i saw a sign

Gabe came home tonight from Digital Disciples, grabbed his camera and went right back outside to shoot the full moon for his 1PhotoPerDay. I was sitting at my desk writing and happened to glance over his way as he transferred the pics to his computer. And did a total double take.

“It’s BLUE!” I said.

“Yeah, some of the pics are blue, and some of them look normal. I don’t know why.”

Well, I know why. Because those blues are my favorite colors, and God wanted me to know He loves me tonight.

How has God shown His love for you in a special way lately?

p.s. A HUGE thank-you for your answers to yesterday’s post. Keep ’em coming. Seriously, you have no idea how much of a help you are. BLESS YOU.

9 thoughts on “i saw a sign

  1. tracy

    HE showed His love to me in the form of a choc chip scone and lg coffee from an old friend this morning…just reminding me that HE adores me!! : )

  2. Beth in the City

    I LOVE this blue moon! It’s incredible. We are meeting today to do chapter 3 and 4 of your book. Chapter three is so good that we might not get any farther! It’s the stuff God has been using in my life in the past two years or so that has really improved my marriage. We are going slow but my girls are loving it!

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