i just might fall over.

EDIT (8:15 a.m.): I should probably shower since I have to leave in 30 minutes, but… My friend Kat is giving away my books on her blog today. She has a really cool blog, and I’d looooooove for you to go check it out and leave a comment. Thanks, friends!!

What a day. I’m pooped. And I have a lot to say. Many much unrelated (and quite possibly incoherent) items of thoughts and things.

First of all, it’s bumming me out a little to hear some of my buds say they’re sad. Or jealous. Or feeling inferior. I just want to sit a couple of you down (one at a time), take your little face in my hands and tell you how stinking amazing you are and what an incredible plan God has for your life. Then I want to pick you up in my arms and twirl you around and tell you that God’s plan starts NOW, no matter where you are in your life, and that you are making an incredible difference, even if you can’t see it at the moment.

And I can empathize. I have proof in my journal. A couple months ago I was in a pit. I’d read blogs and get all worked up in a tizzy. I’d be jealous of her, mad at her, feel inferior to her, covet what she had… God got me through it (well, it still rears its ugly head sometimes), and I want to shout from the rooftops, “JUST BE YOU! YOU ARE AMAZING AND FABULOUS! YOU ARE EXACTLY WHO THE WORLD NEEDS!” And so on…

I could spout off about this forever, but like I said, I’m about to fall over.

We met friends at the zoo from 9:00-12:00, came home, ate lunch. Gabe took the older 3 geo-caching (story for another day), while I spent about 90 minutes trying to get Nina to get back in her bed and go to sleep. Grrr… At 3:45, I took Livi, Ava, and Jill back to the zoo. I promised the girls we’d get ride bracelets with our garage sale money. Monday through Thursday, they’re $6 apiece from 4:00-9:00. All the rides you can ride. We went crazy. Got drenched on the log ride. A little supper break at 6ish in the van. New shirt for me. Back to the rides!


We got home, and there were flowers on the kitchen table! From our Kenyan neighbor! She wrote me the sweetest card and gave me a copy of the program from her husband’s mom’s memorial service they had here in Columbus. I was so touched. His mom was only 59. 🙁

Bible study in the morning, which is why I’m blogging now instead of waiting until tomorrow when my thoughts might actually make sense.

Good night, darling friends!!

17 thoughts on “i just might fall over.

  1. beautifulheritage

    Wow. Your pit sounds a lot like mine! How hard it is to be content with the “voice” that God has given us! I’m glad you are feeling better, although the image of you twirling me around made me giggle. Maybe we could just hold hands and jump up and down together. It would definitely be safer. ;o)


  2. Nixter77

    I loved the chat and I love you!

    Sorry I talked so much AGAIN! 😉

    Look forward to chatting when I get back – you rock my wonderful friend, will miss reading your blog – but it’s only for a week 😉

  3. Anonymous

    Well said. (Once again.) I’ve long told my husband I’d love to write a book to help people with the things that we all deal with as women…and I think you’ve taken care of all that I would have said! What a relief 🙂 Have you seen Mamma Mia? There are three songs in the movie that make you feel like dancing–like by yourself or with young children because everyone else might secretly videotape you and put it on YouTube…It has been serving as a reminder of what you wrote–and it’s true…sometimes we all just want to twirl and feel like the life of the party. I highly recommend the soundtrack to the movie!!

  4. Anonymous

    What a sweet post!!!  Why is it someone has to practically do that to us for us to get it?  Thanks for the black and white blessing today.  😉

    I was thinking about you last night… a lot!  I almost called to see what you were doing… LOL!  Now I know!  Wet and eating supper in the van!!! 

    So… I’ve got all my ol’ career supplies out… and I’m find I’m in need of a few practice dummies to get back into the swing of things.  Wanna be a dummy? 

    (I know how you like free stuff and all! *wink*  And to be honest, there’s nothing better than blessing someone you know could use it!  Let me know!)

  5. terriwright

    I really think they should let you in the zoo free for about a year!

    I try really hard to be positive….upbeat…that’s my nature…but, as you know, the pit is always there, waiting to suck us down.

    As long as I can always see God working, and keep my sense of humor, I’m good to go.

  6. ladymiss3739

    Thank you for saying things I think we all needed to hear!  I love what you had to say and I think I’ll reread it a few times today.  Ed and I were just talking the other night and I was sharing how I have no trouble at all telling others how God views them, but I have such a difficult time accepting it for myself.  Anyway, thanks, thanks thanks!

  7. M3mine

    I bet you made a huge memory for the girls today—going to the zoo twice in one day!  That’s very cool.  Your “talk” to us this morning was great—yes, we need to hear what you had to say.  Wish you were in our Bible Study to say the same thing.

  8. Anonymous

    You preach it, girl! YES! God made each one of us unique and according to his plan and purpose and placed us just where we are for a reason.

    The more women I meet as I’m out and about, the more amazed I am at how God has given each one a story to bring him glory.

    And your zoo sounds amazing. We have a merry go round and a dinky train at ours.

    Have a great Bible study, dear friend! Are you still Stepping Up?


  9. jenhul

    Good reminder to ‘be you’ – to each and everyone! Although it is hard to talk ones-self into at times, but there is a reason each one of us are different and unique, I agree! I think I need the reminder to trust in God all the time, that his plan is THE plan for me!

    How did they like geocaching?! My hubby and I are new geocachers as well!

  10. luvmynoah

    What a day!!!  Holy cow.  You packed it to the brim with fun! 

    Great thoughts as well on just being you.  It’s a struggle for every lady I know at one time or another.  If only it would sink in our brain how much God loves us and makes us each to be an original masterpiece. 🙂

  11. Airdee26

    Wow…I bet you’re more exhausted than I am.  My kids are too little to go on all those rides.  We were only at the zoo from about 1:30 till 4:30.  Not TWICE in one day!  You’re amazing!! 

    You’re so sweet and encouraging…God has blessed you with some amazing gifts!!

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