in lieu of birthday gifts…

EDIT: You have until tonight at midnight to enter the drawing for the Expelled DVD. Woohoo!

Kidding. I just like using the word “lieu.” And really, how often does it come up in conversation? Not often enough.

Seriously, though, if you want to get me something for my birthday, you can pray for our country and this election. Not that a certain candidate will win but that we will be in tune with the very heart of God, that we will love what He loves and hate what He hates, that blind eyes will be opened, that lost souls will find Christ and accept His sacrifice, that God will be glorified in each of us in the days and months ahead.

Thank you.

You can also pray for me. That I’ll completely surrender every bit of my life to Him. That His will would be my will. That I would bring glory to Him in everything I do. Specifically, that He would show me what He wants me to do with a project near and dear to my heart. I chatted with a gal about it yesterday and desperately seek God’s guidance.

Thank you.

I’m 33 today. The age Jesus was when He died. Kind of adds some perspective to His sacrifice. He was so young. I feel so young. (My MIL just told me that 33 was Gabe’s grandma’s favorite birthday. “It was as long as Jesus lived. Everything else is just a ‘plus.'”)

It won’t be long before I’m older than Jesus. This is weird.

You know, growing up, how you would watch college basketball, and all the guys are older than you? So grown up. And now they’re just kids. Crazy.

Or better yet, I remember being a 6th grader and having a crush on Denny Lehmer, a senior on the high school basketball team. I was a child. And to me, Denny was a full-grown man (ha!). With spiky blond hair, a big smile, and the #33 across his chest. (or was it #30? 25? hmmm…) I saw him at Applebees one night after I was in college. Somehow he knew who I was, and we chatted for a second. He was sitting alone at the bar, and all of that mystique from days past had fizzled out.

Anyway. That’s not my point with Jesus. My point is that I’ve always thought of him as a man older than me. Soon, he’ll be a young man I might have patted on the shoulder had I known him when he was on earth.

Except He’s God. Not just some nice, helpful guy who loved the poor. I hate that people reduce my God to that. I would almost rather people hate Jesus than think he was just a nice guy. If you don’t believe that Jesus is the only way to God, if you don’t believe He gave his life on the cross as the perfect sacrifice for us wretched sinners, then it’s best that you think of him as the enemy. He’s not a nice guy. He’s an intolerant, jealous God who claims to be the only way you can get to heaven. If that’s not true, then He’s a liar. I hate that people go on and on about all Jesus did for the poor (which is absolutely great and true) BUT then stop there. They look at his life but ignore His death, the very reason He came to earth.

Wow, my girls need to get to school, and I have to pack their lunches. All I meant to do was remind you about my birthday in case you wanted to sing. Happy Pumpkin Day! And happy birthday, Jamie!

26 thoughts on “in lieu of birthday gifts…

  1. ladymiss3739

    Happy Birthday!  I personally think this weekend should be your b-day weekend. 

    Sorry.  Just lost my train of thought.  Had to take the food processor away from Leah.  You know, blades and all. 

    If I lived closer, I’d bake you a cake.    

  2. Marketer319

    “They look at his life but ignore His death, the very reason He came to earth.”  I love this! 

    And I can’t make it stop typing in italics no matter how many Ctrl-I’s a click.  Wierd. 

    Happy birthday, girlie!

  3. grams53

    Well, in “lieu of” singing “Happy Birthday” I will send up a big balloon with a birthday note and hope it sails right to you – in my mind I will!!  I have had LOTS of “plusses” since I was Jesus age of 33 – in fact 42 of them!  (Is that how you spell more than one plus??) 

  4. YoGrandmaYo

    Happy 33rd Birthday, Marla!  Are you really that old?!:)  Thanks for what you shared about our dear Savior!  I love it when you talk about Him!:)  And I can’t begin to tell you how it feels to see God answering my prayers for you in such an awesome way!  I love you so much, Marla, and want you to know that you’re a precious blessing to my heart!:)

  5. jessyomama

    In Lieu of Reformation Day, Happy Birthday, Marla!

    I liked your statement about people talking about Jesus Life separated from his death, sacrifice, and resurrection. Without the Death (justification, salvation) and Resurrection (him sitting at the right hand of the Father with all authority and dominion) then we are still totally lost and hopeless and wandering. But with those things, “Hello, Abundant Life! Hello, being Hidden with Christ and Watching His Life Flow out of Me.” WOW!

    Have A WONDERFUL birthday! Birthday Washcloth coming soon!

  6. luvmynoah

    Happy Birthday!  I am 33 and many of the same thoughts you posted have run through my mind this year.  When people ask my age..I’ve even said…”the same age Jesus was when He died.”  They always look at me weird. 🙂  I love what Gabe’s Grandma said..I’ll always remember that!

    Praying for you, our country and that the gospel that you preached above…you did…will reach hearts today!  Hugs to the birthday girl!

  7. stephaniedawnbasham

    Happy Birthday my wonderful, precious, beautiful big sister!

    Normally I pray on the spot when you ask for stuff like that, but I’m almost late for work. So instead of an “I just prayed for you,” you’re getting a “you have my word that I’ll pray for you today.” 🙂

    I never, ever thought about Jesus’ age like that. I felt the same way with college sports when I went through that time, and it is weird. He (Jesus) does always seem like someone older, and it will be so different when I can think of Him dying when He was younger than me. Wow.

    Love you! Can’t wait to see you!

  8. rocknnell

    Brought candles the other day, if Nina hadn’t fallen asleep was going to stop and bake you a cake………… but she did, brought the candles home…you NEED a ” Pumpkin Birthday Cake ”  or a ” pumpkin DQ shake? ”  Happy Birthday !

  9. shannahhogue

    Happy Birthday!

    Growing up in C-ville, I always thought the college students were SO grown-up and had it all together. But then I didn’t feel like that when I finally got there. And now, having taught the cute littel Freshmen…well, let’s just say they have no idea how young they really are!!

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