), but oh. my. word. God is moving, and He is grooving, and it is powerful, and I so am thrilled to play a small role in it all.

If you’re more than a couple states away, I totally understand that you might not be able to make it. (wouldn’t it be a fun road trip though??) But let me tell you this: if you live within a couple hours from the center of our great state, it will be SO, SO worth the effort you make to get here. (p.s. free childcare for kiddos 5 and under) You have my personal money-back guarantee.

May I be so bold as to say that it might be the most powerful Christmas program you’ve ever seen? In all of your life? Because I think it might be.

And not because the participants are especially talented (although 90% of them are). But because God is completely in charge, and we’re just humbly following His lead. Honestly. Tammy Smith, our pastor’s wife and choir director, takes her cues from God, not the other way around. And she’s all about the apostle Paul and his exhortation to “Follow my example as I follow the example of Christ.” This baby is being covered, soaked, sopped in prayer. Nobody makes a move without seeking God’s direction.

Without giving too much away, let me tell you some things you DO NOT WANT TO MISS:

–a super-secret and extra-special “opening number” by yours truly’s husband that is both brilliant and hilarious.

–me singing. Did you hear that? Me. Singing.

–my two oldest daughters singing and doing motions with 23 of their closest friends.

–a video that I cannot watch without crying. Like the shoulders shaking kind of crying.

–a really funny skit (that I cannot watch without snorting) featuring 2 of my really funny friends.

–a stinkin’ awesome LIVE orchestra.

–a really powerful testimony.

–some amazing songs that aren’t really about Christmas at all. But they’re about JESUS.

–no, seriously. Some really AMAZING songs.

–88 smiling faces with 88 beautiful voices harmonizing together in 5 different parts.

–AND MUCH, MUCH MORE (and I’m not even kidding about this. I figure I’m already going to get in trouble for spilling so many beans already!)

I can’t tell you–CANNOT TELL YOU–how much I would LOVE for you to come. I’m dead serious. Whether I know you or not (and if we’ve never met, I’d LOVE to meet you!). I can’t keep this to myself. It’s just going to be too stinkin’ amazing. (And I would looove your prayers–that we would do our best and that God would be glorified every single minute of the program.)

If there’s even the slightest chance you think you might be able to come, LET ME KNOW! (and I will hunt you down until you commit) Tell all your friends! Come in droves! You’ll walk away changed. I just know it.

And Choir Friends, if you’re reading this, chime in and TELL THE PEOPLE YOU WANT THEM THERE.

See you on the 18th, 19th, or 20th! Can’t wait!

p.s. Stay tuned tomorrow for The 5 Books (besides the Bible) That Have Most Impacted My Life. Bless you for picking such an easy topic!

17 thoughts on “it's my honor and privilege…

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  3. Sarah Montanye

    Sounds amazing Marla!! Wish we didn’t live 10 hours away or I’d be there! Someone should tape it and put it on you tube so we can all see it.

  4. deanna

    I hate I live so far away, otherwise I would love to be there. I just love Christmas programs!! And all the beautiful singing. Can’t wait to hear how it goes and possibly see pictures.

  5. Patti

    How great is this! My husband and I plan to make a day of it – doing some shopping, having dinner, and then heading over to see your program. Looking forward to it!

  6. Denise N.

    Yes, I am excited! I agree it is a shoulder shaking video…and hits me super hard too!

    Oh did you mention that there is this super hot man helping in the multimedia – well he’s hot to me 😉 I am sharing this with people!

  7. Crissy

    So true!! This is one amazing, one of a kind, Christmas Program! You should go see it!!

    I am sad that I am not singing in it this year. However, I am excited to be a spectator for a change. Can’t wait!

  8. Krista

    She ain’t lying! What an opportunity (a free one, at that!) to experience God. God in so many aspects meeting so many people in so many places. I hope you make it out!

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