i love your hearts!

Seriously, you all keep blowing me away with your generosity. This Expecting Books Give Fest is blessing my socks off. We’re well on our way to finding a home for all 175 books. Some of you have asked how you can help.

Well, here’s how: 1.) you can pray for the women who will be receiving the books (specifics in a minute) 2.) you can donate a book for $5 here. 3.) If you volunteer at a pregnancy center in your area or are connected with one in some way, please contact me about getting some books to them. or 4) You can Sponsor a Box of Books by paying the postage to ship them to a pregnancy center.

I went to the post office today and found out that I can ship 16 Expecting books in a flat-rate box for $10.35. Not bad! They’re the perfect size. Someone has already donated $10.35 to send 16 books to the Flint Crisis Pregnancy Center (Flint, Michigan).

If you’re interested in helping in this way, I’m also sending boxes of 16 books to Compassion Pregnancy Center (Clinton Township, Michigan), Pregnancy Care Center of Union County (Marysville, OH), and Miami Valley Women’s Center (Kettering, OH). If you’re interested in “sponsoring” one of those boxes, let me know.

I sent 6 books to Severna Park Pregnancy Clinic (Severna Park, Maryland) today. The names in those books are: Lisa, Elizabeth, Sandi, Matt, Jessica and Living Proof Ministries. Thanks for praying, friends!

I’m going to keep this up for as long as I feel God giving me the go-ahead. I’m praying for big things–lives touched, hearts changed, women encouraged and anything else God wants to do! I’m also anticipating some opposition in the days/weeks to come–which is to be expected anytime you’re reaching out with God’s love and truth in a world where evil wants to reign. I would love your prayers!

And on a lighter note…

Fun question(s) for you today:

1. How much did you weigh when you were born?

2. What color/how much hair did you have?

3. And did you have to call your mom to answer #1 and #2?

25 thoughts on “i love your hearts!

  1. Kaye

    I’ll help ship a package if you need me to…just let me know. Would LOVE to help.
    I wish I could answer these questions. I have NO idea:( I do think I had very little hair based on memories of some pictures … wish I knew more:(
    Blessings to all of you this evening and always….
    Matthew 21:22

  2. Peter P

    I’m on the board of a charity which provides a transitional living facility for homeless women. You wouldn’t believe the number of homeless women who come in who are pregnant!

    Inspired by you, I’m going to give the copy I have upstairs to the next pregnant homeless woman who comes in to our transitional living home!

  3. Jen L

    1.) 5 lbs., 2 oz.
    2.) Strawberry blonde, average amount
    3.) Nope. I think I’ve heard it a million times now, especially since I’ve had a baby!

  4. Stephanie your sister

    10 lbs. 9 oz. (I think I win this one)

    Little to no hair, blonde-ish

    Nope. I think I was told my birth weight when I was six months old and Mom hasn’t let me forget it since. Not that I blame her.

  5. Lou

    Keep up the good work with books…..

    #1 – 8lbs. 13 ozs. and bent double. (probably an over share uh?)
    #2 – Next to none.
    #3 – no.

  6. Elisabeth

    I think I was 7 lb 4 oz
    I had a headful of black hair
    Notice the “i think” above, and you will realize I’d rather not call my mom to ask all over again about my birth… it might take awhile!
    Marla, I don’t know if you have connections with Pregnancy Decision Health Centers here in Central Ohio… my husband used to be on the board there. I’m in Westerville, so if you would like to donate to them, I could pick them up from you and drive them to PDHC. Let me know…
    We are so excited to be apart of ministering to women and their children with you.

  7. Rachele

    1. Hummm, 8lbs. something oz.
    2. blond fuzz i think
    3. obviously no.
    So happy about the Expecting books give away fest! What an amazing God we serve! I am so blessed by your blog, life, and willingness to do whatever God asks of you Marla!

  8. Conny

    I can’t find my little baby booky thingy that my mom gave me … and she doesn’t remember how much I weighed. We’d have to convert from kg to lbs anyway since I was born in a German hospital. I will just say AVERAGE size (whatever that is!!).
    I do know I had light light blond hair but very little of it. Just like my first 2 kids have had.

  9. deanna

    #1 – 8 lbs 7 oz
    #2 – jet black hair (too bad I didn’t keep this color!)
    #3 – no, I just remember

    (side note: my son weighed 6 lbs 9 oz and he was born on 06/09 – how cool is that?)

  10. Mary

    1. 6lbs 7 oz
    2. uhhh i’m thinking i was bald
    3. nope!

    Marla, we have a Pregnancy Assistance Center close by. I don’t volunteer there but our church class does send over donations of supplies, etc every once in awhile. I’m sure they would love some books if you had some extras. Let me know!

  11. jess

    these are some of my fave questions. 🙂

    1. 3 lbs. 5 oz. (I was 2 months early.)

    2. blonde hair and blue eyes. and i had a lot. because i was still covered from head to toe in the lanugo(sp?). which cracks me up whenever i think about it

    3. nope. i’ve heard that story so many times (I love it b/c I’m so thankful to God that I came through just fine, didn’t have any complications at all) AND it comes up at least once a year at holidays AND i’m pretty sure at least 3 different family members saved each one of my preemie diapers & has it tucked away in a keepsake box somewhere….

  12. Valerie

    1. I was 8lbs 8oz
    2. Head full of black hair with red highlights….so much that it was matted and they had to cut a bit of it!!
    3. Nope….I’ve heard the haircut story all my life, and I remember the birth info for me, hubby, brothers, and Godchildren 🙂

  13. Krysten

    1. I weighed 9lbs 12 1/2oz. At the time I was the biggest baby in the hospital.
    2. I was born with no hair and it took me about two years before that changed.
    3. Did not have to call my mom, I’ve seen pictures.

  14. Joslyn

    1. How much did you weigh when you were born? 8lbs 4oz

    2. What color/how much hair did you have? black, and lots

    3. And did you have to call your mom to answer #1 and #2?: Nope! I’ve heard this story about every three months since I started having children. 😀

    another note: if the Lord sees fit to bless my husband with the raise he’s supposed to be getting this month *fingers crossed and hands folded in prayer!* we will be able to donate to your book drive. Oh Marla, I really want to be able to donate!

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