it'll mess. you. up.

Anybody else feeling a little wrecked by James?? Thankfully, God has been wrecking me (in the most amazing way) for quite awhile now, so it hasn’t been toooo terribly much of a shock. But still.

I listened to another David Platt sermon tonight (James 2:14-19). Oh for goodness. I totally recommend it (if you’re ready to get your block knocked off, that is).

I had a delightful opportunity to “count it all joy when you face trials of various kinds” today. I put Nina on the bus at 12:30, and Ava and I went grocery shopping. First to Aldi, where we got milk and ice cream among other perishables (blatant foreshadowing). On to Marc’s. More groceries. Used coupons (hooray, me!), brought my own bags (hooray, me!), CHECK CARD DENIED.

“Um, could you try it again please?”


I have $11 in cash. My groceries cost $58. “Um… okay… can I leave these here and run to the ATM?”

Ava and I dash to the car, drive to the bank, pull up to the ATM, punch in all the right stuff. DENIED.

Pull into the bank parking lot, head inside, wait in line, explain the problem to the teller, he checks my account. “Hmmm… it seems your card was revoked due to suspicious activity on September 9th.”

“Suspicious as in five expensive plane tickets to another country?”

“Why, yes.”

He made a call to a bigwig somewhere who made him ask me twice if it was really me who bought those tickets. All $8000 of them. I had half a notion of telling him how much they SHOULD have been and what a huge blessing from God it was that they were only $8000.

“Sorry about that. It should all be fixed in about 60 seconds.”

“Could I have $60 in cash JUST IN CASE?”

Back to the grocery store, where some poor soul had just been commissioned to restock my goods. Whew. Paid, headed home, Ava and I had a discussion about joy in the midst of trials, ice cream a little soggy but hey.

All good. EDIT (8:48am): There’s an additional mysterious $3500 charge on our check card (on top of the $8000) + overdraft fees and we can’t use our card. Please pray for quick resolution and continuous joy.

Up tomorrow: James chapter 2. Who’s ready??

10 thoughts on “it'll mess. you. up.

  1. Mindy z

    I am praying for your situation to be resolved quickly. Those financial mess ups challenge me. We are dealing with one right now….praying the lord works things out before Friday for us and today for you.

  2. Catherine

    Praying for all to be resolved and quickly!
    I am enjoying the read-along, and yes, it’ll mess you up 🙂 . So very many times this week have I needed to remember that whole quick to listen, slow to speak, slow to become angry part … sadly sometimes I remember “after” instead of before I open my mouth. But, I’m counting it all joy, even with an incredibly stressful week.
    Blessings to you and yours!

  3. ali

    Praying. As your family secures tickets and itineraries for your trip, I know satan is on the attack. I am continuing to pray for protection as you approach December.

  4. Missy June

    I just prayed for a BANK ERROR IN YOUR FAVOR. I hope for quick resolution.

    PS – My aunt & uncle are in Cambodia today, and when I read their update this morning I thought of your family … just a few months away!

  5. Sharon W

    I’ve been listening to David Platt’s James series and plan to listen to that one today! Oh my, Marla! I, too, have heard of them calling you to verify a large purchase. But only because someone used my husband’s credit card number to purchase $2500 in car stereo equipment. And he had our home phone number forwarded to his cell phone so he could okay the purchase!! Sorry you had to go through all that trouble. I thought (due to the foreshadowing) you were gonna say that your fridge/freezer went out and all the ice cream melted and the cold groceries had no place to go. Glad it got all worked out in the end.

  6. Valerie

    Oh my!! I’m surprised that your bank doesn’t have something like mine does set up, they don’t allow you to spend $999 or above without calling to let them know “hey I want to spend $8k on plane tickets can you authorize that window for today/tomorrow”. That way incidents like that don’t happen….and they have it on record before the charges that it is you trying to make them.

    I was a little miffed when we had to go through those hoops when we bought the 7D, in hindsight I’m glad my credit union does it. Hopefully they get the other issues with your account resolved soon.

    I also did respond to your reply…I’m not sure if it notifies you of that.

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